Friday, January 14, 2011

【銀河聯邦】 阿爾法飛船 12月29日信息

Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!


Truly formidable are the measures that the Galactic Federation have adopted to erode the internal structure of the negative forces and to return the control to the Light forces, who in the past governed the humanity for thousands of years.


Possibly, this information I am giving you now will sound to you a little like “Star Wars” –but I can assure you that it is something that is happening these days, and it is as real as the economic crisis you are currently suffering.

可能,這個信息我們正在給予你們的會感覺像是“星際大戰”-但是我能向你們保証這就是這些天發生的事情(譯者:和SALUSA CM的信息一樣,這個信息也說出了呢,看來最近真的發生了什麼大事情,只是我們不曉得),並且它就是這麼的真實,就像你們現在痛苦承受的經濟危機一樣一樣滴。

In all likelihood, the world economic crisis will seem more real to you because you are suffering from it “in your own skin”, while the advances we are informing you about Ascension are, at the moment, based only on faith you may have in us, on our existence, our common battle (ours and yours, forming a common front) against the dark souls who have been subjugating you.


Well then, we urge you anew to listen to your heart, and draw conclusions in accordance with the feelings flowing outside from within, from your spiritual heart to your lower mind. Allow yourselves to be led by your intuition, and I assure you that it will serve you well.


You must know that the moment for First Contact so wished for by us and by you advances more and more and will materialize soon, very soon because, as I already told you in the beginning, we have made great global strides, all the civilizations that are visiting you in unison.


The Sirian and Swan civilizations, who habitually work in unison in a common effort to re-establish the light, the peace and the harmony in all the Galaxy, have been the protagonists of a deed that will deal a hard blow to the secret government governed by a few powerful ones and that will destabilize them and cause them to feel disoriented, for they did not imagine that we would act with such swiftness and skill.


Kris-Won, my channel, is asking me telepathically to be more explicit relating the nature of the event; but unfortunately, it is not convenient that I give more details in this respect. Suffice what I told you for your hearts to be happy and for your hope to shine with more intensity in your tired minds, anxious to free yourselves from the dark’s oppressive yoke.

Kris- Won,我的靈媒通道,在要求我以心靈感應的方式更加明確的表露該事件的性質。但是不幸的是,這並不方便讓我透露更多的細節。請滿足於我所告知你們的話,都是為了你們的心更快樂,讓你們的希望更明確,讓你們更加的堅定你們已經疲憊的內心,我們也急於把你們從黑暗勢力的枷鎖中解脫出來。。。

It is a delight for us to bring you good tidings, and we continue to urge you to work, you tireless human beings, towards the prompt establishment of the internal government of the Light of Planet Earth. Work, work, work so that the vibrational change takes place within a short period of your lineal three-dimensional time.


The Light Workers of your humanity and our vast cosmic, celestial, angelic, intraterrestrial and astral hosts, united in a common front, will, just like a battering ram, bring down the wall of those who have taken refuge in their own selfishness and who try to oppose the change!


There will be no more space for those with a frozen heart and a greedy mind! The change promised by us will bring about a much more spiritual and altruistic humanity, one who will not be self-centered and focused only on their own well-being, but who will be interested in the betterment of society in general and who will champion for the raising of all humanity to heights unknown to men on this planet.


When our encounter becomes a reality, we will be able to help you to improve and evolve in a few short years, which otherwise would have taken you centuries and even millenniums to achieve if you had not had our help.


None of us know in depth the Plan God has conceived in His Cosmic Mind; but we do know that it will be successful in materializing on the physical plane where you live, and that our struggle against the darkness, which characterizes the dark beings in high spheres of power, will sooner or later be crowned with success.


You can be sure of that because God, being the Creator of all situations, cannot fail, can never fail!


We would like to ‘inoculate’ you with our optimism, which is born from our trust in the happy development of God’s Plans; that is why we would like to pass onto you that optimism so that you go forward with a solid faith and trust. Leave behind all fears and advance, advance more and more each day with a firm step, with your heads held on high, and proud to know that you are going to be co-protagonists of the flourishing of the New Era on this planet.


I give you my blessing, given to you by the Supreme Being through me.
Peace and Love


Source: Commander Sohin
Channel: Kris-Won

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