Friday, September 30, 2011

【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 9月30日信息

SaLuSa - September 30, 2011
SaLuSa - 9月30日信息

The dark Ones are losing their power and the Lightworkers are closing in on them. The object is to keep them from delaying the changes that are so near, so that our plan can take off with all speed. As you might realise, immense organisation has gone into it, and our allies have been taking up their positions for quite some time. Each project is a massive undertaking, but with our advanced technologies we can progress even the tiniest detail. When we give the signal to go ahead, it will work like a military campaign and it will overwhelm any opposition. As you may guess, matters will proceed much better when the right people have replaced those in authority who do not truly represent you. Attending to that is high on our list, and about to take top priority.


Thursday, September 29, 2011

【基督麥克】 你將會在艾頓的餐館得到一切你想要的

You can get anything you want at Aton's restaurant
By CM and Kibo
Sep 26, 2011 - 9:04:02 PM

Sep 26, 2011 - 9:04:02 PM

CM: Greetings! And God is with you! Ahoye! As you like to say nowadays.......


You seem to be putting a lot of weight on yourself when you would be better off sharing that weight with us. WE, your Celestial brothers and sisters are gathered here to help and believe you Me, WE know more about your situation(s) than you do. It is all well and good to co-create, but with such a limited range of vision, how can you hope to make headway pass the tree that looms before you when you can’t see the forest that looms around you?


【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 另一通靈通道 9月25日信息

Message from SaLuSa to Tyco, Sep 25th 2011
信息來自SaLuSa,由Tyco〖Laura (Tyco Mars)〗傳遞,於2011.09.25

Laura: Good evening SaLuSa. It is so nice to hear from you. Here is ourfirst question: “SaLuSa, You have already referred to us as Ascended Beings inprevious times. Being so, why cannot I feel like that? I am sure that I am in adifferent stage of evolution from the brothers with whom I am related to (I wonderif I am not estimate me too high). In fact though having been aware of mydegree of evolution and trying the best to evolve and expand my consciousness,I am always in doubt if I will have the gift to ascend also this time. How canI know if I am doing all the needed to achieve it? Light and Peace”.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 9月28日信息

SaLuSa - September 28, 2011
SaLuSa - 9月28日信息

There is no doubt that not only time is continuing to speed up, but events important to the necessary changes are also reaching a climax. It bodes well for the immediate period which is highlighted by the Love Wave of 11.11.11. Good news travels faster than ever amongst the Lightworkers, and the network of information continues to expand. It all points to an exciting time ahead and the fulfilment of your expectations. The energy for change is unstoppable and we will ensure that it flows uninterrupted by those who oppose it. We are in regular contact with your leaders and even if some reluctance is shown, they are generally co-operating with us. The world teeters on the brink of collapse, and they realise that only a completely new approach will provide a way out. The dark Ones believed it would be to their advantage and their aims to take over, but we have turned the tables on them to bring about Ascension.


【銀河聯邦】 Sheldan Nidle 9月27日信息

Sheldan Nidle - Sep 27, 2011
Sheldan Nidle - 9月27日信息

Dratzo! Much has been happening on your world. Many minor issues are delaying temporarily the distribution of your prosperity funds and the much-awaited broadcasts. These delays are the last in a long line of impediments that have dictated the pace of change for your world. They determined that what could have been easy and rapid finally ran up against the time limit set by Heaven. What is important to remember is that the coming events are inevitable. The precious-metal depositories are set up across the globe and the primary components of the new financial system are in place. The final push we mentioned recently has turned into a major secret conflict between the dark cabal and its staunchest adherents, and a determined group of armed forces that is removing these obstructive beings so that the changes can happen smoothly. This struggle has reached a point where we are now ready to intervene and end the cabal's last-ditch stand. Our Agarthan cousins have begun to assist the pro-reformation forces to ensure absolutely that there will be no sudden turn of events in the dark's favor. We say to them, On to victory!


【銀河聯邦】 天空的流浪者 9月27日信息

Wanderer of the Skies - September 27, 2011
天空的流浪者 9月27日信息

Greetings from the Federation:

We come again to bring more news to you in these days leading up to Disclosure. We have often talked about what is occurring on your world behind the scenes. Today, we wish to primarily discuss what is happening here, with us, at the Federation.



【本傑明·富爾福德】 9月27日信息

Cabal resorting to desperate tactics as they try to prevent reboot of financial system

There are many signs available in both the corporate propaganda media and the people based independent media that some sort of end-game crisis is approaching for the criminal cabal in charge of the G7 countries and their shrinking coterie of slave states. With the Pentagon and the Russian military aligned against the cabal, their downfall is close. For that very reason the cabalists are attempting to stage some sort of game changing atrocity, probably in either the US or Europe.


One of the main battlegrounds is now the French banking system. French banks are the biggest lenders to Greece so a Greek default would also bring down the French banking system and hence the Euro. It is no wonder French banks are under speculative attack.


We are also witnessing, again available in the propaganda media, the spectacle of the IMF asking for and being denied, financing. Remember, the IMF was supposed to be the lender of last resort in the post-war financial system. There was supposed to be nothing above the IMF and yet here they are begging for money they will not get.


The fact of the matter is that the Khazarian cabal that attempted to start World War 3, kill 90% of humanity and then set up a totalitarian world government, is being increasingly isolated. The world is no longer accepting dollars or Euros printed by banks under the control of the genocidal cabal.


The battle over control of the financial system has become such that I can witness it first hand. Two personal acquaintances have gone to Japanese banks with US dollars in cash. One is a freemason, the other a legitimate businessman. The freemason had the serial numbers on his dollars checked and rejected while the businessman was able to exchange his dollars for yen after they checked the numbers.


Then there is the bank card for the White Dragon foundation. It is not accepted at Mitsubishi or Citibank ATMs but it is accepted at Mizuho or Sumitomo Bank ATMS. In theory all of these banks should accept it.


There has also been increased harassment directed at this writer. Last week he got a call from Paypal saying I could not access my account because two readers could not see the newsletter. Then the company in charge of IT for my Japanese language subscription blog refused to put up the blog or pass on subscription payments.

這也直接對這個作者造成了更多的騷擾。上個星期他收到了來自貝寶(Paypal - 全球最大在線支付平台)的電話,並說我無法使用自己的賬戶,因爲兩個讀者無法看到時事通訊。隨後在IT業負責的同伴,爲我日本語博客工作的朋友拒絕在博客貼出文章或者轉入認購款項。

Also, once again, several of my associates report being approached by Cabal members with requests to make false testimony against me. They have also set up a system at the US airbase in Misawa, Japan, that automatically alerts monitors any time my voice, or that of a few White Dragon members known to the bad guys, are detected on a phone or on skype. Anybody using an internet café in my neighborhood now has to be fingerprinted as well. Too bad for them the White Dragon operates mostly on an analogue and not digital basis.


In Japan, meanwhile, the top agent for George Bush Senior and his genocidal cabal is now Deputy Finance Minister Eijiro Katsu. He is now the top cabal power broker in Japan and Prime Minister Noda is his slave, according to Japanese military intelligence. Katsu is allied with Japanese power broker Ichiro Ozawa and his fellow traitors in an attempt to loot the vast funds controlled by the Sokka Gakkai Budhist lay-group. Sokka head Daisaku Ikeda is in a coma and as a result there is a huge battle for control of his empire. Ikeda was a charismatic and powerful figure and all potential rivals for leadership have long since left his organization. The result is that now that he has become incapacitated, there is a battle for a headless but rich and powerful entity. The Nichiren Buddhist Temples will be contacting Sokka Gakkai leadership in an attempt to persuade them to return to the Nichiren fold following a schism in 1995. The Nichiren Buddhists support the White Dragon Society.

在日本,同時,爲老布殊工作的最高代理人和他的集團屠殺組織,現在是副財政部長Eijiro Katsu。他現在是陰謀集團在日本的最高權力經紀人,首相野田佳彥是他的奴才,消息來源日本軍方的情報。Katsu與日本權力經紀人小澤一郎是同夥,而且他的賣國賊同夥在企圖洗劫由佛教徒組織Sokka Gakkai控制的基金。Sokka的頭領池田大作處於昏迷狀態,因此作爲這個結果,就有一場巨大的戰爭來控制他的帝國。池田曾經是一位超凡並有力量的人物,所有潛在的旨在取得這領導能力的競爭對手已經離開了他的組織。現在的結果就是,他已經喪失行動能力,因爲沒有領導者必然産生鬥爭,都是爲了財富和權力實體。日蓮佛教寺廟將接觸Sokka Gakkai領導層,其目的是說服他們在1995年的分裂之後歸還給他們。日蓮佛教支持白龍會社團。

Also, the leaders of the Japanese Yakuza groups have, in exchange for a promise of immunity, agreed to provide testimony against George Bush Senior, J. Rockefeller and their flunkies about a series of political murders carried out at their behest both in Japan and overseas Bush flunky Richard Armitage has also privately approached a White Dragon Society member with an offer to testify against Bush and his CIA faction in exchange for immunity. Michael Green, Kurt Campbell and Gerald Curtis take note, you will go to jail soon unless you agree to testify as well.

還有,日本無賴團體的領導者們,作爲一個已承諾的豁免權交換條件,同意提供證詞來對付老布殊,J.洛克菲勒和他們的走狗,關於一系列的政治謀殺,在日本和海外出於他們的命令,布殊的走狗理查德.阿米塔奇也已私下接觸了一位白龍會的成員,作爲對於老布殊的不利證明,還有他的CIA派系以交換豁免權。麥克.格林,庫爾特.坎貝爾和Gerald Curtis 請注意,你們將很快鋃鐺入獄,除非你們也同意作證。

There are also several senior members of the Bilderberger group who have now promised to work with the White Dragon Society in exchange for promises of immunity. These include Bilderberger head D’Avignon, media mogul Rupert Murdoch, former “black pope,” Peter Hans-Kolvenbach, Baron Thyssen and others. Dick Cheney has also put out feelers offering testimony in exchange for immunity.

這裏還有一些資深成員,來自比爾德博格集團,他們現在承諾與白龍會合作,以交換豁免權。這些包括比爾德博格頭號D級人物Avignon,媒體大亨魯伯特.默多克,前任“黑衣教宗”Peter Hans-Kolvenbach, Baron Thyssen和其他人。迪克.切尼也浪子回頭願意提供證詞來交換豁免權。

This week promises to be eventful as the September 30 accounting deadline arrives and senior cabalists scramble to make payments. As always, we warn people not to under-estimate these snakes. They will do all they can to destroy the world rather than set humanity free. THEY WILL BE STOPPED.



Tuesday, September 27, 2011

【銀河聯邦】 Blossom Goodchild 9月25日信息

Blossom Goodchild - September 25, 2011
Blossom Goodchild 9月25日信息

Hello again. I am FEELING it's about time to connect up with you once again and my little heart is a' pounding as I tune in to make the connection. Anyone home?


We are always home ... for that, dearest one, is where all Truth lies.


Well I went through a few things in our break ... how about you guys?


Monday, September 26, 2011

【Hilarion】 9月24日-10月1日信息

Hilarion September 24 - Oct 1, 2011
Hilarion 9月24日-10月1日信息

Beloved Lightworkers,

This is a time to nurture yourselves and to listen to the inner messages that your physical body is giving to you now. With the infusion of intensely high energies in the past few days, many of you are finding yourselves sleeping more hours than before. This is your body’s way of integrating the energies and allowing the transformation to occur within. Each of you is becoming a template of the New Human operating system and as such, you have been at the forefront of this process.



【蒙陶克.凱恩】 9月25日信息

Montague Keen - September 25, 2011
蒙陶克凱恩 9月25日信息

Veronica, my dear, there is a cry going out all over your world for truth and justice. Unfortunately, people do not always want to accept the real truth as it does not fit with what they believe to be true. Firstly, it must be understood that your history does not give a true picture, not even remotely, and so it causes great confusion in the minds of many. The truth is there if you care to look for it. I did so in the last years of my last life. I did find the truth. I realised that all that I had accepted as fact was pure fiction, whose only goal was to enslave mankind. All you needed was common sense to see that what was being forced on you was total fabrication. You could understand primitive man accepting some of it; but now, when research has been made easy, there is no excuse for accepting it at all. Yes, I know my dear, they savagely attack those who question their "truth". The only truth you need to follow is that INFINITE LOVE IS THE ONLY TRUTH, EVERYTHING ELSE IS ILLUSION.


【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 另一通靈通道 9月21日信息

Message from SaLuSa to Tyco, Sep 21th 2011
信息來自SaLuSa,由Tyco〖Laura (Tyco Mars)〗傳遞,於2011.09.21

Laura: Good evening SaLuSa, would you kindly give us an update todayplease?


SaLuSa: Good evening dear friends. We are happy to see you make so muchprogress so fast. With this pace, you are building up momentum in spreading thelight and love. Your feelings are opening up, as your body armour relaxes withthe high level of vibrations directed towards you and Mother Earth. You willfind yourselves more emotional and sensitive than usually, at times even teary.Once again, do not be alarmed by this. It is important to understand that beinga witness to your inner changes is an important part in consciousness growth.


Saturday, September 24, 2011

【本傑明·富爾福德】 9月19日信息

the Cabal’s illegal control network is [being] dismantled

US President Barack Obama signed an executive order allowing 2500 elite Japanese soldiers to be stationed on US soil, according to a Japanese military intelligence agent. The Japanese self-defense forces have been authorized by Obama to use force if necessary to defend Japanese corporate interests on US soil, the source says. The move was made in anticipation of severe rioting and turmoil in the US over the coming months, he said.


Friday, September 23, 2011

【母船阿塞班辛】 再次答問

More Responses

Andromedan Star-/mother-ship: Athabantian, Channeled through Mark Kimmel, 
Sep 16th, 2011

Greetings to our brothers and sister of Earth from those if us aboard the starship Athabantian. It is in our love for and our Oneness with you that we take this opportunity to share more of our observations with you. We are most pleased when you make time to read our communications. Today we return with more responses to your questions. Some of these may seem repetitive with our earlier messages, but these questions continue to be asked, so we are responding, also events are coming to a tipping point so we may be communicating more frequently.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

世界UFO聯合會副會長呂應鍾: 2012將進第四次元,外星人已經到來!



鳳凰衛視7月8日《華聞大直播》節目播出“呂應鍾:宇宙肯定存在外星人 並曾來過地球”,以下爲文字實錄:



【Alex Collier】 CYBERKNIGHT的全球陰謀




【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 另一通靈通道 9月18日信息

Message from SaLuSa to Tyco, Sep 18th 2011
信息來自SaLuSa,由Tyco〖Laura (Tyco Mars)〗傳遞,於2011.09.18

Laura: Good morning SaLuSa. Here is a question from a reader: “I have aquestion. I hope that I am on my path to ascension, I choose love and work onit not to judge and to live only from my heart and to spread my light if it isto be seen. I don’t know if I can make it. But this is not so important. Idon’t fear nearly anything because I know that I am divinely protected. I knowfor sure. But I have responsibility to my children and my pets. My sons are 19,17 and 15. They had a hard childhood due to the divorce of their parents. It ismy fault to not prepare them for what is to come, I myself made a leap in myevolution during the last year this is not long. Do my children and pets havethe chance to ascend with me, if I have the chance to do it? I love them and Idon’t want them to leave them here without me. I don’t know if they are able tolive their life alone and they don’t want to live with the father and his newfamily. “


時間與邏輯 - 非線性邏輯

時間與邏輯 - 非線性邏輯

我們的邏輯是跟著時間線走的,目前因與果的概念就是一個線性時間的推論結果,所以邏輯概念和時間觀念有著不可分開的關系。所謂種什麼因就得什麼果,這個想法對一般人來說明顯得不過了。這其實也沒有什麼錯,因為從某一個觀點來說,因果關系是人類學習的重要課程之一,但最大的問題卻不是因與果是否存在,而是 『因』是什麼? 因與果真的是一條直線的嗎? 這等於說時間真的是直線發展的嗎?

如下圖, 起始事件是A,導致了B事件 , 然後又導致了C事件,最後結果是D事件

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

【銀河聯邦】 Sheldan Nidle 9月20日信息

Sheldan Nidle - Sep 20, 2011
Sheldan Nidle - 9月20日信息

Dratzo! We return! Your world continues in its transition mode. We observe how all the foundational constructs of your numerous societies are in the process of collapse; your economic and governmental structures as well as your philosophical and basic moral codes are in terminal dysfunction. These various platforms of your societies are either coming to the end of a long decline or are actually 'on the rocks.' However, we also see that underneath all the wreckage, something entirely new and different is surging upwards. You are actively taking on new beliefs that are just beginning to replace the old ones. At the heart of this dramatic changeover lie the ambitious programs of our Earth allies and these are nearly ready to manifest a new economic and political world for all your global societies. We are very pleased that these things are happening on such a grand scale but we dearly desire them to roll out at a much quicker rate! We have asked the Agarthans to put the pressure on their fellow Earth humans to step up the pace of the many changes to the societies of the surface dwellers.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

【Hilarion】 9月18日-25日信息

Hilarion September 18 - 25, 2011
Hilarion 9月18日-25日信息

Beloved Ones,

You have all been integrating the incoming energies at an incredible rate. The feeling of unease in your Solar Plexus area requires more relaxation on your part and the practice of deep breathing, preferably when outdoors. There continue to be many changes taking place within you and as this process continues, a greater ease will be felt. Some of you are already feeling the greater ease within your four lower bodies and these Ones will find life becoming more joyful and filled with grace.



【銀河聯邦】 天空的流浪者 9月18日信息

Wanderer of the Skies - September 18, 2011
天空的流浪者 9月18日信息

Greetings from the Federation:

We now deliver to you our preamble to the greatest event in human history. You are about to undergo those changes which have been discussed for so long and for which we have been preparing on our side for a very long time indeed. These preparations will be lost to some in the moments after Disclosure as a whirlwind of activity and events unfolds on your planet. To others, the preparation will have been well served. Whatever level of preparedness at which you find yourselves in the days and weeks following Disclosure, remember always to help each other to the best of your abilities.



【蒙陶克.凱恩】 9月18日信息

Montague Keen - September 18, 2011
蒙陶克凱恩 9月18日信息

Greetings, my dear. This has been a week when you have seen information released that you never expected to see in your lifetime. Those people who professed to be of the Light while collaborating with the Dark Entities to gain control of humanity, have been exposed. They have nowhere to hide. They now feel the hand of justice on their shoulder; they will answer for their crimes. Their removal from the scene will take a little longer but it will happen, as sure as night follows day. Their crimes against innocent children are the most difficult to deal with. They preached love, but delivered the most evil control system which was all based on lies. Their lies controlled every aspect of your lives. You were even programmed to expect to die at a particular age. The vaccines were laced with strains of virus to ensure you became ill with cancer or other serious illness; some people reacted differently, but it ensured the ill health that would create great profits plus your demise. Everything was stacked up against you: contaminated food, etc., to remove you from the planet. Sadly, you were taught to trust implicitly those who were destroying you.

問候,我的摯愛。在你看到從未期待過的信息被釋出之後又過了一個星期。那些聲稱自己工作於光,卻同時在與黑暗份子合作的人都是爲了贏得人類的控制權,已經被暴露。他們無處可躲。現在,他們感到正義之手已經搭在了肩膀上;他們將爲自己的罪行負責。把他們從劇本中抹除將再多花些時間,但是會發生,就像夜晚之後就是光明一般總會到來。他們對於無辜孩子們的罪行是最難以使他們承認的。他們宣揚愛,表現的卻是最邪惡的控制,所有一切都基於謊言。他們的謊言控制系統覆蓋了你們生活的所有面向。你們曾經一直被編程,被設計在一個特別的時代死亡。這些疫苗曾經被裝置了病毒菌株,爲了使得你們得病,癌症或者是其他嚴重的疾病;(譯者:所有的疫苗都是這樣子,抓住人們害怕的心裏,把恐怖的病毒參雜在疫苗之中,誰會想到,用來治病的,本質上才是最致命的) 一些人會有不同的反應,但是這都會帶來疾病的死亡,伴隨你們大量的死亡來創造巨量的收益。每件事情都曾被設計來對付你們:受到汙染的食物,等等。都是爲了把你們從星球上清除。可悲的是,你們曾經被教導去相信那些在毀滅你們的人。

【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 另一通靈通道 9月15日信息

Message from SaLuSa to Tyco, Sep 15th 2011
信息來自SaLuSa,由Tyco〖Laura (Tyco Mars)〗傳遞,於2011.09.15

Laura: Good evening SaLuSa. You have seen questions for this week andcomments. Would you like to give us on update, perhaps taking into accountrelevant questions and touching on them also.


SaLuSa: As time continues to speed up, you find yourselves on the fasttrack to Ascension dear souls. More and more of you are beginning to questionthe system and their government around your planet. Young people are leadingthis change in approach, so we would advise you to listen to them with greatlove and respect. They are new to this world and to the way you live your lifeon Earth up to now. Many of them are wise beings who volunteered for thesetimes, just as you did. You will now soon enjoy working together and respectyour various approaches.


Saturday, September 17, 2011

【基督麥克】 時機的本質—你的時刻是否到來

The Nature of Timing-'My hour has not yet come’-‘My hour has come.’
By Christ Michael thru Hazel
Sep 15, 2011 - 11:08:51 PM

Sep 15, 2011 - 11:08:51 PM

These words were scripted as words I repeated several times during my earthy incarnation. Indeed it was all about timing then and it is all about timing now. MY reference to time is not in respect of the temporal existence of daily measurements but simply readiness in terms of appropriate events and frameworks in place for the unfolding of the master plan. Timing is therefore referenced to preparedness.


【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 9月16日信息

SaLuSa - September 16, 2011
SaLuSa - 9月16日信息

Our mission has been linked with you for a long, long time. We have followed your progress even going back to the earlier civilisations, of which Atlantis and Lemuria are the most recent ones known to you. We have always had some influence on your evolution, but that is only to the extent that we are allowed to do so. The freewill factor has played an important part in your experiences, and we would not interfere with what you have created for that purpose. Guidance is permitted, and assistance to Mother Earth that has been more direct in recent times. The Creator decreed that Ascension would complete your cycle of duality, and we have the honour and responsibility to see you through to completion.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 另一通靈通道 9月13日信息

Message from SaLuSa to Tyco, Sep 13th 2011
信息來自SaLuSa,由Tyco〖Laura (Tyco Mars)〗傳遞,於2011.09.13

Laura: Good morning SaLuSa . This is the first question:
“My question/concernfor SaLuSa is since none of us is really aware of our
soul’s contracts, how do we know if we will be ascending with MotherEarth
or not. I feel I was lead to thisinformation for a reason, but part of me is concerned because in my heart Ifeel the desire to ascend however I’m concerned that that may not be my soul’splan for me, I really don’t know and I’m not sure how to handle thesefeelings. If you could shed some “light”on this, I would really appreciate it. Thank you for all that you do.”


【銀河聯邦】 Sheldan Nidle 9月13日信息

Sheldan Nidle - Sep 13, 2011
Sheldan Nidle - 9月13日信息

Dratzo! We return! Your world continues in transition mode between the old and the first intimations of the new. Many on your world who are involved with implementing these changes want so badly for every little thing to go right. However, it is more important in our eyes to just go forward and make the necessary corrections as needed. Our Earth allies are getting some sound advice on this matter from our Agarthan cousins, and we are making sure that initial implementation is carried out swiftly and successfully. What is being done is truly unique in your recent history, but what is vital here is to know when to act and when to let go of what you have so diligently created. Our liaison teams are convinced that the moment has arrived for this bold action, and we are fully prepared and ready to set in motion the moves which will manifest the new financial system and the many new temporary governments. These new governments are an essential precondition for disclosure, and it is disclosure that is so important to the completion of this first contact mission.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

【六翼天使塞拉芬】 蝴蝶效應與超越茶杯的風暴

By Seraphin and Rosie
Sep 12, 2011 - 6:35:19 PM

Sep 12, 2011 - 6:35:19 PM

Seraphin through Rosie, 29 August 2011

R: Dearest Seraphin, I woke up yesterday hearing these words in my head “ it is not just a storm in a tea-cup”. My next thought was that the flapping of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil can cause a storm in Singapore (the “butterfly” effect) – the inspiration for my most recent painting THE IMPACT OF WINGS. I feel that you would like to comment on this?


【本傑明·富爾福德】 9月13日資料更新

The real reason behind the 911 terror was a battle for control of the global collateral accounts
911背景 世界金融系統控制權的爭奪戰

Although a decade of research has proven a high level cabal at the top of the Western power structure was behind the 911 terror attacks, few realize the attack was an esoteric battle in a war for control of the global financial system.

經過十年的研究已經可以證實911恐怖襲擊是由操縱西方政權體系的黑暗勢力幕後策劃的. 這些事情的背後實際上是一場鮮爲人知世界金融系統控制權的爭奪戰.

Fewer still realize the 311 nuclear tsunami attack against Japan was also part of this battle. However, a critical mass of military, law-enforcement, banking and other officials has identified and is about to arrest the culprits behind these and other attacks.

更加鮮爲人知的是 3月11日核爆引發的日本海嘯亦是這場爭奪戰的一部分. 無論如何, 已經有一定數量的軍方,執法,金融界以及其他領域的領導官員被確認是幕後策劃以上及更多襲擊的罪犯,他們將會被逮捕.

【Hilarion】 9月11日-18日信息

Hilarion September 11 - 18, 2011
Hilarion 9月11日-18日信息

Beloved Ones,

Many of you have learned very well how to align yourselves to meet the energies expressed from those around you, with equilibrium, insight and clarity. This is a good skill to carry with you as you traverse the Cosmic energies that are now flooding the atmosphere around you and which are helping to create great changes in all aspects of life upon the Earth plane.



【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 另一通靈通道 9月11日信息

Message from SaLuSa to Tyco, Sep 11th 2011
信息來自SaLuSa,由Tyco〖Laura (Tyco Mars)〗傳遞,於2011.09.11

Laura: Good evening SaLuSa. Here is our first question: “This is notabout I am writing to you, tells to Salusa if they can to move my person toanother place on Earth for making my spiritual ascension with others personsthat thinks like me. I know what’s goingon with this humanity spiritually speaking, and what comes later; a brighterfuture for all of us.
If they cannot do anything for me about it is karma (i read theinconvenient about it: the karma is thenumber one in the list), I want some information about people that can help mein my spiritual ascension and guidance here in Santo Domingo, DominicanRepublic. I know that you can (mybrothers from the stars), that appears in my bedroom”.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 9月13日信息

SaLuSa - September 13, 2011
SaLuSa - 9月13日信息

It is a case of biding your time, as you perceive matters moving along at a quick pace that is surprising in view of where you were just a year ago. Whilst you had been hoping for the elusive announcement of Disclosure, other factors necessary to completion were also receiving a lot of attention from us. The result is that once we can get started, you will find yourselves on a bit of a roller coaster ride. However, it will be an enjoyable experience and carry you forward on a wave of joy. Life cannot go on much longer as it is now, but if enlightened you know what to expect, and it should keep you in high spirits.


【蒙陶克.凱恩】 9月11日信息

Montague Keen - September 11, 2011
蒙陶克凱恩 9月11日信息


在生活中沒有什麽比恐懼更糟糕與危險---Jawaharalal Nehru

Please take this message on board as you face everything that the corrupt can throw at you. I ask you to be strong during this time of disorientation as the energy of your planet changes and moves towards the light. The dark mind control that kept you in ignorance of who you are, and your place in the universe, will use every means at its disposal to keep you right there. They use those who are on a very low vibration to criticise, vilify and put down as false, those who are in tune with Spirit, such as David Thompson (medium) and David Icke, who work towards the awakening and enlightenment of Man. The louder they become in their condemnation, the more they should be pitied. They are lost souls.


Monday, September 12, 2011

【Matthew Ward】 9月9日信息

Matthew Ward — September 9, 2011
馬修·沃德 - 9月9日信息

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Billions upon billions of sparklers aptly describes your world as we see it, with countless sparks of light radiating from lightworkers and spiritually awakening souls. This is a splendid way for you to think of your world and to visualize it too, so as to lift the lower vibrations of those who see it as topsy-turvy because they don’t understand the changes afoot.


Sunday, September 11, 2011

【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 另一通靈通道 9月8日信息

Message from SaLuSa to Tyco, Sep 8th 2011
信息來自SaLuSa,由Tyco〖Laura (Tyco Mars)〗傳遞,於2011.09.08

Laura:Good evening SaLuSa. Would you please be able to give us a short ground crewupdate?


SaLuSa: The current developments on your planet are speeding up. We havebeen expecting an acceleration to take place as we approach the end of 2011.Time is short and is also accelerating dear friends. From now on, events willrapidly follow one another. Not all the coming events will be positive in theshort term, but the follow up on those events will give more and more power tothe light. Do not be discouraged by set backs and delay tactics used by thedark hats, as their days in power are numbered at this late stage.


Friday, September 9, 2011

【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 9月9日信息

SaLuSa - September 9, 2011
SaLuSa - 9月9日信息

We would remind you of how powerful you are as individuals, and how you have more influence on what conditions are around you than you might think. That is why we often remind you of the need to be focussed upon all that is positive. In a time when there are many dire predictions going around, you can offset them by concentrating on all that is positive such as the many beneficial changes that are about to manifest. Many of you are beginning to realise that where you place your energy is exactly where it will work to bring about your desires. The problem lies with those who focus on the negative not realising that they are empowering it. It may sound odd to some people, but that is how the Law of Attraction works. It knows not what the outcome will be, but powers whatever it is you have in mind.


【本傑明·富爾福德】 9月6日資料更新

The people of the planet earth want peace

That’s not Ben’s title, but it’s the part of his message that feels right-er. Anyway, I’ll let this one speak for itself, for now. The inner desire of humanity is coming out strongly, it seems, it feels, senses, for “Love, Peace and Joy”.

Although Ben’s “in the know”, allow discernment to flow.

這並不是本的原文標題,而是他部分消息所表達的思想,但這感覺更準確些。 不管怎樣,這個在目前足以說明問題。Wayne Dyer在他的消息中說,人類內心的渴望正在湧出,並且這看上去,感覺上去是對“愛,和平以及快樂”的渴望。



Thursday, September 8, 2011

【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 另一通靈通道 9月5日信息

Message from SaLuSa to Tyco, Sep 5th 2011
信息來自SaLuSa,由Tyco〖Laura (Tyco Mars)〗傳遞,於2011.09.05

Laura: Good afternoon SaLuSa. Here is our first question: “A questionthat worries me a lot is, do I have to physically die on Earth to ask forillumination and preparation for Ascension, or can I do this in thisterrestrial life with discipline? Invoking my guardian angels and the LightBeings? But how can I achieve this if I can’t even achieve for a minute asecond of peace and I have not been able to silence it not even for amoment? Could you help me please withthis, could you gift me instructions on what I have to do to improve my mental,spiritual and physical state? How can I helpmy loved ones and those around me?.”


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 9月7日信息

SaLuSa - September 7, 2011
SaLuSa - 9月7日信息

We see so many of you creating an atmosphere of calm around you, and that is greatly needed in a time of confusion. You have the advantage of knowing that whatever happens or threatens your peace, a satisfactory outcome as promised will manifest. As you approach the final period of chaos, know that it can only go so far before our influence and authority will take over. We are far more active than any previous time, as we direct our allies into their final positions from which they will launch their take-over from the dark Ones. You may not see us in the early encounters, but be assured we will be there with them.


【銀河聯邦】 天空的流浪者 9月7日信息

Wanderer of the Skies - September 7, 2011
天空的流浪者 9月7日信息

Greetings from the Federation:

As matters are now progressing more rapidly than even we had hoped for, we felt it necessary for you to have this next update now. Two important matters have come to a head in your societies. The first is that the banking concerns have made the necessary exchanges to shift the monetary system into the new order. A group of countries have taken on the Illuminati in this respect and forced a concession sooner than we had anticipated. Second, the military rogue factions of several of your countries seem to be in compliance with the most recent agreements, thereby paving the way for a safer attempt at Disclosure than we have seen in the recent past.



【銀河聯邦】 Sheldan Nidle 9月6日信息

Sheldan Nidle - Sep 6, 2011
Sheldan Nidle - 9月6日信息

Dratzo! We return! Your world continues to experience a new freedom! The various governments that have worked hard to create a new global financial system are jubilant. The US Federal Reserve has been effectively subsumed by the new American Treasury Bank system and all that is now required is the series of announcements from the new American 'caretaker' government. A key component of this new banking setup is the worldwide hard-currency system which will convert the illegal and much-manipulated fiat system into an entity able to reflect 'true' values and to function as a 'true' medium of exchange. Remember that your world is to retain only briefly a system based on a physical medium of exchange, in order that it may reflect the great abundance that is now poised to swamp you in a wave of freedom and luxury. This prosperity will in effect create a bridge to a moneyless society by allowing the rapid spread of the technology that will replace the need for money and prepare you for the fully conscious realm that you are shortly to inherit. This is the realm that we reside in.


【銀河聯邦】 天空的流浪者 9月5日信息

Wanderer of the Skies - September 5, 2011
天空的流浪者 9月5日信息

Greetings from the Federation:

We are back to discuss another aspect of the emerging Disclosure process with you. You are immersed in the changes going on right now around your planet. There is a great shift underway in the economic and business fields that have created unstoppable change which moves us closer to Disclosure and our ability to teach you what we know about your Ascension process in the little time left before that too arrives.



【蒙陶克.凱恩】 9月4日信息

Montague Keen - September 4, 2011
蒙陶克凱恩 9月4日信息

There is so much happening on Planet Earth at this time that is being deliberately kept from you. Everything is going according to plan, even though so many obstacles are placed in our way. They just serve to delay us rather than obstruct us. Nothing on Earth can stop this Transition. The time has come for the Dark Cabal to face the consequences of its actions. Their "safe hideaways" are being demolished; they have nowhere to hide. They will be forced to ask for the forgiveness of those they have cruelly deceived with false histories, false religions, corrupt monetary systems and their endless wars. The sins they have committed against humanity must be taken into account. Every action you take, whether against another human being, country, or religion, must be dealt with. Forgiveness must be sought. That is the Law of Nature. It must be adhered to.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

【Hilarion】 9月4日-11日信息

Hilarion September 4 - 11, 2011
Hilarion 9月4日-11日信息

Beloved Ones,

Those of you who have been maintaining your daily disciplines have been discovering that you now feel more at peace within yourselves than you have experienced for quite some time. The greatest effect that is still noticeable is the feeling of tenseness in the solar plexus chakra. This is a result of the incoming cosmic energies. Holding the Light will inevitably attract the higher energies to you and as you transduce these higher energies and anchor them into the Earth’s core for her use when and as she needs them, you are helping to cleanse the human consciousness grid of all that must be dissipated before entry into a higher level of consciousness for all.



Monday, September 5, 2011

【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 9月5日信息

SaLuSa - September 5, 2011
SaLuSa - 9月5日信息

Leaders all over the world are aware of the coming changes, and realise that for the good of the people they must come into being. However, some still believe that they can receive all of the benefits and cling to the old ways that are no longer compatible with the plan for you. Do not worry, as those who feel that they cannot accept what we have to offer, will have to stand down. Those who will come forward to take their place are already known to us for being visionaries, and are aware that they have an important role to play. No longer will you be subject to the corrupt deals with the major corporations, and their power and influence will be greatly moderated. Your faith in politicians will be restored, as you see that the ones entrusted with your future are spiritually motivated and also of the Light.


Sunday, September 4, 2011

【銀河聯邦】 Blossom Goodchild 9月2日信息

Blossom Goodchild - September 2, 2011
Blossom Goodchild 9月2日信息

Blossom: Hello Everyone and welcome to September.

Blossom: 大家好,歡迎進入9月

Interesting times we are in!


Firstly may I say, that a ‘very brief’ channell from The Federation of Light has just gone up. ‘Brief’ in that they explained that communications between us would not be happening for another couple of weeks! All a bit odd … allow me to explain.


【本傑明·富爾福德】 57國機密金融會議的原始郵件

這明顯是一封由“高級財政官員V”發給Ben Fulford的一封郵件,並且被後者發表在他的Typepad博客中,以支持他的最新更新中的觀點。同往常一樣,用你富有洞察力的眼光來閱讀此文。首先是一小段話。。。





Saturday, September 3, 2011

【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 9月2日信息

SaLuSa - September 2, 2011
SaLuSa - 9月2日信息

Dear Ones, how wonderful it was to see the great Light that resulted from your desire to help one of your fellow travellers, in his time of need. I refer of course to Michael who was overwhelmed by your generosity, and as a result has been enabled to quickly overcome his computer crash. How often it happens that when one of you are faced with adversity your deepest love surfaces. Often there is a coming together that transcends any differences that might otherwise place a barrier between you. Be aware that such occasions raise the levels of your consciousness, and its effect is far reaching. Right now it is awakening many who have slumbered through their life, without understanding the true purpose for being on Earth. For them it will be a testing time as the truth for all its beauty, can be a sudden shock when it tries to replace long held beliefs. The upliftment is intentionally carried out in such a way that there is normally a gentle awakening, but time is no longer your friend and is passing more quickly than ever.


【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 另一通靈通道 9月1日信息

Message from SaLuSa to Tyco, Sep 1st 2011
信息來自SaLuSa,由Tyco〖Laura (Tyco Mars)〗傳遞,於2011.09.01

Laura: Good evening SaLuSa. Here is our question today:“Whycannot SaLuSa contact me any more directly? What is the difficulty? What shall/should I do??”


SaLuSa: We are around you all more often than you think, either bymaking a mind to mind connection when allowed by your higher self, or by comingnear you from other dimensions. Unfortunately, the gap between dimensions isdifficult to bridge for you yet, so you are mostly unable to be consciouslyaware of us. You will feel an intuition after a certain period of time and youwill learn to trust it. It also has to do with blockages within your body,subtle matter is blocked, very common for your species; it is not your fault atall. Certain energy blockages prevent further higher developments for you allat this stage. It is coming from Atlantis and certain entities attachthemselves on to all of you periodically, and drain your energy.


Thursday, September 1, 2011

【銀河聯邦】 天空的流浪者 8月31日信息

Wanderer of the Skies - August 31, 2011
天空的流浪者 8月31日信息

Greetings from the Federation: We have taken some time since our last communication as we have been very busy of late. There is a tremendous amount of activity on our side as everyone readies themselves for an unusually big event. We remain excited and expectant about the occurrences to take place on your world. We now have an opportunity to update you in this respect.

銀河聯邦問候大家 在上次傳遞信息之後已經過了一段時間,這是因爲我們一直都非常的忙碌。在我們這邊發生了大量的行動,因爲每個人在爲一個不尋常的大事件迅速準備好自己。我們依舊對就要發生在你們世界的事件滿懷興奮和期待。現在我們得到一個機會在這方面給予你們一個更新。

【本傑明·富爾福德】 8月30日資料更新

Benjamin Fulford, August 30, 2011…”Secret meeting of 57 finance ministers on ship charts new financial system”…”Humanity will be set free soon”

本傑明富爾福德,2011年8月30日,......“57國財政部長在船上的制定的新的財務制度的秘密會晤”... ...“人類即將自由”

The last six words sum this one up nicely.

“Humanity will be set free soon.”

This week’s report describes more details of the demise of the “world dark cabal”, or as was called last week (thank you all for your contributions) “the world military industrial pharmaceutical medical banking congressional corporate educational religious nutty nougat caramel complex.” I am not convinced, however, about the use of nuclear weapons which Ben mentions, as SaLuSa, Matthew, and others have always stated that such weapons were now prohibited. Anyway, overall a very promising report from Ben.

As always, suggest reading with Higher Discretion turned “on”.




【銀河聯邦】 Sheldan Nidle 8月30日信息

Sheldan Nidle - Aug 30, 2011
Sheldan Nidle - 8月30日訊息

Dratzo! We return! Your world is beginning to feel the effects of the great change which will overturn major governments and restore your unalienable rights. This massive transformation is sending shock waves rippling through your global network of stock markets and causing major governments to alter key elements of their foreign policies. These changes are creeping up quickly on the dark cabal even as the illuminoids meet in secret to discuss how to react to what is shortly to transpire. Our Agarthan cousins have seen to it that their special liaisons oversee and inform these dark ones that their time in power has finished and that a grand denouement is at hand. The agreements to transfer financial responsibility from the US Federal Reserve to the new Treasury Banks are now being executed. Moreover, the new hard-currency financial system is in the process of final implementation. This new system restores monetary policy to the people and returns this world to a sound and true economy exchange. Nevertheless, this only scratches the surface of the changes to come!


【Kris Won】 8月29日信息

Kris Won, August 29, 2011
Kris Won 8月29日信息

Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!


We renew on this day the messages transmitted through Kris-Won, after a brief period of interruption. We know that many people among you were awaiting our return. As you can see, everything that you wait for, that is truthful, legitimate and advantageous, makes the wait worthwhile. There is always a reason for everything, also for this pause; but I would not like to get into details, if you allow me this.


【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 另一通靈通道 8月29日信息

Message from SaLuSa to Tyco, Aug 29th 2011
信息來自SaLuSa,由Tyco〖Laura (Tyco Mars)〗傳遞,於2011.08.29

Laura: Good evening SaLuSa. The first question is from a reader fromGermany. Here it is: “For weeks now I am experiencing a quite dark phase inwhich everything is coming up that’s still within me (karma, past life memoriesetc.) and it feels like a stone on my heart and heavy and it seems as if it isnever ending. And there are only a few moments when I can raise myself. And Iwonder if I am a great help for the light in those times anyway. It feels moreand more like I’m losing my identity and I don’t know who I really am anymore.”


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