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【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 2012年3月30日信息

SaLuSa - March 30, 2012
SaLuSa - 2012年3月30日信息

It cannot be but a short time before the many activities that are being carried out to advance you, come to your attention. The extent to which our allies are involved will force the issues to be considered by the media. It might take a little longer before our presence is reported, but whatever steps are taken to prevent it will be futile. The first reactions will bring out all kinds of responses, but those who cast doubt or reject us will soon be overshadowed through acceptance by the majority of the people. It will not take long at all for the realization to sink in that we are here to help you, and that includes removing all those who have usurped their authority and responsibility to you for many years. It is the end of the Illuminati already seriously weakened by losing much of their control over you.


Thursday, March 29, 2012

【源頭天父】 你們明白了嗎?我即我所是

Mar 29, 2012 - 5:40:36 PM

Mar 29, 2012 - 5:40:36 PM





【銀河聯邦】 2012年3月27日信息

Message from the Galactic Federation 3/27/12
來自銀河聯邦的信息 2012年3月27日

We would like to say we are humbled by the efforts of our Lightworkers in the field who are working very diligently towards our shared goals. We would like to thank each and every one of you for your efforts in support of our cause. Your work is clearing many paths, and we see the light at the end of the tunnel approaching. Please continue the great work you are doing, and together we will complete our assignments and move on to better days having achieved what we all desire. Continue into each new day knowing we are that much closer to the completion of our mission and that nothing can stop us from reaching our goal. Try to look at these last days of your current reality as a time to sharpen all the new skills and techniques you have been learning. Practice makes perfect as you know, and we would like to see you practicing your new skills as they will take you far and be very useful to you in your future endeavors.


【阿斯塔指揮部】 2012年3月28日信息

Message from the Ashtar Command 3/28/12
來自阿斯塔指揮部信息 2012年3月28日

We would like to revise history here, and that is the purpose of our mission. There were events in your past that saw the destruction of an entire continent and millions of lives lost in this catastrophe. It is our intention to replay this event, but this time we wish to achieve a different outcome. This is the basis for our presence here in you world, and as we move forward more of what we intend to do will be revealed to you. As more information is shared with you, you will understand better your reasons for being here as well.


【大角星系】 2012年3月27日信息

The Arcturian Group: Time to Get to Work
27 March 2012 - 7:08am
Channeler: Marilyn Raffaele

大角星系: 切斷羁絆,一切都來自完美的本源
通靈者:Marilyn Raffaele

Dear ones,


We are here to encourage you to have patience. We see your discouragement when nothing seems to change, but let us assure you that much is changing. You are not aware of all that is transpiring behind the scenes. Try not to be discouraged or hold preconceived concepts of how events must unfold, simply allowing the process while letting go of any beliefs you may still be holding about how the process must manifest. All is proceeding according to plan and all is perfect.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 2012年3月28日信息

SaLuSa - March 28, 2012
SaLuSa - 2012年3月28日信息

The news about the changes is travelling more quickly around the world, and that pleases us as those with enquiring minds are seeking the answers as to what is happening. Some fear the meaning behind them, but others sense that something major and exciting is happening to the world. Fortunately the truth is being spread far and wide, and we are in gratitude to those of you who are at the forefront endeavoring to reach as many people as possible. When disclosure takes place, it will make our task so much easier if they have already been primed as to what to expect. Time is speeding by at such a fast rate, everything is being hurried along, and very soon you can expect some major announcements.


【銀河聯邦】 Sheldan Nidle 2012年3月27日信息

Sheldan Nidle - Mar 27, 2012
Sheldan Nidle - 2012年3月27日信息

Dratzo! We return! The time for the great shift in consciousness draws close. Your dark cabal faces a dilemma that gets harder by the day for it to handle, and we are ready to act as divine executors on behalf of the sacred secret societies appointed by the Ascended Masters. In short, an immense transformation of your reality is ready to begin. A number of key monetary programs are being prepared for global distribution, and relevant components of our various first-contact teams are in place to protect what is to be the initial foray into abundance for your world. This project kicks off a whole slew of activities that will set your reality on a path toward the Light! The Ascended Masters are setting up the new financial system as quickly as possible, and already the nations of the East are being groomed to accept this new system which ends the long financial dominance of the West, giving them true fiscal equality. Simultaneously, the bridging needed for the new governments is being brought into being by the numerous sacred societies founded in Europe centuries ago.


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

【銀河聯邦】 2012年3月26日信息

Message from the Galactic Federation 3/26/12
來自銀河聯邦的信息 2012年3月26日



【本傑明·富爾福德】 2012年3月26日信息

Over 200 senior bankers arrested last week as new financial system goes online
Benjamin Fulford 3-26-12

隨著新金融系統上線 ,超過200個資深銀行家上周被逮捕
本傑明·富爾福德 2012年3月26日信息

The new financial system is online now and abundant financing is either already or soon to be made available, according to dragon family representatives. The final take down of the criminal cabal has also begun in earnest with over 200 senior bankers arrested and 450 resigned last week alone, these sources say. Japan is also now doing the final paperwork needed to set up an international economic planning agency with an initial funding facility of $10 trillion or about 200 times what the World Bank lends every year, according to Japanese government sources. There will be some sort of announcement about this and other things on Tuesday evening, March 27th, 2012 Japan Standard Time according to illuminati and White Dragon Society sources. The arrest of some very high profile individuals is imminent.


【銀河聯邦】 Blossom Goodchild 2012年3月26日信息

Blossom Goodchild - March 26, 2012
Blossom Goodchild 2012年3月26日信息

Good morning to you. Happy to have a chat if the timing is appropriate with you?


It is of much pleasure as always. Would you be so kind as to inquire of our status?


【銀河聯邦】 2012年3月24日信息

Message from the Galactic Federation 3/24/12
來自銀河聯邦的信息 2012年3月24日















As channeled through Greg Giles

CVN717 翻譯

Monday, March 26, 2012

【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 2012年3月26日信息

SaLuSa - March 26, 2012
SaLuSa - 2012年3月26日信息

In some ways we would say that our mission nears completion, as we approach a time when all of the work put in to release you from the control of the Illuminati is showing results. It is for you the end of the cycle of duality, and for us simply the means of clearing the way for the commencement of a new cycle. It will be a new beginning and follow a continuation of the raising up of your consciousness levels, to allow you to ascend to even higher levels. We too will be sharing those times with you and are very much a part of your future. We are assisting you to eventually become Galactic Beings, and that will be by you rightfully reclaiming your place with us.


【銀河聯邦】 天空的流浪者 2012年3月25日信息

Wanderer of the Skies - March 25, 2012
天空的流浪者 2012年3月25日信息

Greetings from the Federation:

Let us begin by saying that your world will shortly be undergoing changes that will bring it into alignment with the Ascension process. Gaia has sent her message to the Creator that she is ready. She, and all of us, are anxiously awaiting the response. It is no small matter. The response from the Creator could be the “green light” which allows us to move forward with disclosure. Therefore, our hearts are turned towards the Creator at this time as we await word of how and when to proceed.



【蒙陶克.凱恩】 2012年3月23日信息

Montague Keen - March 23, 2012
蒙陶克凱恩 2012年3月23日信息

The Great Awakening is happening. You see evidence of this every day now. Your oppressors are anxiously searching for new ways to keep mankind under control. Though they have technology that is far superior to anything known to ordinary people, it does not matter what they try, it will fail. 2012 sees the end of their reign of terror and abuse of mankind. Evidence of how TV is used to control the information is being researched. People are shocked when they see for themselves the extent of this control. Everything, from the moment you were born, has been carefully designed to control your mind and your live. Those bloodlines have a lot to answer for: they stole all that was yours by right. The ancient knowledge that was hidden will be returned to you. We are finding ways to guide you to it.


【阿達瑪】 回家 這一章節即將結束

This chapter is about to close
By Eve / Adama of Telos
Mar 23, 2012 - 5:10:07 PM

Mar 23, 2012 - 5:10:07 PM

Hi Adama, how is life up there?


Oh, sweety, my dear, thanks for asking! We are excited when we observe what's going on upon the surface. It's much more than you perceive. Yes, the fate of the dark ones is now sealed .... the case is closed. The documentation is now being transferred to the courts, if not already there, and very soon the remnants of the Luciferian dark ages will perish and the trouble makers will be forced to take over responsibility.


Sunday, March 25, 2012

【源頭天父】 給人類的信息——我即是你們

Mar 23, 2012 - 11:42:57 PM

Mar 23, 2012 - 11:42:57 PM





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【銀河聯邦】 2012年3月23日信息

Message from the Galactic Federation 3/23/12
來自銀河聯邦的信息 2012年3月23日



【阿斯塔指揮部】 2012年3月21日信息

Message from the Ashtar Command 3/21/12
來自阿斯塔指揮部信息 2012年3月21日

Sorry we have left the lights out. Tomorrow we will turn the outboard lights of our ships on so many of you can see us for yourselves and take as much photographic and video evidence as you wish.


Friday, March 23, 2012

【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 2012年3月23日信息

SaLuSa - March 23, 2012
SaLuSa - 2012年3月23日信息

In some respects the world is passing through a quieter period than normal, and that is partly due to our activities and those of our allies. A point has been reached where we are able to exert more authority over the dark Ones, who are rapidly losing their power. More people are standing up against them, having acquired a great deal of confidence from seeing others successfully doing the same. It shall continue and help us to achieve our aims to go ahead with our plans, for your total release from the shackles of the past. Many aspects of them are well advanced, and you are entering a rather odd time. You will clearly see the old values and things that you relied upon falling out of sight, but not the new that will replace it. A thorough sweeping away is needed before matters are sufficiently ready for us to take charge. Even so we desire that the reigns of power are passed over to you, and our role is to help you achieve those ends.


Thursday, March 22, 2012

【銀河聯邦】 2012年3月20日信息

Message from the Galactic Federation 3/20/12
來自銀河聯邦的信息 2012年3月20日

As the power continues to shift over to those of the light, you will see more changes all throughout your society. Be aware of these changes and continue to be a source of information for your brothers and sisters who will have little idea of what is transpiring around them. You have come to earth on assignment to assist, and you are now about to move into the thick of things as the changes that we have talked about are set to begin. Be a pillar of strength for others in this time of great change as many will be confused and some frightened at these proceedings. We will keep you abreast at all times of updates throughout these events, and we will inform you of anything we feel you should know as these arrests continue throughout your world.


【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 2012年3月21日信息

SaLuSa - March 21, 2012
SaLuSa - 2012年3月21日信息

There is no doubt that of recent times, your consciousness levels have grown quite considerably where we are concerned. There is much more interest in us and our craft, in part due to the frequency in which we are now seen in your skies. Unless as an act of disinformation, there has never been a report associated with the Galactic Federation where we have been hostile without reason. Even so we do not cause death and where we are forced to take protective measures, occupants of your craft are first removed before they are destroyed. Often we are forced into such a position when our orders are ignored, and we only give them where we are authorized to intervene. On most occasions it is when nuclear weapons are about to be used, and all of your governments have been warned that we will not allow it to happen. Believe us Dear Ones, some of your military commanders are still intent on using them to start another war. The path to Ascension is protected by us and it is not our place to save you, but ensure the opportunity is there for you to take. In fact, neither you or Mother Earth would be here today but for our actions. God has spoken on this matter, and we are upholding the edict that this cycle will end with Ascension.


【Kris Won】 2012年3月19日信息

Kris Won, March 19, 2012
Kris Won 2012年3月19日信息

Espallán speaking.


In short, I am the commander of a small ship manned by five people. On occasion you have contacted one of my crew members, Salome, and that is what keeps the connection with the channel that I use now.

簡短的說,我是由5個人控制的小飛船的指揮官。你們已近和我其中的一個成員莎樂美有聯系(參見以前kris won的通道),這也是爲什麽我這次通過這個通道和你們聯系的原因。

【獵戶座最高議會】 2012年3月19日信息

High Council of Orion message for March 19 2012
獵戶座最高議會的資訊 2012年3月19日

Greetings, we are the High Council of Orion, The Galactic Council of the Elders and the Galactic Council of twelve, we come through our channel at this time to make our presence known to you on planet earth. Our channel is able to hold the energies of all of these councils as she has been briefed on the members of these councils and there role in the shaping of the new earth. There is much information that we have to guide you at this time and we are here to introduce our roles and our functions so that you may anchor this information and remember us.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

【銀河聯邦】 Sheldan Nidle 2012年3月20日信息

Sheldan Nidle - Mar 20, 2012
Sheldan Nidle - 2012年3月20日信息

Dratzo! We return! Progress continues to be made by our Earth allies and especially by Earth's many secret sacred societies. Many nations in Europe, and many others that are sympathetic to the cause of the new economic system now stand in defiance of the status quo. Meanwhile, a group of unprincipled speculators and their energy-corporation co-conspirators continue to put pressure on global oil prices. To counter this massive chicanery, those who are ready to overthrow the major dark regimes are busy approving the use of various devices that can quickly take your planet off dependence on crude oil and petroleum. This is one of many projects that will refocus the basic direction of your global societies. A new financial system accompanied by new governance will free you from the daily burdens of artificially created scarcity. It is time to begin a new epoch based on true sovereignty and a natural global abundance founded on zero-point and solar energies. There is also the matter of your duties to Mother Earth to attend to. Your precious planet needs to be resuscitated and supported by all of you.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

【本傑明·富爾福德】 2012年3月20日信息

Rival emperor stakes claim to Japanese throne, 
shows evidence he is the real deal
Benjamin Fulford 3-20-12

本傑明·富爾福德 2012年3月20日信息

Naoshi Onodera holding what he claims is an 8000 year old Sumerian object, the Japanese imperial “Jewel.”


Naoshi Onodera claims he is the legal and rightful emperor of Japan and that Emperor Akihito is descended from a group of illegitimate pretenders who were put up as puppet rulers by foreign cabalists who use the Satanic star as their symbol. He says the sitting emperor is using fake replicas of the three ancient imperial treasures used to justify his position on the throne. These items are known as the jewel, the sword and the mirror and are said to be the oldest inherited items on earth. The real ones are in his possession and he is willing to have scholars and legal experts verify this and other evidence, Onodera says. This is an extremely important claim because it is intimately connected to the start-up of the new financial system and the possibility of fundamental regime change in Japan.


Monday, March 19, 2012

【Operation V】 匿名者發起推翻美國政府行動

ANONYMOUS Call for Overthrowing US Government

Operation V

此宣佈有可能是<本傑明·富爾福德 2012年3月13日信息>中曾經提及的為同一宣佈




【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 2012年3月19日信息

SaLuSa - March 19, 2012
SaLuSa - 2012年3月19日信息

It is clear now to many people that a big shake up is about to occur in the halls of power, and that will enable more far reaching changes to go ahead. It is important that those who block progress and vital changes necessary to free you from control, are totally removed. That process is well underway and those standing in our way are well aware that their time is up. There is no way out for them and their crimes are well documented, with absolute proof of their involvement. We are talking about a measure of weeks rather than months before our actions begin to bite. We are therefore hopeful of taking a great step forward very soon, and one that will be such that you will get to learn of it. We have some backing form the media, and believe it will not take much before reporting of what is happening will spread and be accurate. We are not out for sensationalism, but nevertheless the events will be quite extraordinary. We want it to be known that the old regime is no longer in charge, and that it will be replaced by one that truly represents the people. The Light is returning Dear Ones, and it will reach into everyone's lives for the better.


【銀河聯邦】 2012年3月18日信息

Message from the Galactic Federation 3/18/12
來自銀河聯邦的信息 2012年3月18日

I guarantee you we are going to step up the number and quality of the sightings of our ships. You can count on this procedure as we feel it is important to the people of your world to begin to see us in earnest before our self-made disclosure announcements commence. You will see us in your skies all around your planet, and we will increase the number of sightings in the United States as well, as this is an important area in your world to focus on at this time.


【Hilarion】 2012年3月18日 - 3月25日信息

Hilarion March 18 - 25, 2012
Hilarion 2012年3月18日 - 25日信息

Beloved Ones,

As you each go through your cleansing and releasing process, you are finding that you are beginning to feel a sense of mastery as you complete the learning, comprehension and understanding that these events have brought to you and the opportunity for greater spiritual growth and evolution that has taken place within you. Life is ever evolving and in these times this growth has been moving forward in leaps and bounds! Each Soul on Earth has been experiencing the changes taking place within them with amazing grace. It has been a mighty struggle to swim upstream against the current of ingrained and well established structures and you have all come through with flying colors.



【蒙陶克.凱恩】 2012年3月18日信息

Montague Keen - March 18, 2012
蒙陶克凱恩 2012年3月18日信息

As the Irish all over the world celebrate being Irish on what they see as their day, most of them are blissfully unaware of the decisions that were made at the Council of Nicea, to destroy the people of Ireland and their religion of love, preached by the Druids. The Cabal stole the real history of Ireland and its language, and they made slaves of its people. Though the indoctrination that followed was barbaric, it failed to break the Irish Spirit.


Sunday, March 18, 2012

【銀河聯邦】 2012年3月16日信息

Message from the Galactic Federation 3/16/12
來自銀河聯邦的信息 2012年3月16日

One design of our ships that you will be seeing more of in the days to come is what can be described as an inverted V, or boomerang shaped craft. These craft can be very large in size, they are black, with a single row of large lights running the length of both wings of the V-shape. Another type of craft you will begin to see in your skies is of a round shape, lighter in color, and can be visualized if you were to take a peach, cut it in half, and remove the pit. The pitted side would be the bottom side of the craft as it can be seen in the sky.


Saturday, March 17, 2012

【大天使麥克】 多維度的新地球正在形成

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn
13 March 2012

大天使麥克通過Celia Fenn傳導

Beloved Family of Light, at this time it gives us Great Joy to greet you once again as you move towards the First Equinox of 2012. Indeed,things are Shifting and changing on your Earth, and the first new energies of the New Wave of Light for 2012 are beginning to be felt on the Earth.


Friday, March 16, 2012

【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 2012年3月16日信息

SaLuSa - March 16, 2012
SaLuSa - 2012年3月16日信息

You have an amusing expression, about the boot being on the other foot, and that is how it is as the Light is now dictating what happens, although the dark Ones never give up trying to exert their control over things. Soon they will be forced to surrender to our demands, and since they now have no means of escape there is really no alternative for them. It means we along with our allies can go pressing ahead with our plans. Each project is underway and that will result in a sudden wealth of information reaching you. Events are such that the facts can no longer be kept hidden, and with that there will be an explosion of people coming forward to tell what they know. It may take longer where the Vatican is concerned, as it is akin to a secret society that has kept its dark secrets hidden well away. However, nothing will remain concealed for too long, as you are entitled to know the truth and the extent to which you have been deceived.


【銀河聯邦】 2012年3月13日信息

Message from the Galactic Federation 3/13/12
來自銀河聯邦的信息 2012年3月13日

Fear is not our only task that we must overcome together. There are many other important tasks that must be accomplished, and overcoming fear will allow us to begin working together in order to accomplish what needs to be done. Your planet and your society are set to begin many changes that will uproot much of what you have come to understand as your reality. These changes will be very difficult for many of your world to assimilate, and one of the most important projects that must be accomplished is for us to assist these individuals in making this transition as smooth as possible.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

【銀河聯邦】 天空的流浪者 2012年3月14日信息

Wanderer of the Skies - March 14, 2012
天空的流浪者 2012年3月14日信息

Greetings from the Federation:

What more can be said about all that is transpiring on your planet today. We have told you about these coming events and how they will come rapidly and in succession. You are only now beginning to see the domino effect of all that will happen.



Wednesday, March 14, 2012

【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 2012年3月14日信息

SaLuSa - March 14, 2012
SaLuSa - 2012年3月14日信息

The dark Ones are having to bow down to the pressure being applied on them by you. They never considered that you could exercise such power that they would be prevented from achieving their goals. Because of the emerging consciousness levels that are continually reaching new heights, they do not have the energies to draw upon that are needed to be successful. Their secrets are out, and at every turn they are confronted by challenges to their authority. They see their bases destroyed, and weaponry also destroyed or removed to prevent the fulfillment of their plans. They are in disarray but still fail to understand or accept that their days are over. However, we shall confront them at every turn to ensure that they are prevented from causing a major incident. We know all about their false flag operations, and they shall answer for their treasonous attempts to stage another World War. We state again, that war will not be allowed, and have asked the Illuminati to put a stop to attempts to create one. The New Age is birthing itself right now, and its progress will not be stalled or halted by any outside interference.


【銀河聯邦】 Sheldan Nidle 2012年3月13日信息

Sheldan Nidle - Mar 13, 2012
Sheldan Nidle - 2012年3月13日信息

Dratzo! We return! The time is near for the distribution of your prosperity funds. The Ascended Masters have promised that the fund transfers from their secret world trust are ready to begin. These transfers were to begin only when the necessary security was in place. The dark cabals have had stop orders in effect on these transfers for the past two decades. Originally, the cabalists intended to usurp the funds once their New World Order governments and accompanying martial law edicts were fully in place. As you can see, this has not taken place. Nevertheless, the Ascended Masters wanted to make sure that friendlier governments were either in power or else ready to be put into power before the actual releasing of the funds began. This requisite is now happening, and so the transfers of this money are about to happen. The movement of this money is a signal to the various secret sacred societies that the moment has arrived to begin the removal of several dark-oriented regimes. This will begin with extensive arrests of top government officials within these regimes.


The first item on the agenda for these new governments is the confirmation of the full legitimacy of the many international court orders and arrest warrants against the former leaders of so many major governments across the planet. What is taking place is the breaking-up of the false legitimacy of Lex Romana. The Church used this batch of documents after the fall of Rome in the 5th Century AD to legitimize its power in the largely lawless world that was Western Europe. This legal tradition continued into modern times and remains the basis for establishing the legitimacy of the modern nation state. This tradition was embraced by the dark and used to validate its actions since the earliest days of the Holy Roman Empire. This power will be rendered null and void by the institution of your new caretaker governments and a new era in governance will then be in effect. This new governance signals the start of the last phase of your journey back to full consciousness and your reunion with your spiritual and space families.

爲這些政府準備的議程的第一個條目就是,確認許多國際法庭命令,和逮捕你們全球範圍內前領導人行動的合法性。現在正在發生的是打破Lex Romana(羅馬法)虛假的合法性。在公元5世紀羅馬隕落後的那個嚴重缺少法律的西歐,你們的教會利用此批文件合法化了他們的權力。這個法律傳統繼續到了現在這個時代,並依然是確定現代國家合法性的基礎。這個傳統得到了黑暗勢力的擁戴,並在神聖羅馬帝國早期驗證了他們的行動。這個權力將被歸零,並且你們的新看守政府能夠規避權力,從而一種新政的新時代能夠開啓。新政將是你們踏上返回全意識,與你們的靈性和空間家人重新團結的最後階段的信號。

Our task is to monitor your world and support the various activities leading to your new reality. We have watched how determined your Ascended Masters are to complete those procedures necessary for the release of your prosperity funds. Your many groups dedicated to returning the Light to your world are working diligently to ensure that the dark's minions are properly arrested and their de facto governments put out of business. Much progress is being made. The dark ones are truly grasping the fact that their present dilemma cannot simply be swept under the proverbial rug, and it is the imminence of their demise that gladdens our hearts! Since the late 1940s we have worked for disclosure. All the major governments of your world basically ignored our existence while courting the former members of the dark Anchara Alliance. Now this alliance with the dark is at an end, and it is time for first contact with the Light and the announcements that go with it.


The secret sacred societies are putting the finishing touches on the many official announcements that will kick off the new governance. These public statements will explain to you why it was necessary to install new governments and will tell you about the program that each one is to follow. The dark cabal and its minions are arguing about how to wriggle out of the great downfall that is ready to hit them, and as they squabble, their obedient government factions continue to put out the usual lies about the financial crisis, claiming that some sort of 'recovery' is underway. As you know, nothing is further from the truth, and an overwhelming ocean of bad debt is ready to swallow them up! In its desperate hunt for funds, the cabal has threatened many governments but has found that these shakedowns failed to produce the monies needed to turn their self-imposed financial collapse around. It is time to put these profligates under arrest and stop the suffering that each of you has experienced in the last half-decade!


Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come, bringing some wonderful news! Over the past few weeks, we have been preparing to transfer vast sums of money into the trusts that we set up worldwide to distribute the prosperity funds to you. Our associates have been very successful in securing the safety of these accounts and getting to the point of ousting the many major governments. This past week we completed the lists and procedures for putting these new governments in power. We needed, first of all, to obtain the final, legally binding agreements from the dark's old financial system which makes it possible to arrest and prosecute the multitude of government and banking officials. Our associates are now establishing the preliminary dates for these prosecutions. Also, a firm timetable exists for the official transfers of government, and we are pledged to the subsequent announcements that will present us to you.


As your Ascended Masters we need to introduce ourselves to you and give you a full explanation of what Heaven expects of all of us. This vast shift in your reality is above all a shift in consciousness. This means that your spiritual responsibilities will greatly increase, and you need a formal list of what these responsibilities are and how, together, we are to fulfill them. Your journey to full consciousness requires a deep commitment to your inner self and to this transforming reality. Our task is to discuss this with you, with all due solemnity and grace, as Heaven's divine plan needs all of us to dedicate our sacred honor to redressing the grievances long suffered by Mother Earth. As her invited guests, we are to express with our deeds the great Love we have for her, and indeed for all life that exists in this most beautiful realm.


The prosperity you are about to receive is designed to progress you beyond the beliefs you hold about scarcity and limitation, imposed on you by your parents, friends, and society. Abundance is your natural state of being; scarcity and limitation are simply artificially imposed on you. One of the issues to be integrated on the way to becoming an Ascended Master is the knowledge of the absolute abundance of nature and the universe. This is what you are about to be immersed in once more. Manifesting your full potential means that there are no inherent limitations placed on you, and you begin to experience your natural compact with the Creator. Your mission is to spread your Love, good grace, and Light to all Beings who live in physicality; and fear, in this context, is regarded as the falsity it truly is. The rest of your life is now to gloriously begin!


Today, we carried on with our discussion of what is happening around you. A great shift in consciousness is rapidly changing your reality more each day. Most of it remains subtle, but you are ready to receive amazing news which will drastically change your world for the better. Be ready, and prepared to enjoy these events as they unfold before you! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)



zixingche370 翻譯

【本傑明·富爾福德】 2012年3月13日信息

It is time to storm the Bastille, vive la revolution
Benjamin Fulford 3-13-12

本傑明·富爾福德 2012年3月13日信息

The financial war that has been raging intensively at least since 2001 may be finally ending. This week a three pronged effort to convince the Luciferian banking cabal to surrender is being carried out. In one prong, the Chinese government has announced it will start the mass installation of wind and solar power devices on rooftops world-wide in order to free humanity from the cabal controlled energy grid. In another prong, the cabal controlled central banks will be asked to make good on broken promises by redeeming financial instruments backed by gold stolen from holocaust victims during World War 3. The third prong is still being kept secret but essentially it is a promise to start a bottom-up revolution in cabal controlled countries like Italy, France, Germany, the UK and the US unless these countries stop their ceaseless war-mongering.


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

【大角星系】 2012年3月11日信息

Arcturian Group 3/11/12
11 March 2012 - 5:38pm | Krystal288
Channeler: Marilyn Raffaele

通靈者:Marilyn Raffaele

MARCH 11, 2012

Dear ones, we come to tell you of the light we see eminating from your planet in an ever increasing intensity. So many are awakening and beginning to understand the bigger picture. So many are beginning to see through the lies and games of those who wish to keep you in bondage and ignorant of your true selves . Do not get hung up on the fear and negativity you may become aware of, but instead try very hard to use that which you become aware of for practice in keeping your energy and consciousness immersed in truth, for this is what will change world consciousness. Your energy of light affects those around you and then will affect the next for all are actually ONE.


【賽若亞】 祝福你們所有,光之子們

By Siraya thru Johan
Mar 12, 2012 - 11:52:53 AM

2012年03月12日 – 上午11:52:53



I would like to address all of those Fortunate Ones who listened to the unheard voice and looked at the unseen visions, DEEP INSIDE.


Monday, March 12, 2012

【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 2012年3月12日信息

SaLuSa - March 12, 2012
SaLuSa - 2012年3月12日信息

Time speeds ever onwards as the future of mankind is being fought out in the Middle East. At least that is how it would appear to those who have yet to awaken, and remain uninformed. Regretfully the media is still stifled by the old approach that prevents free speech, and investigative journalism that is allowed to bring out the truth. Much is happening that should be told, so that you have a grasp of what is behind events that are threatening world peace. Better still would be truthful reporting so that your minds were put at rest, knowing that although attempts have been made to start another World War, they have failed and will continue to do so.


【蒙陶克.凱恩】 2012年3月11日信息

Montague Keen - March 11, 2012
蒙陶克凱恩 2012年3月11日信息

My dear, there is joy on both sides of life when truth is spoken and injustice is openly revealed. MIKO PELED has now come forward to join the ranks with Gilad Atzmon, to seek a peaceful solution to one of the greatest problems facing your world. With help from our friends on other planets we are actually preventing the annihilation of your planet. The power crazy Cabal has no regard for mere humans; after all, they have bases off-planet to which they can escape. People are waking up to this fact as more brave individuals speak out about their experiences with off-planet travel and what they refer to as ETs. When enough people come forward to tell the real truth, which they had kept secret for fear of reprisal from governments, then the majority will see clearly that they have been the victims of a colossal conspiracy to take over your world.

我的摯愛,當真相被說出,當不公正被曝光的時候,在生命的兩邊都有著很多的喜悅。MIKO PELED現在已經和Gilad Atzmon走到一起來,在面對你們世界的最大問題前尋求一個解決的辦法。隨著來自其他星球的朋友們的幫助,我們正在確實的阻止你們星球的覆滅。瘋狂的陰謀集團對人類沒有一丁點的尊重;畢竟,他們認爲有星球之外用於逃脫的基地。人民正在覺醒於這個事實,更多勇敢的人在說出自己的親身體驗,自己星球之外的體驗以及他們遇到的稱之爲ET的存有。當足夠多的人走向前來說出真相,過去他們一直害怕來自政府的報復而守口如瓶,那麽群體大衆就會清楚的看清自己一直以來都是巨大陰謀的犧牲品,那些想要取代你們世界的人。

【Hilarion】 2012年3月11日 - 3月18日信息

Hilarion March 11 - 18, 2012
Hilarion 2012年3月11日 - 18日信息

Beloved Ones,

There will be a greater influx of Cosmic energies flowing and spiraling down into the atmosphere of the Earth in the coming week or two and as these energies begin to assimilate within the auric fields of Humanity, there will be a period of adjustment to these higher frequencies within Humanity. This will take many forms in outer expression in the coming months as these energies begin to create changes in perception, attitudes and thoughts and many limiting concepts will simply fall away as though they never existed. Much will begin to change in the way Humanity interacts with each other and there will be a greater harmony and cooperation between all peoples as the Earth moves into a greater vibratory rate.



Sunday, March 11, 2012

【銀河聯邦】 2012年3月9日信息

Message from the Galactic Federation 3/9/12
來自銀河聯邦的信息 2012年3月9日

Power will be had by the people when everyone begins to come together under the new system. Rallying from the brink of financial disaster, humanity will rise to heights not seen on this planet since before your known recorded history. Everyone will be free from the shackles of financial hardship and be able to finally focus their attention on other areas of their lives. Continuing into the months ahead, humanity's newly accrued wealth will permit a blossoming of new projects and programs designed to restore your planet to her natural pristine beauty and perfect functioning. Under these new conditions, the collective vibration of humanity will soar, and this will forge your wings necessary for your ascension into the higher realms. This is the plan.


Some of you have voiced your confusion about why so much emphasis has been put on your new financial system if you are only months away from ascension into the higher realms anyway. You now understand this, as it is hoped that your collective vibration will spike when so much of your worries and hardships are lifted from your shoulders.


Your new system is now very close at hand. Many have dedicated much of themselves to the design of this new system, and many walls had to come down that were preventing its implementation. We ask you to show a little more patience as your new system is being rolled out, and we also ask you to demonstrate confidence in your new system to allow others who are not informed to follow your lead and support it. Your new system will be based on fairness and equality with each person throughout your world possessing an equal share in the collective wealth of your society. No one will be worth more than any other, and no one will face lack as a daily burden of their lives.


Your new system is being prepped at this time for it’s unveiling, and its initiation will soon follow the media coverage of the many arrests of the members of your criminal Cabal. Much rides on these arrests, and upon witnessing them for yourself you will know that the time has come for the implementation of the many positive changes for your society.


We again wish to enlist your support to inform your brothers and sisters of what these arrests will mean, and what your new financial system will mean to your people. There will be those who fear your new system and believe it will be detrimental to the wealth they have legally accrued. We ask you to explain to all who will listen that your new system is a system of abundance for all, and no one will be losing out no matter how much wealth they have accrued throughout this lifetime. As the quality of life quickly improves for everyone around you, your life will too improve. We ask you what good is having so much wealth if others around you are suffering through lack of what you have been blessed with. When everyone can share equally in the wealth created by a society, the society is then free to blossom to great heights, unimagined by many of you at this time.


Just think of what you can do together once the obstacle of financial limitation is removed from your path. Some of you will not be able to picture this as you have never known true wealth, and most, if not all, of your previous incarnations have been lives of hardship and struggle. This was seen as necessary for your advancement, and you will soon see how all of what you have gone through is worth the prize that has always awaited you far down the path of your journey. You have finally reached that point you knew existed, and now you are to be showered with all you have worked so hard on achieving. We say congratulations to all of you for your efforts to persevere and reach this point, and tell you that you are all much greater for your experience through the hardships of lack and scarcity. These limitations will now be lifted, and you will be freed to live your lives in your natural state of abundance.


This has always been the plan for you, and the groundwork has been laid for your new system for years now. Much effort has been put into the construction of this system, and many courageous men and women deserve much gratitude and recognition for their work. Some of these members of your human family will be introduced to you upon the unveiling of your new system, and we are confident many of you will show them how much their hard work and dedication is appreciated. This will be another aspect of your new world, where the efforts of all of those who strive to improve the lives of another will be recognized and celebrated. No longer will the personal achievements of a few of you be celebrated as humanity's shining moments. Your proudest moments have always been when you came to the aid of another of your human family, and we see this as your new celebrity in the days ahead.


You will all be greatly rewarded for your efforts to assist one another, as we have said, when one benefits, all benefits. This will be one of the greatest changes to your society, and we see so many of you relishing these new opportunities to help another on their journey while contributing to your worldwide communities at the same time. What a liberating experience this will be for many of you.


It will all begin for you upon the arrests of the members of the criminal Cabal, and that is why we say to you that celebrations will certainly be in order. These arrests will be witnessed by you very soon in the days ahead, and we tell you this event will merely be the beginning of the many changes that will come your way. We say to you to stay alert and prepared for all these events as they will come rapidly once they begin. This is how it must be as much needs to be done to prepare your world for ascension.


There will be other challenges for you in the days ahead, and you have many friends here to help you with these tasks. This is what we do, and we look so forward to being able to assist you, our family, in this way. Allow us to do what we do best by demonstrating your trust for us and showing us that we will be safe in your world. This is a necessary step towards our working relationship together. We have the tools and the experience that you will find necessary for a smooth transition in the days ahead, and we are eager to share what we have with you.


There are many of you at this time who are experiencing fear of us, and we say to you your fears are unfounded as we come not to harm you in any way. We are your family from long ago, and would never wish any harm on you. We have been here on your planet many times for many long years. Our footprints are everywhere, visible in the ancient and mysterious ruins of your ancient worlds. We did not come to conquer then and we do not come to conquer now. We come only in love and service to others throughout this universe.


We are also not the only organization here, as other peaceful alliances are here as well. All that are here are peaceful and are here in service to humanity at this time. You will know this in the days ahead. Help us help you, by laying the groundwork for our arrival. Many of you are members of the Galactic Commands, and part of your assignments were to live amongst the people of Earth so when the time came the people of this planet would see some of us as some of them. We are all one in the greater picture, and we ask our Lightworkers to help your brothers and sisters see this and help calm the fears that surely are, and will be, more evident in the days ahead. We know you can get the job done, many of you have done this before, and after your work here is completed you will be welcomed back to our fold as members of the Galactic Federation of Light.


We will leave here for a while, and return when the balance here has changed. There is normally a place open for everyone, but we will make sure we make room for those who help us in our cause and show a willingness to accept us. There are many changes in store for humanity in the days ahead, and we do wish to work with as many of your world as possible smoothing your transition to the higher dimensions as much as possible. There may be a few bumps in the road ahead, and this is one of the reasons we are here. There are those of you are showing a propensity to be frightened of us and a non-willingness to accept us. We feel even the most diehard of detractors will quickly change their mind once they understand better what our mission entails. There will be need for us, and there will be need for our many ships. We are here on a mission of service, and all of you will soon find out what we mean when we say we are here to assist you. There is no need to be frightened of any of these changes to come, and we will, with your assistance, do what we can to make the road up ahead as smooth as possible for your transition to the higher realms.


The details of what we will need to accomplish together will be fully explained in due time. We feel it is important to focus on the present tasks at hand, and you should know by now that this is the arrests of your criminal Cabal and what you must do to prepare as many as possible for this worldwide event. After that, we will begin our disclosure plans which will entail working relationships with some of you who we feel we can trust and that will be a benefit to our disclosure efforts. What is hoped for is for those of you who begin a working relationship with us to bring back and readily share evidence of this in the form of photos and video of your experience with us. It will be asked of you to share this evidence and your story with as many members of the media as you can, as we hope for worldwide coverage of this relationship.


We are initially looking for those who will not shy away from the media spotlight and for those who would be good speakers to more effectively share your story. We are not requiring you to be professional caliber orators, but we feel a certain level of ability is required to fill these positions. After we feel we have recruited enough of those who we feel are qualified for this role, we will then begin recruitment of all those willing to work with us and who do meet certain qualifications, and these will be fully explained to you at the proper time.
We do have a code of conduct policy in force, and we would ask you to review it if you would. Once accepted to begin working with us, you'll receive orientations, counseling, and training sessions with us before you begin your assignments. There are many different assignments that will be available, and for the most part, you will be free to choose the field you would prefer to work in. All the tasks we will be working on are important at this time, and we will need to fill every needed position, but we do not see this as presenting any problems.


Once your on the job performances can be evaluated, we will discuss with you more permanent career opportunities with us. Not all that will be working with us in our service to your planet will go on to become full members of our organization, but the experience you will gain from working with us may be valuable to you in future endeavors, and there may be other opportunities to work with us in the future. Time permitting, we will speak to all of you at length about all the opportunities with us, and you can then decide if a career with the Galactic Federation of Light interest you.


As a member of our organization, your lives will change radically from what they are today, and we feel many of you will relish the opportunity for a new adventure. We do have many different types of beings among our crews, and many of you may be interested in meeting many different beings from throughout this universe. All members of the Galactic Federation of Light are ascended beings, and as such, a certain level of professionalism, intelligence, and kindness can be expected. Do not, however, expect all beings to possess identical personalities, and this goes for members of the same races as well. Some of you following our messages sent through our channels seem to believe that all of our members who send these messages would exhibit the same personality traits. We assure you that this is not the case, and ask you to look upon how many different personalities make up the human race. The beings who make up the forces of our organization are no different, and a very beneficial talent for those who may consider working with us will be your ability to work well, communicate effectively, and get along with, many different personality types.


Language will not present an obstacle as we have methods that will allow you to effectively communicate with others no matter what language they use to communicate with. We will introduce you to this technology when we begin working with you, as it will be important for you to immediately and effectively communicate with many different beings, as well as members of your human family who may speak a different language than you.


All in all, we see a very exciting experience ahead for many of you, and we look so forward to speaking with you more personally about opportunities with us. This day is approaching rapidly, so we ask you to prepare yourselves for changes to your daily routines. Events are moments away from unfolding, and many more important events will quickly follow. From now until the end of this year will certainly be a most exciting and challenging time, and every day will see a flurry of changes and activities as we help you restructure your world in time for the grand finale, which will be your planet's ascension into the Heavenly realms.


We are the Galactic Federation of Light.


As channeled through Greg Giles

亞熱帶的貓 翻譯

Saturday, March 10, 2012

【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 2012年3月9日信息

SaLuSa - March 9, 2012
SaLuSa - 2012年3月9日信息

What a journey you are having through duality, and one day you will be able to bring to mind any lifetime that you wish to check out. Your present consciousness level is such that very few people can do it in a controlled manner, but sometimes you get a short recall out of the blue. It can occur when you visit places or countries that have a past life meaning to you. Occasionally it is something simple like a smell, or a familiarity with a certain period in your history. In fact all of your many life experiences are still within your subconscious memories. They serve you well and account for example in many of your preferences in dress, and you could hardly have not noticed how styles seem to go around and come back again. Of course you are affected by your surroundings and cultural upbringing, and conformity is often expected by your peers but you still find your own preferences surface.


Thursday, March 8, 2012

【銀河聯邦】 2012年3月7日信息

Message from the Galactic Federation 3/7/12
來自銀河聯邦的信息 2012年3月7日

There are those of you who live on with but a portion of what others do. This will change. It is because of this change that those who control a vast percentage of your wealth have done all they can to block the implementation of your new financial system. They see these changes as a threat to the enormous amounts of wealth they have accrued over the years by bilking the people out of what is rightfully theirs. The amounts of this wealth, stolen from you, are staggering when one sees how little the people have been forced to live on.


【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 2012年3月7日信息

SaLuSa - March 7, 2012
SaLuSa - 2012年3月7日信息

More of you are beginning to believe that the changes are becoming significant, and the details are there for those who are prepared to search for them. After several disappointments a stage has now been reached where events have moved on, to a point where the dark Ones cannot stop or reverse what is happening. Their days are numbered and they face the embarrassment of losing their position and wealth. Often both have been gained through bribery and corruption, and for them the unspeakable is happening. Not only are they being forced to give up their position but to lose their ill gotten gains. Justice will be meted out according to their crimes, and a valuable lesson will have been learnt. They are treated no less or differently to any other soul, and will make good the damage they done.


【銀河聯邦】 2012年3月6日信息

Message from the Galactic Federation 3/6/12
來自銀河聯邦的信息 2012年3月6日

Your planet is going to be cleansed of much residue left over from your 3rd dimensional experiences. Your planet is to be reborn, from the grasses to the skies, from the ocean bottoms to the mountain peaks. Nothing of the old will remain, as they possess the frequency of a lower dimensional aspect of your past. You will also be born anew, and nothing will remain of the lower dimensional aspects of yourselves as well. All and everything that will exist in your new world will be of a higher dimensional vibration. You will be experiencing a fresh start, and everything in your world will be new. You will receive new playgrounds as well as new workplaces. You will have a different set of parameters that govern your physical world, and you will have a different set of rules that govern your civilization. All will be improvements, and all that you will receive will be upgrades from your current experience.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

【銀河聯邦】 Sheldan Nidle 2012年3月6日信息

Sheldan Nidle - Mar 6, 2012
Sheldan Nidle - 2012年3月6日信息

Dratzo! We return! The progress to set up the new governance continues to move forward. The secret sacred societies have so far forced the resignation of a number of major leaders in international banking. Agreements are being implemented that are securing the new financial system. Several major governments have been given a schedule for how and when to transfer power to the new temporary governments. We are watching various "danger points" in the Middle East. This is where the dark cabal intends to start a conflagration that can lead to a new world war! Our task is to prevent this from ever happening. We have placed our diplomatic and liaison team in this region and in the various nations that are contiguous to it. We intend to manage any potential incidents. However, we do not intend to interfere directly unless incidents occur that can swiftly spiral upward to war. We comprehend the potential dynamics of this region and are making sure that no nation in this region attacks another. We are cognizant of the dire schemes that are being applied by the dark's minions to create the flames for war.


【Angela Peregoff】 2012年3月5日信息

Angela Peregoff ~ Starting to Rock 5D
Posted on March 5, 2012 by Gillian

Angela Peregoff ~ 開始搖擺5D
2012年3月5日 由 Gillian 發佈

“Humanity is now faced with a stark choice: Evolve or die. … If the structures ofthe human mind remain unchanged, we will always end up re-creating the same world, the same evils, the same dysfunction” – Eckhart Tolle


【本傑明·富爾福德】 2012年3月5日信息

The hunt is on, cabal arrests accelerating
Benjamin Fulford 3-5-12

本傑明·富爾福德 2012年3月5日信息

The ongoing financial war is accelerating with arrests and assassinations being seen on both sides. George Bush Senior and Bill Gates were arrested last week for sabotaging the new financial system after being fingered by Timothy Geithner, pentagon sources say. The Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate cabalists for their part murdered Lord James Blackheath on February 29th, after he denounced their theft of $15 trillion in the British House of Lords. [see NOTE below] The White Dragon Society, meanwhile has put out an all points bulletin seeking the immediate arrest for questioning of former Hong Kong Police Chief Peter Stevens.

持續的金融戰爭在加速,逮捕和暗殺在兩邊都能看得見。據五角大樓消息,在蒂莫西.蓋特納指證後,老布殊和比爾.蓋茨上周因爲妨害新金融系統而被逮捕。當James Blackheath爵士在上議院揭發他們偷竊了15萬億美元後,美聯儲犯罪集團在2月29日殺害了他。同時白龍會已經全面通緝,謀求馬上逮捕審問前香港警察局長Peter Stevens。

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