Monday, January 17, 2011

【銀河聯邦】Sheldan Nidle 12月28號信息

Selamat Ja! We return during this holiday season with much to tell you. Around you, your reality is changing! Gaia is busy preparing her surface realms for a great transformation. These preparations are still fairly subtle; however, you are now entering a time when these changes are to become much more conspicuous to you. Areas noted for major earthquakes are to become active and minor tremors are already making themselves felt. Volcanoes, both on land and seabed, are also beginning to 'rev up'. Our Earth scientists have been monitoring this increase in seismic activity on all continents. These developments constitute the next bout of warnings from Mother Earth and dovetail with your own quickening toward full consciousness. The old reality, which for millennia has been your residential 'cocoon', has served its purpose. Many dowsers have noticed that the magnetic lines they use to examine your world are changing in strength or position. These phenomena are related to Gaia's shifting gravity fields.


These magnetic shifts are playing havoc with Earth's electrical fields. In order to ready herself for full consciousness, Gaia is deliberately adapting to the immense amounts of data coming from the Sun, her fellow planets, and the galactic core. It is important to see all this as a living organism in transition. All 3-D realities regularly capture a certain amount of this data stream, and when an entity expands its consciousness the amount of data captured increases extraordinarily. Further, this data needs to be processed differently. To this end your reality is adapting its grid lines to better cope with the heightened influx and is starting to become a monopolar entity. Such change is taking place throughout your solar system, which allows your scientists to observe at close quarters how zero-point energy and matter operate in the galaxy. These observations astound them and demonstrate clearly just how out of phase their scientific paradigm is! It has prompted them to search more diligently for a new operating model, one that can better encompass these recurring phenomena.

Paralleling the many unusual events taking place in your solar system, the galactic core is also going through similar changes. She is changing her base frequency, triggering a series of great energy waves, which flow from the core to her outer spirals, and transforming how the galaxy holds her together. New galactic grid lines are forming, which indicates that a new type of gravity wave is being born. This energy is giving life to new graviton particles that slightly interfere with our basic propulsion setups. Hence, we have had to adjust our ships' energy-gathering devises and have changed the distribution of our vast fleet throughout your solar system. We have also altered the density of the motherships in the inner ring around your planet, necessitating the creation of a special Möbius strip-like corridor to permit the swift entrance of our ships into the Earth's atmosphere when the moment for first contact arrives. We need to adjust this travel corridor each day, which demonstrates just how rapidly your solar system is changing.


These considerable changes match the progress each of you is making toward the point where first contact is definitely required. This is why the first steps preparing you for this goal needs to be completed. We have notified our Earth allies of this and have emphasized that the present reality no longer reflects who you are becoming. The dark cabal, too, knows what is happening and is busy wondering how the status quo can be prolonged. There exists in your reality a failsafe point beyond which a different timeline can be imposed. This point has recently been passed, which means that there is now only one scenario permitted, and that is first contact and all that that entails. We have brought in a few good workers who are determined to propel things toward first contact at a much swifter pace. These Beings are accelerating their abilities to the max and intend to get the initial steps done very quickly. Meanwhile, your governmental and economic systems are poised for a complete collapse.

he key to what is happening is to understand the effect of overwhelming international debt on a nearly broken economic system. This is the goal that the dark cabalists were setting up in the first few years of the 21st century. Unfortunately for them, the system imploded before they could extract the quantity of money from the system that they had promised to the members of its many working boards. As a result, illegal actions by the US Federal Reserve and the legislatures of several nations permitted the extraction of most of the remaining monies from late 2008 to mid-2009. Our Earth allies alerted many governments about the truth of what was happening but were unable to prevent a series of European and Asian nations from approaching collapse in 2009-2010. They were able to recover some of these funds, and these can be used as proof of the illegal activities, giving us additional ammunition for bringing down the dark cabal.

The various nations of your world have secretly come together to oppose the hegemony of the dark cabal and to end its millennia-long stranglehold on the globe. Predictably, the dominant agent of this cabal, the US corporate state, used its army of covert intelligence operatives to put pressure on anyone involved in that activity, which created a very sticky milieu for the Earth allies and their new friends to operate in. Meanwhile, several major global trusts were reaching the point of pay-out and a number of parallel scenarios were also underway, the intent of which was to reach the point for our direct intervention around the end of the Gregorian year of 2010 and early 2011. These scenarios are beginning to interlink, and we have come to agreements with the major white-Light, secret societies of your globe on what is to be done next


Your world needs to be deeply purged of what has come to be the commonplace and widely accepted prime beliefs of your reality. These erroneous mindsets are fostered by the fiction that you are alone and unique in the universe. Once your true history and the truth of your origins on other worlds are revealed, all these notions will go up in smoke. Those in your society who are willing and able to do so need to take on this huge crisis of perception and get the people of Gaia back on track. Then you can be introduced to us. Our mission is to complete what the many white-Light societies plan to do. Our counselors have waited for almost two decades to set you free and graciously introduce you to the amazing, sovereign Being that each of you has hidden within you.

你的世界需要被徹底地清理,而讓廣大民眾能夠廣泛的接受這個新實相的理念。那些錯誤的思路,導致了是你們是認為自己是孤獨的、獨特的存在於宇宙。一旦你真正的歷史與真理揭示了其他世界上起源,所有這些概念將變成浮雲~~。那些存在於你的社會裡的人,他們有意願並且也能夠這麼做來承擔這種現今巨大危機的看法,也讓這些蓋亞之子能回到正軌。然後你就可以被介紹給我們。我們的使命與很過的光光一樣。我們的顧問已經等了差不多二十年了,將你自由和主的恩賜介紹給你, 讓你們明白你們每個人心裡都有隱藏在內心深處更真實的你。

he first item on the agenda of this first contact mission is to move you toward a more ethical form of governance combined with an economy based on abundance. The aim is to begin to fully honor you as sovereign Beings, and this implies a complete reappraisal of how you treat one another. Each of you is a precious creation of the Creator, endowed with equal and unalienable rights and delivered into this world with certain life-long goals. You are then equipped with unique talents that can be used to help others, as well as yourself, to reach those life goals. Galactic societies take these talents to their full potential. Normally, societies have reached this point before being eligible for first contact. You are to go beyond this point, all the way to full consciousness. You have a glorious future ahead, as a key member of the Galactic Federation of Light!


Today, we continued our discussion with you about first contact. Your reality is now collapsing and a new one is manifesting in its place. Then we can safely arrive and move you quite quickly into full consciousness. Wonders you cannot even imagine can then be opened to you! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

今天,我們把第一次接觸的議題告訴你們。你們的當前實相在崩潰,新的實相在就位。然後我們就能安全降落,很快把你們帶入全意識。你甚至無法想象奇跡就要給你們開門了!知道麼,親愛的朋友,在你的內心深處,無數的供應和永無止盡的繁榮天的確是你的!就是這樣!祝Gajun !祝是!(天狼星為合而為一。而在快樂!)

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