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【銀河聯邦】 2012年6月21日信息

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 6/21/12
Cast Your Ballot for our Assistance

來自光之銀河聯邦的消息 2012年6月21日

What percentage of you that are here that do wish to accept our help is a figure we of the Galactic Federation of Light are attempting to comprise at this time. What our teams are doing is collecting data from throughout your online social communities and entering this data into a database where its input will allow us to come to some kind of understanding of how many of your world wish to accept our assistance and how many wish to decline our offers. This has been done before on other worlds as well, and we are not attempting to make this sort of conclusion here for the first time. We are experienced at the collection and the examination of just such data, and we are confident we will be able to collect the data we need in a suitable timeframe and make our decision based upon this data whether or not it is time to proceed with the next stage of our overall operation which entails the coming together of our people and your people in what we hope to be a very fruitful working and social cooperation.


We ask for your input at this time. Please make your feelings known to us one way or the other if you wish for us to join you in your world so we can begin working with you on the many projects we see as a very important to your world, to your prosperity and to your safety in some areas of concern. We do not wish to alarm you and use this as some sort of tactic to persuade you to vote in favor of accepting our assistance, this is not what we do, and we do not wish to barter for your welcome mat this way. What we would like is for your honest feelings to be made known to us with the understanding that there would never be any reprisals from us on any level if you decline to work with us. There is no punishment, sanctions, boycott or trouble that would come your way from declining our assistance. This decision is your right, and as such, we will respect it, honor it and obey by it, and that is all.


There would never be any problems or difficulties sent your way because you have chosen to exercise your right of free will and choice. This is an important decision for you to make and we ask you to think it over carefully before you respond by commenting underneath this message throughout your online communities. We will be monitoring the publicly accessible areas of these communities and counting the ballots, if you will, but we will not collect your private information and use this in any way, shape or form against you in any way. We do not do this, and any sort of behavior such as this is far beneath what we are and what we stand for as an alliance that offers their services in love and in peace in the name of their Creator and the Creator of all and everything that is this spectacular and brilliantly shining universe that we all call our homestead.


Please give us your feedback and let us know why it is you would be willing to work with us and why it is you would not be willing to work with us, as the reasons for your vote are just as important as the vote itself as we feel it is necessary to understand better your motivations and your reasons for feeling the way you do about us and our offers of assistance. We have collected quite a sizable amount of data already through these methods we employ and we say to you at this time that we are encouraged by the amount of you that are not only willing to accept our help, but are eager to begin a working relationship with us and have made this known to us on several occasions. We find this encouraging and uplifting, and it further motivates us to make our presence known to more of you so more of you can make a decision based on the offer that will make itself known to those who inquire of about who we are and why we are here. This is what will lead them to an understanding and to their choice to accept our assistance or not.


First, one must learn of our existence, who we are and our purpose for being here before they can make a qualified judgment as to whether they wish to trust us and work with us. To lead those to these answers who do not yet ponder these questions, we are making ourselves known in your skies all around your world to help facilitate these questions for a an individual, and as well we continue our program to share our communications with you through our channels. Please help us in this effort by continuing to share the footage that you may discover of our ships throughout your online communities, as we feel this is perhaps the method with the greatest potential to reach the most members of your societies and inform them of our presence here in your world.


The messages we share through our channels we feel would have a far less impact in this regard, as one would have to read these communications with an open mind and is not an open mind that we feel a large percentage of the people of your planet maintain. This is not a judgment or a condemnation; please do not see it in that way. We are simply sharing with you what the collection of much data has determined, and this determination is not based on opinion, but it is based on facts and figures that can be accumulated and calculated to within a reasonable degree of accuracy. Your mathematicians, statisticians and researchers use this same technique of collecting data from a smaller percentage of a populace to conclude with in an acceptable degree of accuracy the opinions and feelings of a larger percentage of a population, and this is precisely the technique we are using at this time. When we collect data throughout your online social networks dealing with a question we ask you or an offer given you, we collect thousands of responses, and based on this small number we can determine how a larger percentage of your population will have also voted.


At this time, we are very pleased to share with you that our findings so far are what we consider extremely promising, and if these trends continue you can be assured that there will come a day and it will not be far off now that we will land on your soil and begin working with you on the many projects we deem as necessary for your advancement here in your world. We look as forward to this day as many of you do, we wish you to understand this. We wish you to understand that we have also tired, if you will, of the current status of our mission and we wish nothing more than to throw the gears into high and move fast and move forward and help you, our brothers and sisters, begin to make the changes that will lift this world out of its current state of confusion, complication and difficulty, into a new state beyond anything many of you have ever dreamed of. This is all very possible and this is all right at your fingertips, and we wait for your reply to our offer today.


Are you now ready to meet us and to begin working with us on the many projects we have lined up to knock over like dominoes strategically placed according to necessity? If you are ready, please leave your comment below, and if you are not ready for this please leave your comment also, as your input is just as important and just as valid as anyone else's, and the collection of this data is necessary for us to reach a conclusion as to whether your people are ready or not for the next stage of your evolution which will take you far beyond what many of you have ever imagined you would experience in this lifetime.


We are your friends and family from the Galactic Federation of Light, and we look so forward to our reunion with you, our brothers and sisters of Earth.


As channeled through Greg Giles

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  1. 銀河聯邦,還記得我嗎?(我在夢中有跟你們通訊過)我是孟儒Neil,我完全接受你們的幫助,不管祢們做什麼,我都是絕對信任你們的,你們不用擔心人類對你們的行動不做出回應,其實只要你們真誠的想要幫助人類,你們認為是對的事,就算人們不回答,他們在心裡也會認同你們的;


  2. 希望你們這次的大逮捕任務能夠成功!!祝福你們~ Good Luck!!

  3. 請你們放心!我一定會祕密的在背後全力幫助你們!


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  5. 我渴望您們的到來,能走在揚升之路上並與您們一起工作。雖然我不知道自己能做什麼貢獻,但相信在您們的幫助與指導下,我們一定能同心協力建設地球。

  6. 請愛與光的宇宙聯邦快些公開在地球露面 指導地球人如何配合地球媽媽揚昇 帶領地球人走向愛與和平

  7. 愿意与银河联邦合作共同扬升地球,提升自己。期待与你们的合作。


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