Thursday, January 20, 2011

【銀河聯邦】 阿爾法飛船 1月16日信息

Like a complex and sophisticated chess board, all the white pieces (Lightworkers) and the black pieces (represented by the dark and regressive forces) are fighting an arduous battle in which both sides are now involved in a fight never seen before, since what is at stake is nothing less than the hegemony and control of the very humanity of Earth, along with all living beings that inhabit it: the representatives of the animal, plant, elemental and devic kingdoms.


Both sides know what is at stake, that's why their current struggle these days has become so fierce and ruthless. Of that which occurs, the majority of you do not know the tiniest part. But developments are ongoing, and we can report that in the beginning, when we began to communicate with you through our channels, the balance was tilted toward power and control of the dark; thereafter, and as a result of our joint actions (around your year of 2008) the hegemony of the two forces was leveling up to become similar in strength and power; and now, at the start of 2011, we can say with great joy and satisfaction: the balance tips in favor of all the joint representatives of the Light and spirituality!

雙方都知道其重要性,這就是為什麼他們目前這幾天戰斗已經變得如此激烈,冷酷無情。那發生的事情是不為你們所知的最微小的事情。但進展在繼續,我們可以說,在一開始,當我們開始天平是傾向於的黑暗力量和控制的;然後我們開始行動了,其結果是,我們的共同行動 (2008年)是兩方的力量的變成了平局,現在我們變得更加強壯和有力量(或者說偶們佔據了絕對優勢),在2011年的開始,我們必須要說這很有趣並且對此很滿意:天平徹底傾向支持光和靈性!

Imagine the great change that has occurred in just a few years! Well, considering that you had been asleep to the reality of what was happening with your governments, in a secret deal with civilizations from other worlds, and the control of a few people hiding in their offices who decided the details of policy, the wars and the diseases and the drugs needed to cure them for hundreds and hundreds of years, it is evident that what has been achieved in just a few years, has taken the dark controllers by surprise.


And the surprise element has resulted in being crucial to the success that we (the representatives of Light) are achieving, and that is destroying the scepter of power in the hands of those who have always attacked your freedom, equality and fraternity, always acting cowardly from their dark shelters and never showing their faces, as if they had (but did not have) a minimal conscience to carry out such acts of evil against all humanity in its entirety.


The Eternal Father has determined that their time of control over all human beings has come to an end, and it has given us much more prevalence on issues concerning the planet. This creates a chain of light that, far from losing force, is becoming longer and more powerful each time, so as we light the lamps in your hearts, languished by your submission for centuries, each new human being -- awake to the reality of their own conscience -- serves as a catalyst to awaken other human beings with whom he/she communicates and interacts with, thus extending the field of action that We created in the beginning and that now multiplies rapidly in an accelerated arithmetic


This is happening thanks to the help and cooperation of all of us as a whole; and most of the reason for the success we're having is thanks to the increase in the critical mass of beings who are awakening to the truth that we are all, in reality, a single Galactic Being, manifested in countless myriad of forms that populate the vast and almost infinite number of planets and stars in the Universe.

這種情況正在發生,感謝那些幫助我們所有人的合作作為一個整體,他們的行為是成功的最大功臣。正因為我們正在增加的人類的臨界質量人蘇醒的真理,我們所有人,在現實中,一個單一的銀河的認識被取代, 現在無數無數的存在形式,幅員遼闊,幾乎無限多的行星和恆星在宇宙開始被認知。

In effect, as soon as an individual being understands that it is not separated from everything, and that it's like a drop in the interstellar ocean that shapes the Celestial Body of God, it stops following the game of the involute forces of the planet and becomes part of the Galactic Federation of Light, although it is still at an individual level, before Gaia in her entirety passes by right to be next to all the beings who inhabit her and form part of her.


With the increase of Light in the hearts of all human beings, and the increasing number of Lightworkers to help us raise the entire globe, We guarantee that we will succeed in promoting the humanity of this beautiful blue planet to its rightful position within the Intergalactic Confederation of the Worlds.


Continue to advance, our brothers and sisters, and do it without looking back, without fear, and with absolute certainty that you are stepping the first steps that will allow you to enter the New Earth, which is the true Promised Land of that in which your holy books speak of.


Peace and Love,



Commander Sohin
Channel: Kris-Won

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