Wednesday, November 30, 2011

【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 11月30日信息

SaLuSa - November 30, 2011
SaLuSa - 11月30日信息

As the saying goes, keep on keeping on, and let nothing distract you from your chosen path. Only you alone truly know what is needed to propel you forward, and exactly where you have set your goals. Normally you would be quite happy to progress at your own speed, and certainly no pressure is exerted upon to do otherwise. However, it must be understood that Ascension is so near that if you desire to seize this opportunity to get out of the 3rd. dimension, you do need to ensure you know what is needed of you. As we have so often mentioned it is your intent that is so important, because as soon as you send out that energy it attracts similar energy, and strengthens yours that opens up the pathway to Ascension. It is about raising your vibration by bringing more Light into your life, and sharing it through positive thoughts and actions.


【銀河聯邦】 Sheldan Nidle 11月29日信息

Sheldan Nidle - Nov 29, 2011
Sheldan Nidle - 11月29日信息

Dratzo! We return with lots to discuss with you. Several events are ready to happen which will catapult your world toward a new reality. At present you are watching a number of situations which point toward the coming collapse of your global setup. Furthermore, these social structures are set to evolve out of all recognition. For example, regime change today has assumed a whole new dimension: formerly, those who took down a despot would, in time, revert to what they had so idealistically intended to replace. Now, however, those who have replaced the deposed are quickly discovering that the people are not willing to sit back and let the old ways return. Now there is a sustained effort to keep the new rulership on track and instituting the reforms promised. This focus and determination demonstrates the difference in today's uprisings versus those of yesteryear. The new ingredient that is demolishing the age-old syndrome of tyranny replacing tyranny is your rise in consciousness, which makes it impossible for those recently bought to power to veer from the course that the people have set for them.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

【Hilarion】 11月27 - 12月4日信息信息

Hilarion November 27 - December 4, 2011
Hilarion 11月27 - 12月4日信息

Beloved Ones,

Each of you is feeling the pressure of opposing forces within yourselves. These energies are being brought into alignment within your Being and these energies manifest as a great feeling of tension, especially in your solar plexus area. Much strength of will is needed at this time in order to stay firmly on your Path. Daily align with your Divinity and see the Divinity in others and all will be well. The opposing forces within you are the last remnants of third dimensional thought patterns, habits and traits and though it is difficult, the only way through them is to experience and accept them by finding the point of balance within.



Monday, November 28, 2011

【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 11月28日信息

SaLuSa - November 28, 2011
SaLuSa - 11月28日信息

The amount of love being sent to your beautiful planet is ever increasing and will continue to do so, as it helps you reach a higher level of consciousness. Many great Beings of pure Light are involved and their power is beyond your imagination. They are able to control the flow of Light so that you are not overpowered, and in fact the whole process of Ascension is very carefully arranged to ensure maximum success. Because in general terms you have been able to bring the energy to Earth, the grids have been empowered and are helping you raise your levels of consciousness. We cannot sufficiently stress how important these times are for you all, and we urge you to take advantage of the wonderful opportunity to ascend that is being offered to you. Not for a long time will there be such a focussed energy centred upon Earth, that will offer every single soul the means of upliftment. All it requires initially is the intent to change your life to one where you see all souls as One with you, and treat them accordingly with love and caring as you would wish for yourself.


【蒙陶克.凱恩】 11月27日信息

Montague Keen - November 27, 2011
蒙陶克凱恩 11月27日信息

"If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State."

Joseph Goebbels



Sunday, November 27, 2011

【David Wilcock】 源場調查

David Wilcock - The Source Field Investigations
David Wilcock - 源場(信息場)調查

中文字幕版 (醒覺字幕組提供)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

【銀河聯邦】 Blossom Goodchild 11月24日信息

Blossom Goodchild - November 24, 2011
Blossom Goodchild 11月24日信息

Once again I bid you a Good Morning. My friends ... out there ... up there ... somewhere ... I have been feeling a little confused over the last couple of weeks. I can only be honest in saying that I am concerned regarding our ongoing communications. I do not consider myself childish or disrespectful regarding that which I am to speak of ... yet we do need to get something very clear. We have but five weeks left until the end of the year ... call me old fashioned ... but down here upon Earth when someone promises something to someone ... it is considered polite to see that promise through. If one doesn't, then one tends to lose faith in that which has been promised and one's Trust in the 'promiser' tends to wane a little.


Friday, November 25, 2011

【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 11月25日信息

SaLuSa - November 25, 2011
SaLuSa - 11月25日信息

For those of you who follow what is happening in the world, you cannot have failed to notice that our predictions as to the outcome are becoming your reality. The massive banking and financial problems are clearly heading for a crash, and there is no way to prevent it. You are living in a world that is in a state of chaos and steadily heading for an implosion. People now see what has been wrong with the old set up, but up to now have no real answers that will completely deal with the problems. A number of governments have collectively agreed to support a new approach to banking, but it remains to be seen who can galvanize them into action. This situation presents us with an opportunity push our allies forward, who with our help can outline what is necessary to move onto a new path that will solve your problems. There is also consideration to be given to the Abundance program that will follow such changes, so we are working hard to bring some semblance of order into being. Much of what is waiting to come out is tied in with the announcement of Disclosure, and that is ready and simply waiting for a firm date to be agreed.


【本傑明.福爾福德】 11月24日信息 (附法院訴訟文件)

The lawsuit that could end the gangster rule of Western civilization

A lawsuit was filed today (November 23rd US time) that could end the secret government that has ruled Western civilization for at least the past 300 years. The lawsuit claims that close to $1 trillion was stolen by, among others, UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and the UN, former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and the Italian government, Giancarlo Bruno and the Davos World Economic forum and others believed to include many of the owners of the US Federal Reserve Board. The lawsuit was filed in New York by Neil Keenan, acting as representative of the Dragon family, a reclusive group of wealthy Asian families. This filing is the result of extensive evidence gathering by international police and law-enforcement agencies including Interpol, the CIA, the Japanese Security Police, Eastern European secret services and has the backing of the Pentagon as well as the armed forces of Russia and China.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 11月23日信息

SaLuSa - November 23, 2011
SaLuSa - 11月23日信息

People power is growing and what you are seeing around the world is how successful you can be when you group together in a common purpose. It may take time to achieve complete success, but once you set the ball rolling its momentum will carry it forward. Governments will take note of your demands or ignore them at their peril. You have created the conditions that allow us and others to come to your aid, and naturally we work behind the scenes, and our influence helps direct activities in a way that is beneficial to you. As you know we monitor what is happening now, and also what is planned by the dark Ones. We endeavour to set you on a path that is the least volatile, and likely to avoid violent confrontation. The more the authorities clamp down on peaceful demonstrations, the more support they gain. The world population is waking up now as to how it has been enslaved for eons of time, and will not cease its claims for change until the people's sovereignty is returned.


【銀河聯邦】 Sheldan Nidle 11月22日信息

Sheldan Nidle - Nov 22, 2011
Sheldan Nidle - 11月22日信息

Dratzo! We return with more to say about your world and its divine transformation. As Gaia moves ever closer to altering your surface reality, the Agarthans are using their abilities to prevent the dark from having any hope of mounting a comeback. Right now the Agarthans have teamed up with our Earth allies and a general plan has been put into effect, the first part of which was the dismantling of the vast network of underground and deep underwater bases maintained for decades by various secret governments. This major military action has now been achieved. The dark has lost tens of thousands of vital personnel and is denied the services of most of its exotic research scientists and technicians. Despite this, it was not until the recent arrests of mid-level personnel that the illuminoids became really panicked; they now know that their own arrest is near. Those who have for so long 'managed' your world see the time is rapidly approaching when each of them must face the large crowds of angry citizens they once so arrogantly manipulated. And the roundup strategy does indeed include these 'kings of darkness.'


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

【本傑明.福爾福德】 11月21日信息

Rothschild family representative leaves Japan empty-handed

A senior representative of the Rothschild banking family was in Japan earlier this month demanding money, according to a high level source in the Ruling Democratic Party of Japan. When he was told the Rothschild’s Japanese piggy bank was now cut off to them, he threatened to have Japan sued for releasing radio-activity into the ocean. The fact the Rothschilds have had to sink to such low level threats is a clear sign they are suffering from a serious power loss. The Rothschilds also need to realize that if they are to sue anybody for the Fukushima nuclear disaster, it would be their erstwhile US allies like Henry Kissinger, J. Rockefeller and the usual Council on Foreign Relations suspects. In any case, this ruling party source has now confirmed what multiple other sources say and that is that Senator J. Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger and now Jacob Rothschild have all visited Japan during the past month and have all left empty-handed.


Monday, November 21, 2011

【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 11月21日信息

SaLuSa - November 21, 2011
SaLuSa - 11月21日信息

Once you have made up your mind where you are going, let no one divert you from your goal and know that you have been preparing for this period for a long time. You have come this far and should by now know exactly what you have been working towards. Your karma should to all intents and purposes almost be at an end, and in this lifetime many of you have elected to clear it away completely. Do not concern yourself if you know that there is still work to be done, as whatever remains at the time of Ascension can be covered by the Law of Grace and is not therefore carried forward. Because of karma, many relationships have suffered but please remember that once you have left this dimension you can easily come together again. You will accept that your Earth family were put in place for the outworking of the collective karma of you all, and once you drop your roles that puts an end to the matter. Families often incarnate together many times over, and as you can imagine play different roles even moving from one sex to another, and often reversing their roles. This is one reason why you should refrain from judging others, as until you return to the higher dimensions you will not have a complete picture explaining the "whys" and "wherefores" of your experiences. Be assured that of necessity you will at times have played a role as one of the dark Ones. This does not necessarily mean anything other than that you have had lives with negative attitudes.


【蒙陶克.凱恩】 11月20日信息

Montague Keen - November 20, 2011
蒙陶克凱恩 11月20日信息

My dear, what a week it has been for you ! There you were, face to face with someone whose views and belief system should have been opposed to all that you and I stand for. Instead, you found a scholar of great renown whose extensive research fits entirely with what I have disclosed since my passing. This meeting did not happen by chance. It needed someone to come forward whose beginnings were similar to my own, and who, like me, had the vision and intellect to know that we had to free ourselves from the chains of control, both mental as well as physical, so as to engage fully with the research we were driven to do. How interesting for you that we both found the truth. I lived by it as he now lives by it. As you know, my dear, it is not an easy path. It was not easy for me, and I may say that it is even worse for Gilad, as the control system that they believed to be invincible is falling apart, so they attack mercilessly, those who dare to question it. He chose, like me, to be born into it: it is only then that you understand fully the mind control involved. They are a people totally driven by material values, who are not allowed to question, whose only purpose is to own and control, to manipulate all around them. They use FEAR to do this.


【天父】 一切循環必須繼續:榮耀時代就在前方:你們的自由在等待著你們!

By Papa Source thru Johan
Nov 18, 2011 - 7:19:06 AM

Nov 18, 2011 - 7:19:06 AM

November 15, 2011



Papa Source:


It is with great delight I AM joining My Beloved Son Michael of Nebadon in his Greatest Endeavour so far.


Not so long ago, I came through this scribe to talk to you on His behalf and encourage you to stay the course and not be afraid for what you are about to encounter. Yet here I AM again with more Glorious news, if only you could see through my eyes...


Sunday, November 20, 2011

【Hilarion】 11月20日-27日信息

Hilarion November 20 - November 27, 2011
Hilarion 11月20日-27日信息

Beloved Ones,

This week will see you integrating and assimilating all the downloads you have received and still are, receiving. It is a time for quiet reflection and contemplation and is the time to be good to yourselves in simple ways. Contemplate the beauty around you and glory in each new day. You are alive, experiencing being in a beautiful human body which is a wonder of biological functionality. Through this wondrous vehicle, you can use your senses — the breath through smell, the touch through the sensory experience of your fingers, the sight through the most magical lenses of your eyes, the taste of the food that you partake and the sound of the voice of your Beloved or the birds in the trees.



【銀河聯邦】 天空的流浪者 11月19日信息

Wanderer of the Skies - November 19, 2011
天空的流浪者 11月19日信息

Greetings from the Federation:

Today we speak of the disclosure plan unfolding in your world. Two leaders of your cabal, key members of a control group responsible for the false flag operations that would seek to undermine our disclosure to you, have capitulated. They have been moved to safe zones to be out of touch with those that would seek to obtain their authority to undertake the plans the Illuminati have developed for the Disclosure scenario. They have been effectively neutralized with no harm to anyone.



Saturday, November 19, 2011

【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 11月18日信息

SaLuSa - November 18, 2011
SaLuSa - 11月18日信息

When your focus is on the future can you feel the uplifting energy around you, if not make time for yourself to relax in quiet surroundings and you surely will. There is no need to carry the burden of the world upon your shoulders, just allow it to find its own path to completion, because that is a feature of the times you are in. You should be sufficiently confident about your destiny to believe that you are on the verge of great changes, that will put you on another path leaving the old paradigm behind. Ascension is your future should you desire to take it, and much effort goes into ensuring that all souls are in contact with the truth. Whether it becomes part of your beliefs by replacing false teachings is everyone's personal choice.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

【仙女座人信息】 11月13日信息

仙女座人信息信息: 人類的新世界

We Are from the Domain of Fire and Light, of Unity of all souls and Sacred Divine Core Essence in the Andromeda Galaxy.


Dearest earth humans,


A new beginning has dawned on your earth in a magnificent way!


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 11月16日信息

SaLuSa - November 16, 2011
SaLuSa - 11月16日信息

Expect a lot to happen but allow for intent to ensure that the flow is orderly, so that each event compliments the last one. As many will know our allies are more active now than ever before, and having considerably weakened the Illuminati we have been able to remove many of those who stand in the way of progress. At all different levels there are people who have been used without their knowledge, but with the awakening are beginning to see how they have been manipulated. That alone is often sufficient to get them to resign, and as talk travels fast others get to learn about it. There is also a matter of rising consciousness levels, that bring some people to question the ethics of those they work for. You will begin to see more of this happening, as the thrust for more transparency and truthfulness grows.


【銀河聯邦】 Sheldan Nidle 11月15日信息

Sheldan Nidle - Nov 15, 2011
Sheldan Nidle - 11月15日信息

Dratzo! We return! Time is swiftly collapsing the time-space grids that form the framework of your present reality. Ever-increasing new energies are flowing into these grids and shaking the very foundations of the dark's long hold on you. Nearly 13 millennia ago, the Time Lords and the local Elohim constructed these grids as a temporary measure in order to permit you to survive, and now they are rapidly disappearing. The dark ones know this and yet persist in their bizarre schemes to keep all of you entrapped within their dark control fields. The time has come to counter their delusional activities and free your world from their ever-weakening grip. As you look around at your world's political and economic conditions, you can see just how close everything is to complete breakdown. We have monitored the strange maneuvers of this dark cabal and seen how easily they dissociate their continuing fantasies from what is now manifestly becoming real. Our Agarthan cousins consider it their prime obligation to you to liberate your surface world from these decaying delusions, and we are here to fully support this vital task!


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

【本傑明.福爾福德】 11月15日信息

The cabalists struggle in vain to stop the new financial system

Despite seeming bad news on several fronts last week, insiders assure us that plans for a new financial system are going ahead on all fronts. Instead of perpetual war and genocide on behalf of an inbred elite, the people of the planet are choosing to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and push for a new life-centered scientific and technical revolution. Major assistance emerged as a 59-nation group claiming to represent the Red Dragon Society or Maiona, offered its support to the new system. The Red Dragon is headed by Admiral Heemi Hau, Paramount Chief of the NGAPUHI in New Zealand and links 59 countries plus 2700 tribes mostly in the South Pacific Region. They back their words with treaties with the British Empire going back to the 1700’s as well as older treaties going back to 804 CE [CE = "Common Era"].

盡管上周各個方面看起來出了壞消息,內部人士向我們保證新的金融系統繼續向各方推進。地球上的人們選擇結束貧困、停止環境破壞和推進一個新的以生命爲中心的科學技術革命,而不是黑暗精英們發動的永無止境的戰爭和種族滅絕。隨著一個59國團體的出現,一個主要的援助也隨之出爐。他們聲稱自己代表紅龍會,或Maiona,並提供支持給新的系統。紅龍會由Heemi Hau海軍上將,新西蘭NGAPUHI組織的高級領袖領導。這個組織同59個國家外加超過2700個南太平洋地區的部落都有聯系。他們說的話可以由他們在1700年代同大英帝國的條約來做保證。此外,最早的條約可以追溯到公元804年。

【銀河聯邦】 Blossom Goodchild 11月14日信息

Blossom Goodchild - November 14, 2011
Blossom Goodchild 11月14日信息

Good evening to you … you who are not of Earth … Pray tell of thoughts you would care to share.


We would offer extreme gratitude to those of you who ARE of Earth at this time … for it was noted instantly of a LIGHT shift that took place on your date of 11.11.11. Many of you indeed had in mind of what may or may not take place … which brought an automatic ‘gelling’ with the Higher Vibration that was entering IN. This therefore … allowed the blending to merge smoothly and a Higher ‘creation’ of energy immediately transpired … which of course was all according to plan. It could not have been more smoothly carried out.


【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 11月14日信息

SaLuSa - November 14, 2011
SaLuSa - 11月14日信息

The big Love Wave has peaked and that is not the end as it continues to lift the vibrations upon Earth. From hereon the levels of consciousness will noticeably rise, with individuals experiencing it in there own way. The whole affect is to bring more harmony and balance into being, thus lessening the need for changes of a catastrophic nature. You cannot help but have noticed that in spite of dire predictions of a physical nature, they have not been as far reaching or serious as you have been led to believe. We are responsible for keeping the outcome to a level that does not have serious results.


Monday, November 14, 2011

【蒙陶克.凱恩】 11月13日信息

Montague Keen - November 13, 2011
蒙陶克凱恩 11月13日信息

My dear, you are living in a time of endings and new beginnings: as more people wake up, they make a stand against the corrupt. It shines a light on the mind control that has been used, and is still being used, to keep you as slaves and under control. The two bastions of control have always worked together but managed to keep their connection secret from mankind. As more information flows out and questions are being asked, they are at a loss as to how to deal with this unexpected situation. They will create 'problems' that they hope will take your minds off their corruption. You are now sufficiently awake and aware to refuse to fall for their lies. Remember that the corrupt are finished, so they will attack recklessly to try to hold on to what they have illicitly acquired. They are desperate.


【Hilarion】 11月13日-20日信息

Hilarion November 13 - November 20, 2011
Hilarion 11月13日-20日信息

Beloved Ones,

Well done! Your focus on the 11-11-11 portal helped to set the pattern for the New World that is in the process of recalibration, the raising of vibration and frequency. Celebrate and rejoice in this accomplishment for this was an important and crucial step in the progression towards the new beginnings that are now set to come into manifestation upon your Planet. There is much that waits to unfold and it but requires the integration of the energetic downloads you have and will continue to receive. Your Light is growing ever brighter and wider as you begin to remember your true identity.



All unfolds as set forth in the Divine Plan for your personal and collective destiny. As a unified voice Humanity has sent a clear message to the Creator that Humanity is ready to assume responsibility for their Planet and that you are willing to take positive and peaceful actions that are necessary to start the process of healing and of change in every facet of life as you know it now. Many more of Humanity is starting to awaken and this metamorphosis will continue in the months and years to come.


Each of you is fulfilling the tasks your Souls set as contribution and service before you incarnated upon this Planet. Your Soul was eager to contribute the energies that were necessary to set the awakening Path ablaze with the Light of your Love and uniqueness. There now follows a period of adjustment, integration and recalibration within each of your energy fields which will have a long term and lasting effect upon your physical bodies which are in the process of becoming more Light filled.


As this continues, there will be the now familiar energy fluctuations taking place within your system that makes each of you sometimes erupt in high levels of irritation, frustration and emotional volatility. This is part of the process that happens during the activation of your RNA/DNA strands which occur as your frequency levels increase and is something that one just must adapt to and take in stride. We suggest listening to beautiful harmonious music to soothe your Beings during such times. Some experimentation with different types of music will lead you to choose the ones that bring you back to harmony and peace.


On the higher levels, there is much activity as the new grids of Earth are brought online and recalibrated and we work in unison with our galactic brothers and sisters in our efforts to ensure the smoothest possible transition to the new Earth frequency. There is already a great increase in the electromagnetic frequencies which has been brought about by the activation of the Great Crystals and unified human thought and as this activity increases, it will connect the higher consciousness of all Humanity all over the World and will facilitate the development of the new Human who is destined to walk the face of the Earth in the new Golden Age.


This electromagnetic grid is destined to become a highly beneficial influence in a myriad of ways, helping the development of higher spiritual connection between all of Humanity and to link Humanity with the Earth while strengthening her magnetic field in the Light. This grid will be used for communications with the higher dimensions, healing, and support. The increase in frequency will further open Humanity to the concept of Oneness and this will lead to many benevolent and far reaching changes for all.


We celebrate with you this momentous occasion, take the time to do ceremony and honor yourselves for being part of this Great Work and as the energies are charged up, know that we are with you always, guiding, supporting, healing and assisting you in your forward progress.


Until next week…
I AM Hilarion



Friday, November 11, 2011

【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 11月11日信息

SaLuSa - November 11, 2011
SaLuSa - 11月11日信息

Today is one of great importance to you all, and we are pleased that so many of you are participating in 11.11.11. that is only second to the 21st. December 2012. It does not matter where you are in the world, all of you can experience the high level of incoming energies. You can meditate on them for as long as you like, as they are not restricted in any manner to that special time, and will continue on onto the future. Do however, give yourselves a minimum of 15 minutes prior to 11.11.11. and fifteen minutes afterwards. You should sense the power of upliftment that it will bring and you will be helping Mother Earth if you channel the energy down, through your Crown Chakra and your body, directly into the earth. Depending on your present level of vibration the effect will differ from one person to another, but we would expect at least a deep feeling of relaxation and peace. As time proceeds, there will be more downloads ensuring that your consciousness continues to expand all the way to Ascension.


【Kris Won】 11月10日信息

Kris Won, November 10, 2011
Kris Won 11月10日信息

Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!

We are entering a new stage in the process of Ascension as a human race on this planet. We could say, without wishing to exaggerate, that the time you are in at this very moment is of enormous importance and as such, will mark a "before and after" in the history of your civilization.



【大角星系】 2011年11月9日信息

Dear Ones, we are the Arcturians,


It is time now to recover from your ailments of the last Thousands ofyears, Beloved earth humans! We are observing with joy that many of you startedto understand the signs of this time and woke up, especially to the servicethey originally have incarnated for at this time on earth.


Many of you are now suddenly recognizing and understanding what the deepermeaning of your presence on Gaia is, — and this is mostly a surprise butcarries also a lot of satisfaction.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 另一通靈通道 11月8日信息

Message from SaLuSa to Tyco, Nov 8th 2011
信息來自SaLuSa,由Tyco〖Laura (Tyco Mars)〗傳遞,於2011.11.08

We are approaching a great transition for you, as a species. It is our honour to be present here at this time, and to witness these events unfold upon your planet. You are an integral part of our family, who have accepted to experience duality. This experience will enrich your knowledge and there is much you will teach us once we reunite in the higher realms. We are proud to watch you learn to overcome duality’s challenges, and rise in the higher vibrations.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

【銀河聯邦】 Sheldan Nidle 11月8日信息

Sheldan Nidle - Nov 8, 2011
Sheldan Nidle - 11月8日信息

Dratzo! We return! Your world is moving ever deeper into transformation. A wide range of activities to bring about change are making headway, despite the best efforts of the dark cabal to crush opposition to several tyrants who are bent on keeping an iron grip on their unpopular regimes. Furthermore, the number of nations signing on to the agreements of last spring continues to rise. Meanwhile, our prime focus is the swift change of governance in the major nations as this will make disclosure possible. We have informed our Earth allies that after the initial announcements are made and the many social programs are well underway, a disclosure broadcast is a must, as a pronouncement of this magnitude is essential to moving our personnel into a more public role. Further, your dark cabal has many unseen faces who are best removed once we achieve a more public position in these matters. Disclosure marks a point-of-no-return on your path to full consciousness, freedom, and personal sovereignty, and requires a proper champion who can ensure that no retreat from this sacred path is attempted.


【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 11月9日信息

SaLuSa - November 9, 2011
SaLuSa - 11月9日信息

Events continue to move on at a faster pace than previously, and the world looks on at the decline in Europe that will have far reaching implications. The problem in finding a solution, is that there is insufficient money to fund any form of help or bail out. As we have informed you, the old system can no longer serve those countries involved and a new one will have to be found that completely addresses the problem. The answer is of course waiting in the wings, and our allies will present their plan at the appropriate time. Be assured that the inconvenience to you will be short lived, and we will be behind those invested with the responsibility to bring the new plan in. Change must come and since your needs were identified, we have enlisted the help of people of authority to carry it through with all speed. Those of the darkness whom we have already identified will be stopped from interfering, and if need be removed to places where they are unable to do so.


【Hilarion】 11月6日-13日信息

Hilarion November 6 - November 13, 2011
Hilarion 11月6日-13日信息

Beloved Ones,

You are moving into a higher than ever energy week and staying grounded during this time is very important. Touching base with the tree family and being out in Nature will be very beneficial to you. Also, soaking in a tub of warm water with Epsom salt or sea salt will help keep your auric field in good repair. And of course, the most important element during this time is to keep your thoughts and intentions on your highest vision of yourself and your World, for what you focus upon will create the New Earth First Light manifesting on Earth. Be present and accounted for as one who co-created this into manifestation.



Tuesday, November 8, 2011

【本傑明.福爾福德】 11月8日信息

Paradigm lost as the Western Oligarch’s lies unravel

These days, reading some of the Western corporate propaganda media, you get the feeling you are reading Axis news reports of imminent victory late during World War 2. The reality people can see with their own eyes contradicts their reports so much that only a diehard rump of the most thoroughly brainwashed now really believes the propaganda. No matter what wishful thinking headlines they conjure up about the IMF coming to the rescue, or the Feds printing more dollars or FRN’s coming to the rescue, the fact of the matter is that the cabal that hijacked the world’s financial system has lost. The criminal cabal is caput. Events this week and next will provide ample proof of this.


【銀河聯邦】 天空的流浪者 11月7日信息

Wanderer of the Skies - November 7, 2011
天空的流浪者 11月7日信息

Greetings from the Federation:


We wish to address faith with you. For most of you, faith is all you have. You have not seen us, not communicated with us, have no real knowledge of our existence outside of these messages. You have not been taken aboard our craft, have no real way of knowing whether any of the messages that have come through, be they from the Federation or from spiritual sources, or otherwise, are anything other than the imagination of those who write the words down on paper. Yet, you accept them because your heart tells you that they ring of the truth you have been denied from other sources. This is faith. It is no less powerful for you than it is for any one of a religious persuasion. And in that sense, you must always stay vigilant about what is heard from us and from those who would purport to be us and also from those who rightfully criticize these words as outsiders.


【Matthew Ward】 11月5日信息

Matthew Ward — November 5, 2011
馬修·沃德 - 11月5日信息

Energy surge 11/11/11; Illuminati activities will wind down; fear; origin and purpose of free will and karma; how negativity began; Creator's amendments to Its law of free will; importance of balance; God's explanation; goal of all souls; first, second density life forms; model communities


Monday, November 7, 2011

【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 11月7日信息

SaLuSa - November 7, 2011
SaLuSa - 11月7日信息

With matters moving very quickly, you need little in the way of information as to the outcome. It is becoming quite clear that the European crisis is far from solved, and the debt amongst that union is so big it can bring them down. Meanwhile the people are becoming more active than any previous time, and the pressure they are applying on the governments will eventually yield results. In the background we along with our allies are adding to it, and continue to make it clear to the dark Ones that their days are numbered. There is great instability amongst them and fear of the consequences of their actions. In their arrogance they never thought that they would have to answer for their crimes, but now it is becoming obvious that they will.


【蒙陶克.凱恩】 11月6日信息

Montague Keen - November 6, 2011
蒙陶克凱恩 11月6日信息

My dear, you are now seeing things happen that I told you about shortly after my passing. It needed a brave man to defend his people and his country. In doing this, he inadvertently awakened the world to what had been accepted without question for hundreds of years. One day soon, it will become quite clear why it had to be Ireland which shone the Light of Truth on the corruption. Mr Enda Kenny was chosen for this role. He is trusted to see this through.


【銀河聯邦】 Blossom Goodchild 11月4日信息

Blossom Goodchild - November 4, 2011
Blossom Goodchild 11月4日信息

Hello there! I am in an excellent space this morning and looking forward to this chat with you. Leaving all subject matter up to you of course. Fire away ...


You are awaiting the first words to come for you can FEEL us with you ... We are aware of the FEELING that is within you and surrounding you. We are enjoying 'merging' with that and allowing the energies to settle.


Friday, November 4, 2011

【天父源頭】 你們將看到和經歷的事不會使你們的光變得黯淡

By Papa Source thru Johan
Oct 30, 2011 - 5:43:08 PM

Oct 30, 2011 - 5:43:08 PM

Papa Source :


As today marked the 28th of October 2011 on your calendar, doom and gloom was expected by many, others prepared their mock and sneer for a non-show as usual. If we were that date, yet we are approximately 7 years off, and all things were so precise on time, then it would still have been the last day and only tomorrow would have marked the start of the new Consciousness of Unity, as named by some.


【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 11月4日信息

SaLuSa - November 4, 2011
SaLuSa - 11月4日信息

You are in a situation that requires you to wait patiently for matters to develop a little further, and then you can expect action. The cleansing of your civilization has been long taking place on different levels by replacing the dark Ones with our representatives of Light, up to the present day when they are being removed and placed where they cannot do any further harm. So you can see that the conditions are becoming such, that we can move into the next phase. With it comes a greater awareness on your part, as more people are opening up to the truth as to what is happening on Earth. Out of the confusion, the Phoenix of the past is rising when you were in an era of Love and Light. That was during one of the more enlightened periods of Atlantis prior to its fall. Virtually all of you have lived lives during that great epoch, and the memories are still held in your sub-consciousness. Those times were when you reached a peak of spiritual growth, that allowed the great Masters to return to Earth. However, over thousands of years the vibrations gradually dropped, until the Light had to compete with the overwhelming darkness that engulfed Atlantis, and led to its demise.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

【Kris Won】 10月31日信息

Kris Won, October 31, 2011
Kris Won 10月31日信息

Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!

Many of you are wondering (we are well aware) about our physical form, and how and what material are our ships made of. And we are always ready to answer all your questions; for that, among other things, is why we are offering at the present time to keep you informed of our steps, and to answer all of the questions we know all of you have down there.



The ideas flow smoothly and lightly from my mind to the mind of my channel, and this is how it should be. Very soon, all of you will know how to receive our telepathic messages, without the need to spend a lot of energy moving ourselves through the continuum of space-time.


【銀河聯邦】 Sheldan Nidle 11月1日信息

Sheldan Nidle - Nov 1, 2011
Sheldan Nidle - 11月1日信息

Dratzo! We return! The collapse of your reality's time-space grids continues to accelerate. These grids support and maintain the existence of your reality and it is quite apparent that it has reached the point where its perpetuation is no longer workable. Your teams of Elohim report that the moment has come to move you into a transitory realm until your final migration into a new fully conscious reality is made. The ongoing disintegration of your present realm only emphasizes to us that the removal of your last dark cabal from its preeminent position on your world needs to be done forthwith. We have communicated with our Earth allies about this growing predicament and asked our Agarthan cousins to bring your deadlines for action forward. Meanwhile, we have planned a scenario permitting us to intervene directly and take you all to the next milestone on the highway to full consciousness. Our science contingent has begun a full analysis of where your consciousness grids now stand as it is these grids that are changing the quickest, and this is what is bringing down the rest of your reality's grid structures.


【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 11月1日信息

SaLuSa - November 1, 2011
SaLuSa - 11月1日信息

We can feel the rising expectation of events that are going to change your lives. The "quick fix" that many countries are trying to use to find their way out of trouble, will only be that with no long term solution. In fact they have no answers, which is why when our allies present them with our plan there will be little opposition. We could foresee the collapse which was inevitable, as you could not sustain the reckless ways of running your world affairs. It was of course largely through deliberate intent, to maintain control over you. When we have previously spoken of there being a "right time" for action to be taken, you should now be able to see the sense behind our reasoning. We had to wait until you reached a point of no return, so that it was clear to everyone that a new start was vital. That time has arrived and we are preparing ourselves in readiness to make the initial changes, that will get things moving for the better.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

【源頭】 我是你們的起始之地,也將是你們的終結之地

I AM the place where you begin and I AM the place where you shall end
By Source and Christ Michael
Oct 30, 2011 - 7:35:43 PM

Oct 30, 2011 - 7:35:43 PM

The wonders of your existence find its origin in the mind of God. The chords of love strummed in harmony, produced by a balancing scale emitting frequencies of light is your very CAUSE. You were conceived in my imagination as an idea and I gave life to you through the breath of light which extended from my thinking. I thought you into being. I created the soul within, the verity of you. I AM the place where you began. I know the mechanics of your creation, the very mechanics which I have legated to you that you too may create.


【本傑明.福爾福德】 10月31日信息

Is the Rothschild banking monopoly finally about to be dismantled?

The situation in Europe is making it clear to all but the most brainwashed that something historical is taking place. What is happening is that the criminal element at the very top of the Western power structure, especially at the very top of the financial system, has been cut off from their money printing machine. As a result, the IMF and the major European and US money center banks are insolvent. No amount of lying or paper shuffling or propaganda is going to hide this fundamental truth. The governments of Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Italy etc. know that the debts they supposedly owe to bankers were created through fraudulent book entries and thus do not have to be repaid. That is why the banks suddenly announced that Greece only had to pay back 50% of their debt even though such a write off would destroy them. They are hoping for a tax payer bail-out that is just not going to happen. It is game over. The Rothschild banking nightmare is ending.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

【Hilarion】 10月30日-11月6日信息

Hilarion October 30 - November 6, 2011
Hilarion 10月30日-11月6日信息

Beloved Ones,

Many changes are taking place within you during these times. Your cells are being changed to facilitate the transformation of your body into a less dense physical body. This will be a lengthy process well into the year of 2012 and even beyond. All depends upon the progression and readiness of each individual as they continue on their spiritual journey of experience on Earth. Some of you will be transformed fairly quickly and will be the Templates of example for those who come to this process at a later time.



【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 10月31日信息

SaLuSa - October 31, 2011
SaLuSa - 10月31日信息

Disclosure as such is important to us but not as much as the subsequent developments, and the dark Ones try by any means to block the announcement as it spells the end of their covert activities. It is also the beginning of a closer relationship between us, that will see a great coming together in the Brotherhood of Light. We are therefore pressing our allies to commence Disclosure as soon as possible, but if necessary we will make it happen. We have long referred to the divine date for it, and that looms near so any delay will be short lived.


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