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【Drake】 大逮捕,周中更新 (提及綠燈)

Drake Mid-Week Update 6-27-12

First 70mins of show


*Drake has been involved with the collateral accounts and Neil Keenan. He cannot say anything definitive until things start happening.

德雷克參與了擔保賬戶(collateral accounts)和尼爾基南(Neil Keenan).他什麽也不能說,直到事情確實開始發生的時候(才能說)。

*The meeting in Rio (G20) was disguised as a combination of finance and trade, which was discussed, but also Agenda 21 and its implementation. Agenda 21 is a global constitution and Hillary Clinton was involved.

It includes the future we want (what 'they' want). It would drive people off the land and out of forests and make people live in "shipping containers".

在里約召開的會議(G20)被裝扮成是討論金融和貿易的會議,這確實討論了,但是”議程21”(Agenda 21)和它的實行也被討論了。“議程21”是一個全球憲法,希拉里克林頓(注:現任美國國務卿)參與其中。

它包含了我們未來想要的(是‘他們’想要的)。它將把人們從陸地和森林中趕出來,使人們住到“海運集裝箱“裏(shipping container).

*A lot of people think this is just conspiracy theory but you can believe what you want according to your free will.

Joe Miller covered Agenda 21.


Joe Miller概括了議程21.

*Obama declared state of emergency (on Monday) which gives extra-ordinary powers to the government.


*There were supposed to be several (like a dozen) false flag attacks to cause rioting such as in St Louis, Missouri (and that is why the military was positioned there).


*Remember the movie Independance Day which has "ugly" aliens, and the ETs have told Drake that "ugly" ETs do in fact exist. When the ETs do show themselves they don't want to freak everyone out.


*Drake has been given names, dates and been told about encoded messages given by certain people in speeches.


*Drake was told three things to tell us.

A. He has been told the cavalry is coming so keep that in mind.

B. If needed, we will be contacted. ie The militias shouldn't do anything unless they are contacted and told what to do.

C. US military says sit back and watch the fireworks. 4th of July. Things are happening.





*Military's idea of fireworks is totally awesome. They play marching songs and the awesome display is timed to the music.


*One of the key elements was the outing of the Agenda 21 as reported by Joe Miller.

一個關鍵因素是暴露出的議程21,就像Joe Miller報導的那樣。

*Situation is this: I'm getting cold sweat, I know how real this is.


*Mass arrests and the removal of politicians from offices will be so big that the mainstream media will have no choice but to cover it this time (as they have not reporting all the developments that have been occurring).


*Jesse Ventura on Alex Jones (yesterday), tells military to remember your oath.

Jesse Ventura和Alex Jones(昨天),告訴軍方記住你們的誓言。

*Paper work is in place, it has been submitted correctly. Majority of states have made declaration and notification of their independence from an oppressive government and that gives the authority to the military to take action.


*Get some cash from the bank in case of any disruption, but disruption should be minimal.


*Drake says "this week". Mentions they removed or turned off a website that was being nasty to the government this week but suggests if the 1st amendment doesn't work, use the 2nd. There are enough people who are mad or frustrated that if the military didn't do something then the people would.


*False flag was supposed to happen in October so Obama could maintain power under a dictatorship and no elections would be held in November, but things have been taken care of and this will now not happen. They have removed certain devices from bridges and mention of nuclear devices being removed.


*I've been working on this stuff for 20 years and it is finally happening. In the near future I will be putting my guns away (and they will no longer be needed).


*Hopefully, everything that happens will be peaceful and there will be no need for any bloodshed.


*This group (listening to the radio broadcast) have been spreading this information around and it has worked. Drake feels he owes the military an apology for what he has said to the military but it was a respectful push.


*Most of what has been going on is not easily seen. Do you actually know any globalists personally? The globalist army supposedly being formed by the G20 is not going to happen due to financial reasons. The US economy was intentionally made to go down hill by these globalists. Obama made declaration of two things. One was to gain extra votes from the Latino community and the other was amnesty of 18-30 year-olds (because this is military age).


*Rockefellers are part and party guilty of treason. Mr Bush and family. IMF. Yes, Drake is naming names.


*A few days yet before 4th of July, but we are going to have a reason for a real celebration. The party is supposed to be for real this time. It has been told to Drake that the arrests are to happen, it is not a false flag.


*The foreign troops were never any match for the US military. At the G20 there was a split between US and the rest of the G20.


*"Understand that this is going to happen a whole lot sooner than you think."


"I ain't saying two weeks. I'm saying very soon."


There are opposing forces and in the last week those forces (not Latino or Black, primarily pirates) have been effectively neutralised(?).


Drake gives an analogy of a gambling house, sometimes you don't win but an honest house reports its winnings.

He says Lady Dragon finds out information others don't have and thanks her for being above board and honest.

德雷克用賭場做類比,有時你不會贏,但是一個誠實的人報告了他贏得的錢(Sometimes you don’t win but an honest house reports its winning)

Lady Dragon: We have positive news today. The FBI was on CNN for nationwide prostitution operation. They have done something very good this time. Discusses Ron Paul news.


Drake: A whole bunch of politicians will go. "Love and Light", in the bible it talks about light. A small candle can brighten a whole room, that is the principle of what is happening. Ron Paul is not squeaky clean but he is a lot better than some other candidates.


LD: Mentions about a Twitter story that was largely retweeted. A person was held for a week without given a call but has now been released.

龍女士:提到一條在推特(譯注:就是國外的微博網站)上大量轉載的故事。一個人被拘留了一周,沒有電話通知,但是現在已經被釋放了。(譯注:指的是進行前海豹突擊隊員bill wood,卡米洛特工程曾經訪問過他,他進行過時間旅行

Drake: Some democrats are now no longer supporting Eric Holder.


LD: Keep meditation going. Cobra says everyone be calm, everything is going to be fine. Sending positive waves for the outcome to be successful.


Drake: If needed people will be contacted, and the military may contact Minuteman if they require further help.


Minuteman: It will be an honour.


Taking a break at 70min mark.
80min Drake gives Green Light.


A few notes on the remainder of the show:


House of London and the Queen of England will be eliminated (they will be taken out of power).


Recommended to have 2 weeks of cash, fill up your car with petrol and have extra supplies of food as regular services could be disrupted temporarily.


Olympics may be effected and some airlines may shut down due to financial problems.


International travel could be shut down for up to 72hrs.


Drake: "We've got a bright and shining future."


He would like to publicly thank Terry Hinkle, a teacher, who did shows on unalienable rights and education shows which were removed (censored?). These shows will be re-published on YouTube so everyone can watch and share them.

他想公開感謝Terry Hinkle, 一個老師,這個老師做了一些節目有關不可剝奪的權利和教育,這些節目被刪除了。這些節目將會再次在Youtube上發布,讓每一個人可以看到並且分享他們。


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