Friday, November 30, 2012

【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 2012年11月30日信息

SaLuSa - November 30, 2012

SaLuSa - 2012年11月30日信息

You are about to enter the final stretch of your journey, and very soon to experience a great increase in your levels of consciousness. Most people would agree that this year has passed quicker than any time previously, and after Ascension it will be even faster. We would like to confirm again that progress is also speeding up where the many needed changes are concerned, and you will not miss out on anything that you expected. The timing has never been that critical, and for obvious reasons we look at the period immediately following Ascension. It is a time where our work and that of our allies will not be hampered by outside influences, and we can be more open about it.


【蓋婭門戶網站】 更高維度的磁代碼和時間代碼已經激活

Higher D magnetic and temporal codes have activated
29 NOV 2012


Higher D magnetic and temporal codes have activated. Supreme sensations come rapidly to all Hue-manity. Humanity general also receives these, but activations occur later.


Movement to Higher D elevations occurs readily now, as old paradigm patterns dissolve. Illusion is no longer supported in any aspect and rapidly appears, then dis-appears, from consciousness.


【內巴丹尼婭】 內巴丹尼婭的邀請:與我們同行

By Rosie
Nov 29, 2012 - 4:51:17 AM


Nebadonia through Rosie, 28th November 2012

R: You wish to give me a message, dearest Mother? Shall I write it down?



N: Yes, my child, for this is how you cement your confirmation, how you can best convey my thoughts to others, and how you can reflect upon them in the future. You may thereby make my words seemingly more concrete. I say SEEMINGLY as my words are words of LOVE IMPRINTED ON YOUR SOUL, PERVADING ALL YOUR BODIES SEEN AND UNSEEN, PHYSICAL AND ETHEREAL. So actually, I never leave you. I live on in you even as you “die”, leaving your physical body behind.


【大天使麥克】 2012門戶和新的開始

The 2012 Portal and the New Beginning
a message from Archangel Michael channeled by Celia Fenn
Sunday, 25 November, 2012

來自大天使麥克的信息由Celia Fenn傳導

The Energies for November/December 2012


Beloved Family of Light....what a Joyful moment as we approach the final moments of the Earth's Transition and Transformation into a Multi-Dimensional Environment for the Children of Light! The Earth Keeper Council and the Council of Elders stand ready to begin their work with the Solar Council and the Galactic Council as the 2012 Stargate opens.....


Thursday, November 29, 2012

【Suzanne Spooner】 大轉變,12月21日的對齊等等

Qhht Session With A Young Woman And Her Old Soul
~ The Shift, The Alignment Of 2012 & Some Odds & Ends~
November 27Th, 2012

2012年11月27日 sunzanne

譯者xiaohaozi0716注: 這一篇文章是Suzanne(也是一個通靈人)學習了朵洛麗斯侃南的量子催眠術(QHHT)之後給一個客戶催眠得到的文章,Suzanne的量子催眠得到的更多文章在她的博客裡

This QHHT session was done this past weekend on a client in her upper teens. She experienced two very interesting past lives, her planning session just prior to her incarnation into her current life as Natalie. Her Subconscious (SC) answered all her questions she brought into the session and then as I usually do when we get to this point I asked about The Shift and the 12/21/12 alignment. This young woman has no real intrest or outward knowledge of the Shift topic. That is why it was extra fun to hear her answers to these questions. Teenager in appearance, wise soul in actuality.  Thank you Natalie for allowing me to post this part of your session.


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 2012年11月28日信息

SaLuSa - November 28, 2012

SaLuSa - 2012年11月28日信息

As you are realising, very few of the long standing predictions for this year have come true and it has been very much a normal year. There is always much happening of a physical nature which goes largely unreported. So it is nice to report that little has happened, that could fulfil the expectations of those preparing for major upheavals and catastrophes. You can take much credit for the outcome, as the vibrations of the Earth have been considerably lifted to what the were just a few years ago. The amount of Light attracted to the Earth has lessened the need for more energetic cleansing. We of the Galactic Federation have also helped by also taking part in the cleansing, and generally preventing pollution from becoming worse. That also includes Chemtrails which had the potential to seriously affect all forms of life.


【蓋婭門戶網站】 光絲校準的提高使得聯合進入蓋婭的光束得到允許

Elevated alignments of Light Filaments allow Coalescence into Gaia Beams of Light
27 NOV 2012


Elevated alignments of individual Higher D Light filaments have allowed coalescence of these filaments into Gaia Beams of Light throughout the planet. Connection with Essential Cosmic Entities finalizes.


Compression of Time-Illusion brings multiple energetic events into simultaneous manifestation.


【銀河聯邦】 Sheldan Nidle 2012年11月27日信息

Sheldan Nidle - November 27, 2012 

Sheldan Nidle - 2012年11月27日信息

Dratzo! We return! At present, we continue in blackout mode. We are busy establishing oversight committees to guide our Earth allies' organizations that are responsible for promulgating the new financial and monetary systems for your new realm. These committees will remain active only for the first six to nine months after the new systems come into force. The fiat financial systems still holding sway around your world are getting closer to collapse. The overwhelming debt accrued by your dark cabal is impinging more and more on the system's day-to-day operations. An enormous charade is being perpetrated for public consumption, by referencing only the amount of debt legally allowed to be carried on the books; in fact, this stated amount is about one quarter of the actual total debt. Your global economy is sliding quickly into the next series of crises that are to unravel it forever. Our earthly allies have wisely slid the new system into a position where it can take over when the 'death fall' happens. This death fall of your financial system will propel the cabal-controlled governments out of power.


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

【賽若亞】 將嚴重影響地球上生命的重要決定

Important Decisions that Will Begin to Affect Life on Earth Seriously
By Siraya thru Johan
Nov 27, 2012 - 11:56:10 PM


Dearly Beloveds,


I AM Siraya, representative of Papa Source to Orvonton,


As per this scribe I would like to announce from Papa Source and Christ Michael of Nebadon that we have come to important decisions that will begin to effect life on your Beloved Mother Earth seriously. You all know what we are talking about, but it was seen as best to all involved and in the knowing to give you some heads up. Although given before without immediate results, you also have been explained why.


【銀河聯邦】 Blossom Goodchild 2012年11月26日信息

Blossom Goodchild - November 26, 2012

Blossom Goodchild 2012年11月26日信息

So … another week has whizzed by … ever closer to the end of the year … and My! How this year has flown by. I’m just leaving it up to you … You know best I FEEL …


The warmest of greetings to each one. You speak of time flying by and we agree that this is the case for you. Yet in the New time it shall seem to be even quicker ... Much more as if there is NO time. For time is of the old paradigm and will become of less and less importance as ‘time' moves on. The coming weeks shall be as if a day is a minute.


【本傑明·富爾福德】 2012年11月27日信息

The purge of the Nazis has begun on three continents
Benjamin Fulford, November 27, 2012

本傑明·富爾福德 2012年11月27日信息

There are signs everywhere now that a political logjam has been broken now that the new Chinese government has been installed and that swift changes will unfolding worldwide in the coming weeks. The signs include a massive purge of the Nazi (Sabbatean) faction in the US, Europe and, coming soon, Japan. In addition, US troops have been placed in Egypt, on Israel’s border, in order to force the Zionist terrorist regime to stop its superstitious, apocalyptic attempts to start WW3. We also have the pope announcing publicly that Jesus was not born on December 25, and that Christmas was based on a pagan solar festival.

現在到處都有跡象表明政治僵局現在已經被打破,新一屆中國政府已經上台,快速的變化將會在未來幾周內在世界范圍內展開。那些跡象包括大規模淨化在美國、歐洲的納粹(Sabbatean)派系,  並且很快淨化日本納粹派系。此外,美國軍隊已經部署到埃及境內以色列邊境上,為了強迫諾斯替恐怖政權停止其迷信的啟示錄的發動第三次世界大戰的企圖。我們也看到教皇公開宣佈了耶穌不是出生在12月25日,聖誕是建立在一個異教的太陽節基礎上。

【蓋婭門戶網站】 加強和穩定蓋婭的揚升柵格正在進行

Strengthening and stabilization of Gaia ascension grids is occurring
26 NOV 2012


Strengthening and stabilization of Gaia ascension grids is occurring at this time, concurrent with unveiling and release of tenuous and outmoded structures.


Individual and collective emotional and mental bindings releases accompany this process. Strong at times these are, yet necessary for Hue-manity unfoldment.


Monday, November 26, 2012

【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 2012年11月26日信息

SaLuSa - November 26, 2012

SaLuSa - 2012年11月26日信息

Each day now may provide the first real evidence of what has been happening behind the scenes, that will convey to you the ongoing changes. The media will not handle the "good" news regrettably because it is still controlled. However, your Internet is so vast that you will have no problem in finding references to Disclosure and other anticipated events, and often from those who have a genuine source of information. Yet you still have to beware of some authentic looking websites and reports that are put out to confuse you. When the true announcements are made there will be no doubt in your minds as to their truthfulness. Disclosure is for example of world wide importance, and accordingly it will be down to your leaders to handle it.


【Hilarion】 2012年11月25日 - 12月2日信息

Hilarion November 25 - December 2, 2012

Hilarion 2012年11月25日 - 12月2日信息

Beloved Ones,

It is the time of aligning within your own true selves, a time to spend in contemplation and meditation of what it is that you are to bring into the World, your gifts, your Light, to shine brightly without hiding any longer. It is most appropriate to allow yourselves as much introspective moments as is possible in the next weeks. There are still many layers of cleansing yet remaining, however, this will not be as intense to those who have been steadily and methodically doing the work of facing their dualistic nature, recognizing those traits within themselves, and releasing their limiting influence in their daily lives.



【蒙陶克.凱恩】 2012年11月25日信息

Montague Keen - November 25, 2012 

蒙陶克凱恩 2012年11月25日信息

The propaganda machine is no longer able to fool the people. Every day it is being exposed for what it is. Their game is up ! Now, they will have to deal with the consequences of their actions. They have destroyed much of what was good in your world. You are gathering the right people around you now to enable you to complete your mission. It will be done. My last words to you, on the night that I passed to Spirit, were "When the timing is right". It is, of course, our timing, not yours.


【蓋婭門戶網站】 進入到蓋婭意識流的要素對於繼續進行下面的步驟已經足夠了

Essentials entered into Gaia consciousness stream are sufficient for next steps to proceed
25 NOV 2012


Upgrades for Hue-man bio-vehicle approved. Bio-dome is readied. Energetic connection points are resonating.


Gaia clearance/cleansings are in progress.


Prepare for strong cleansing period.



xiaohaozi0716 翻譯

Saturday, November 24, 2012

【昴宿星團】 在剩下的日子裡彼此相愛,以這樣的方式向前推進

Love one another these last days, progression will be achieved by this
the Pleiadians through Méline Lafont
23. November 2012

昴宿星信息透過Méline Lafont傳導

Welcome, greetings from our Presence of the Light. We are the collective consciousness of the Pleiadians, star family of many of you on Earth.


We have made a conscious choice to step forward in this time and space of Earth and we wish to elucidate on a number of things for all of you.


【蓋婭門戶網站】 在2012-11-22最高振動的反射被擴大

Reflections of Highest Vibrations Amplified Upon 11-22-12…
23 NOV 2012


Amplification of reflections via Gaia dome energetic structures has occurred via group actions on this date. Selected Gaia personnel have answered calls to service for Hue-manity. Gaia radiates and amplifies all energies from 5D-7D



Nick Chan 翻譯

Friday, November 23, 2012

【Matthew Ward】 2012年11月20日信息

Matthew Ward — November 20, 2012

馬修·沃德 - 2012年11月20日信息

No Israel-Palestine war; effects of high vibrations on bodies, relief measures; US presidential election; vibratory alignment; Earth regaining balance; civilizations help others by request; ET assistance on and off-planet; prayer; effects of false information; giving thanks


With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. You are physically and emotionally feeling the effects of energy surges more so than seeing their remarkable results. We are feeling and seeing the grand forward thrusts the surges have given the planet and most of its residents: Gaia, Earth’s soul, is joyous about her planetary body’s nearness to the threshold of fourth density; hope for better times is being restored within people whose living circumstances are desperate; and newly awakened souls are sparkling all over Earth.


【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 2012年11月23日信息

SaLuSa - November 23, 2012

SaLuSa - 2012年11月23日信息

To launch world peace all warring has to stop, and if necessary we have the means to ensure that it does. There is absolutely no place for such low vibrations in the New Age. It is in fact somewhat easier to achieve success now, as the rising levels of consciousness are resulting in more souls rejecting anything to do with war. Even some of those hardened veterans are ready to change track and see the virtues of working for peace. They are beginning to see that their calling to protect their homeland, has been insidiously used for ulterior motives. When such people start to awaken to the truth, you know that the Illuminati is rapidly losing its power and control over the armed forces. They are indeed a spent force to what they were, and will not be allowed back.


【天父源頭】 廣播 0X8X1XI

By Papa Source thru Kibo
Nov 23, 2012 - 4:59:00 PM


BROADCAST 0X8X1XI   Nov 21, 2012 thru Kibo
Thus saith The Lord God  (Papa Source)




【眼鏡蛇】 2012年11月22日信息

Eleventh Gate activation update
Posted by Cobra at November 22, 2012

眼鏡蛇 2012年11月22日信息

Diamond of the Unseen has been revealed. The doorway of the 11:11 is hereby being completely open and activated and will stay open forever. This is our dimensional bridge to Oneness. This is our pathway Home.



Compression grid complete, Morpheus operational

壓縮柵格完成 (8.26開始執行激活,11.22完成) 


【獵戶座最高議會】 2012年11月20日信息

High Council of Orion message Feel The New Earth
Karen Doonan - 20th November 2012

獵戶座最高議會信息: 感受新地球
2012年11月20日由Karen Doonan 傳導

Greetings dear ones, we are the High Council of Orion and we come to guide and to support you as you now move through the initial vibrations of the new earth and come back into balance and wholeness. The balance is vital for at any moment you are able to move back out of balance as the teachings that reside deep within your energy system move to your conscious mind. We guide strongly for you to accept that you are now in a process and that this process is ongoing.


It is imperative that you are able to discern between the old energies and the new earth energies, that you are also able to see those who are deeply held in the old energetic patterns of the earth and understand their ability to try to pull you back into those energies. We guide for you to understand that none of this is done from a conscious frame of mind for the patterns are too strong for them to detach from. KNOW that as you work to release the old then you are in effect bringing those around you higher in vibration.


【天父源頭】 對提升的更多指示

Joe Böhe: Nr. 289 “Weitere Hinweise zum Aufstieg”
19. November 2012
wolf Joe Böhe42 Kommentare
Gechannelt von Lichtarbeiter Joe Böhe am 16. 11. 2012


Wichtig ist, dass nirgendwo Panik entsteht, wenn der Aufstieg beginnt. Das gilt besonders für die Energie- und Lichtarbeiter, die glauben, sich eine bevorzugte Stellung erarbeitet zu haben. Jeder ist dran, wenn er dran ist. Ich, der göttliche Vater, sage nur: es zählt die Summe der Liebe des Herzens und nicht die Summe des Materiellen im Portemonnaie.


Ich bin mir bewusst, dass im Augenblick des Aufstiegs manchem Energieheiler das auch endgültig klar wird, wie jeder von ihnen in seiner Aufgabe gelebt hat. Das könnte eben bei den Betreffenden zu Panik führen, die nicht sein darf.


Thursday, November 22, 2012

【Nvisible】 第十一之門激活儀式的指導說明

Anchor Group Instructions for the Ceremony
The Eleventh Gate Activation of the 11:11
November 22, 2012

還有不足20個小時我們就會進入第二次機會之窗的第二關鍵點: 11:11第11之門激活
1:11 am HAST (Hawaii) (夏威夷)
2:11 am AKST (Alaska) (阿拉斯加)
3:11 am PST (Los Angeles) (洛杉磯)
4:11 am MST (Denver) (丹佛)
5:11 am CST (Houston) (休斯頓)
6:11 am EST (New York) (紐約)
9:11 am BRST (Rio de Janeiro) (里約熱內盧)
11:11 am GMT (London) (倫敦)
12:11 pm CET  (Paris) (巴黎)
1:11 pm SAST (South Africa) (南非)
1:11 pm EET (Bulgaria) (保加利亞)
3:11 pm MSK (Moscow) (莫斯科)
4:41 pm IST (India) (印度)
7:11 pm CST (Beijing) (北京)
8:11 pm JST (Tokyo) (東京)
10:11 pm EDT (Sydney) (悉尼)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

【Inelia Benz】 在這裏,你可以選擇你的范式

It's HERE - You can Choose your Paradigm
Inelia Benz 20 November 2012

Inelia Benz 2012年11月20日

As the collective is gearing up to the “date” of December 2012, a window of opportunity opens up for all of us to shift vibrational gears. Why? Because it is our Human Collective that decides what happens to us as a Species. And it is up to us individually to decide what happens to us personally.


【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 2012年11月21日信息

SaLuSa - November 21, 2012

SaLuSa - 2012年11月21日信息

You have a saying "that time waits for no man" and it is so, as those who are still slumbering are leaving themselves much to understand. It starts with those who do not believe that there is a God, yet blame God for what takes place in the world. We wish that they could see that everyone has been given freewill, and with it you have created exactly what you are experiencing. It would be easy for us to intervene, but in so doing we would take away your chance to see what your actions have brought about. Many still talk of extracting justice as they call it by attacking and destroying another group. They are seemingly unaware or deliberately overlooking the anger and hatred it causes. How many wars does it take for Man to realise that they are non-productive in achieving peace or a lasting settlement. The lesson never seems to be learnt that peace comes with accepting that you are all One, and living in harmony and love for all life.


【銀河聯邦】 Sheldan Nidle 2012年11月20日信息

Sheldan Nidle - November 20, 2012 

Sheldan Nidle - 2012年11月20日信息

Dratzo! We return with news about what is happening on your world. As part of our more direct involvement in Earth affairs, we are asking our allies to begin a blackout period to prevent dissemination of information about the completion of the various projects that we are monitoring, and this blackout's duration cannot be discussed. What we wish to ascertain is why these leaks are occurring. The various cabal-controlled governments use their communication technologies to spy on these projects and we have been forced from time to time to give their satellites and other exotic listening-devices key misinformation. This erroneous data is supported by information from operatives within our allies' organizations and serves to divert the dark's attention. Our primary purpose here is to confuse and render useless many of the checks and balances used by the dark governments to validate this data. This operation is now being stepped up and will operate at a much higher level for the foreseeable future. We are going to protect our allies from further sabotage by the various dark governments.


【銀河聯邦】 Blossom Goodchild 2012年11月20日信息

Blossom Goodchild - November 20, 2012

Blossom Goodchild 2012年11月20日信息

Well Good Morning! Something I was thinking about the other day … If you are The Overseers of The Overseers … are there Overseers of The Overseers of The Overseers and if so … who are they … what do THEY do and … any chance of a word?


Welcome to you dearest lady and it is in our interest and yours to ‘oversee’ all that your thoughts choose to discuss with us. Indeed there are ‘ranks’ above our station. In fact many. One would perhaps be astounded at the number of levels there are involved in this GRAND DIVINE PLAN. For it is not as you know concerning the moving from one house to another. This PLAN involves the upliftment of an entire planet and all who sail in her!


【大天使烏列爾】 收尾時刻

Uriel-Wrap up Time
By AA Uriel thru Hazel
Nov 19, 2012 - 10:13:10 PM

大天使烏列爾通過 Hazel

Wrap up time

AA Uriel thru Hazel  Nov 18.

I have chosen to direct this message to the one who has placed herself at my disposal. She has offered to be the bearer of this my directive. I have come before now to alert one whom I have chosen to bring forth a short yet searing imagery that would depict what your world has to envision in  a pronounced  moment that will conclude a restless phase in your earth’s history. I chose to make that announcement to one who has not yet before been a bearer of messages so that others could see it through a fresh pair of eyes.


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

【銀河聯邦】 為X那天做準備

19. November 2012


Geliebte Kinder Gottes!


In Anbetracht der Ereignisse,
die auf der Welt und in euren Herzen stattfinden,
ist heute mitzuteilen, dass für sämtliche „Umkehrprozesse“
der „kritischen Punkt“ erreicht ist.


【本傑明·富爾福德】 2012年11月20日信息

Why the west lost to China and what it can do to recover
Benjamin Fulford, November 20, 2012

本傑明·富爾福德 2012年11月20日信息

A few years ago the conventional wisdom in the West was that maybe China might surpass the United States (a sub-section of the West) in 50 years. Now, any serious thinker understands that China is top dog and the West is in deep crisis. The Western nations have lost their moral, financial and political leadership of the world.


This week we will look at why the leaders of the Western world nearly destroyed their own civilization. Then we will then try to figure out what to do to restore Western vitality.


Monday, November 19, 2012

【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 2012年11月19日信息

SaLuSa - November 19, 2012

SaLuSa - 2012年11月19日信息

To think that after preparing yourselves over some years in readiness for Ascension, that time is virtually upon you. Suddenly what you have dreamt of has approached near enough for you to get a feel of what it is like to experience the higher energies. Once experienced it is never forgotten as it is an ecstatic feeling of utter joy and happiness, peace and contentment. Imagine being in that state of bliss as normal from one day to another, and free of the lower emotions. It is your true way of living and why those of you who are ready will move out of duality. Some of you have always felt that something was missing from your lives, and now you have found out what it is.


【蒙陶克.凱恩】 2012年11月18日信息

Montague Keen - November 18, 2012 

蒙陶克凱恩 2012年11月18日信息

My dear, it is heartening for us to see people waking up to the fact that those who control your world, control your media. This is how they have managed to keep you in the dark about their plans for your world. When you hear the truth spoken on your television, then you will know, without a doubt, that the light has triumphed.


You were excited to learn that many in Ireland are suing the banks; so, UNTIL THE BANKS ANSWER THE CHARGES, the people do not have to pay their mortgages ! The people of Ireland are to be congratulated on this. They are the first to attempt to take on the banks. It is going to be interesting to see how this one plays out.


【Hilarion】 2012年11月18日 - 25日信息

Hilarion November 18 - 25, 2012

Hilarion 2012年11月18日 - 25日信息

Beloved Ones,

As the days flow by so quickly now, each of you is being assisted on every level of your Being to assimilate the new frequencies as quickly and with as much grace and ease as is possible. Many of you are experiencing a recurring of old repetitive cycles of thought and feeling that you thought you had successfully overcome and we say that what is most important to remember is to recognize these cycles and immediately switch your thought to something that brings a smile and perhaps laughter to your Soul, as feelings of joy within can bring about an amazing change in One’s outlook on life and can help overcome and dissipate these recurring patterns.



Sunday, November 18, 2012

【基督麥克】 2012年11月18日周日全球性冥想

Sunday Global Meditation November 18, 2012
By Johan, CM
Nov 18, 2012 - 6:48:12 PM


I Connected with CMAton to know His Will/Guidance for our AH Sunday Meditation Invitation, November 18th, 2012 at 21:00 UTC and He asked us to focus again fully on:  ONLY MOTHER EARTH, ONLY MOTHER EARTH.


So I gathered our latest reasons and suggestions to focus on Mother Earth :


【基督麥克】 新的戰爭是以色列的一個虛假行動

New War is a False Flag by Israel
CM thru Candace
 November 17, 2012


Dearly Beloveds,  I mentioned there would another update by a different telepath and so it is today,  It is time for one thru Candace.


We are of course not pleased about the war, but we have allowed as that a final small testing and the people are not doing well with it, as a group, in countries supporting Israel.  Israel has gone all out smug you might say, thinking they are untouchable. Your recent news of various important ones being fired for all sorts of social ills are experiencing the wrath of the State of Israel.  Your country remains fully under their dominion.  There have been many fired who didn't desire to support Israel.

對於戰爭我們當然很不高興,但我們允許它發生,是作為一個最後的小測試,但在支持以色列的國家中,作為一個組群,人們做得並不怎麼樣。你們或許說,以色列已經變得過於自以為是, 認為他們是碰不得的。你們近期的新聞,有關形形色色重要人士由於各種社會問題被解雇,他們正在經歷以色列這個國家的憤怒。你的國家仍舊在他們的完全控制下。有許多不希望支持以色列的人被解雇。

Saturday, November 17, 2012

【大天使麥達昶】 來自麥達昶的信息

Message From Metatron
By Metatron thru Hazel
Nov 12, 2012 - 11:58:13 PM

麥達昶通過 Hazel 傳導

Message from Metatron thru Hazel  November 12, 2012

I am Metatron of the Pure light of God. A celestial visitation preceded this message that I may come through the consciousness of this scribe to perform this message. It is a holy time upon your lands.  Your firmament is being prepared and soon a new halo will surround your world. It is not yet complete however. I come not to speak to you of these matters.


Friday, November 16, 2012

【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 2012年11月16日信息

SaLuSa - November 16, 2012

SaLuSa - 2012年11月16日信息

We notice a great upturn in the amount of Light upon the Earth, and that is to your credit and dedication to have brought so much to it. To some the energies are proving to be too powerful and disorientating. However, as they learn what is actually taking place, they may be able to flow with the energies and experience a higher degree of consciousness. They may otherwise experience feelings of impending change, without being able to determine what is happening. Whatever happens to them be assured that like everyone else, they will take something positive away with them. As we have often stated, every experience is of value to you where your evolution is concerned.


【眼鏡蛇】 2012年11月15日信息

Eleventh Gate Activation Update
Posted by Cobra at November 15, 2012

眼鏡蛇 2012年11月15日信息

The time for eleventh gate activation is fast approaching. The response to my call to be a part of this has not yet been as we have hoped. The eleventh gate is the completion point for the duality-based reality and thus a very important planetary activation so I would ask as many people as possible to participate.


The Youtube video for this activation is here:


Thursday, November 15, 2012

【蓋婭門戶網站】 由於日食併發連接被允許充分貫穿蓋婭

Simultaneous Connections across Gaia Empowered fully by Solar Eclipse
14 NOV 2012


Simultaneous connections made across Gaia on the 11-11-12 and 11-12-12 gateway dates were empowered fully by solar eclipse Stargate activation on the 11-13-12. This enabled unification (harmonization) of Ascendant’s Light frequencies.


【基督麥克】 我知道你們渴望消息

I know you ones are hungry for news
By CM thru Hazel
Nov 12, 2012 - 11:46:30 PM


Update: Christ Michael present.


I know you ones are hungry for news. Much of import is going on but none of which I can and will reveal to you at present. There is some ‘wheeling and dealing’ taking place, the outcome of which I await. The course of MY plans have not changed. I have not amended the original plan. I AM seeking only to have MY house in order before the final curtain is drawn down. You see there are Universal laws that I must abide by and that is what I AM acting upon now. When they are complete there will be a clear conclusion to what appears to be a long and drawn out saga.


【伊斯塔·安塔瑞斯】 亞特蘭蒂斯 I - 7

亞特蘭蒂斯 I

亞特蘭蒂斯以及比之更早的文明的歷史已經有很長一段時間不被人知曉了。讓我們從星際人類的視角來看一看這些歷史吧。現在地球上的大部分星際人類都是從合一而來,通過銀河系,或銀河系附近的星系,即銀河系的雙生靈魂,仙女座中的仙女座星系,經由化身為天使形態的生命,而開始的他們的演化之路。大批的星際天使存有(Starry Angelic Beings)橫跨整個星系並從這個星系轉移到那個星系。當前地球上的大多數星際存有都已經達到了地方標識(Local logos)裡的大天使(Archangel)的級別(在人類的進化中,等同於揚升大師的層次)。地方標識是這個星系中的一個星域,它的范圍是如此廣闊,光線需要前進數千年才能穿越它。


在那裡,我們發展了我們的大天使意識。在這些星際之門中,獵戶座是最重要的一個,它的作用是作為一個安塔里昂轉換。在獵戶座的上半部分,有一顆被稱為參宿四(Betelgeuse)的星球,它是白色魔術師(White Magicians)的大本營,而在獵戶座的下半部分,有一顆被稱為參宿七(Rigel)的星球,那裡是黑色魔術師(Black Magicians)居住的地方。

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

【源頭】 就要來了

It IS Coming
By Source thru Hazel
Nov 12, 2012 - 11:56:09 PM


It IS Coming  -Source/Papa Source/The Father in Heaven/ Universal Father

就要來了 -  源頭、天父、宇宙之父

thru Hazel


I will give you a few words to assuage your hunger and placate your spirit. I AM present- your Source. What will it take to convince you that the time of revelation is at hand? The works of God are mighty yet seldom explicable to the human understanding. GOD may be ONE but must address ALL. Every finite concern must be resolved before action is taken. You require a time frame yet I say to be prepared. What does that tell you?

我要講幾句話以減緩你們的飢渴,安撫你們的精神。我臨在於此 - 你們的源頭。怎樣才能說服你們相信,天啟之時就在眼前呢?上帝的工作強大而很難向人類解釋得清。上帝是”一”但必須處理一切。採取行動之前,每一個具體的關切都必須被解決。你們要求一個時間表,而我說,做好準備。那是否告訴了你們什麼?

【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 2012年11月14日信息

SaLuSa - November 14, 2012

SaLuSa - 2012年11月14日信息

The love and peace being established on Earth is growing exponentially, and as each day now passes it is encompassing the whole world. To a greater or lesser degree every soul is being affected by it, and some find it more easy to take into their being than others. So each soul is given the same opportunity for growth into the Light, and to take part in Ascension. However, knowledge of the Ascension process is not necessary to be assured of rising up with it. There are many, many souls that are kind, loving and compassionate who are also ready for such an upliftment. In fact they may have quite a different view of the future, but that does not matter as they will soon adapt to the coming changes.


【銀河聯邦】 Sheldan Nidle 2012年11月13日信息

Sheldan Nidle - November 13, 2012 

Sheldan Nidle - 2012年11月13日信息

Selamat Jarin! We return with some interesting news. Recently, a flurry of legal activity and agreements concerning the new governance has set the stage for asking our heavenly advisers for a final go-ahead to start manifesting your new reality. Those who have run your world for so long continue to lead your realm toward a series of massive economic and diplomatic disasters. To us, this inevitability is a sure sign that the moment has come for more significant intercession on our part. To this end we have instructed our liaison teams to inform their earthly counterparts about the amount of time remaining before we are compelled to engage extensively with your global situation to prevent a meltdown. Your forms of government and the characteristics of your economic and financial systems lie at the heart of your overwhelming difficulties, and it is clear that these spheres of activity need to be upgraded in a hurry. Europe is near the point of a collapse that is to take down most of the First and Second World's economies. There is no answer to this prospect, as things now stand, except an unspeakable worldwide economic disaster. This alone validates our direct intervention.


【銀河聯邦】 Blossom Goodchild 2012年11月12日信息

Blossom Goodchild - November 12, 2012

Blossom Goodchild 2012年11月12日信息

Well hello there. I’m back and may I say what a joy it was to have you speak through me at the latest Sedona conference. That was quite something. Thank you. So … where to from here?


Onwards to a place within yourselves that enlightens the spirit. Moving forward to a coexistence with all that is of the purest vibration of Love. You offer of yourselves now a freedom that can be complimented alongside with your determination to make sure that you ‘get this right’. You have for so long continued on in faith and yet we say to you that in days that lie ahead … 'faith’ will not be the order of the day … ‘proof' will.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

【Steven Greer】 接觸:轉變倒計時

Contact: Countdown to Transformation
by Steven Greer M.D.
12 November 2012


The outcome is assured. It does not and cannot happen by itself, but requires us as the children of Earth to be the means for that change and transformation. The extraterrestrial beings cannot land here and make it happen or force it….


We are the primary agents for the change and the transformation because we are in the physical plane; we are living and breathing the free air of Earth together, and we are the children of Earth. So it has to come through us, even though the source of the inspiration may be Celestial and extraterrestrial and Divine. It is very personal because each person must choose to make that transformation. It is a beautiful mystery and humbles us, and yet has enormous power.


【本傑明·富爾福德】 2012年11月12日信息

World Intervention Saves Obama, Prevents World War 3
Benjamin Fulford, November 12, 2012

本傑明·富爾福德 2012年11月12日信息

The Dragon family and governments of the non-Western world acted decisively to get Barak Obama re-elected as president because a Romney victory would have meant World War 3, according to multiple sources.


Obama was cut off of his election finances by the Pope and the Queen three weeks before the election and would have lost if the Dragon family and others did not step in and finance him, according to CIA and Asian government sources. Obama returned the favor by complying to a request to purge Bush/Nazi operatives from the government and the military, the sources say.


Monday, November 12, 2012

【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 2012年11月12日信息

SaLuSa - November 12, 2012

SaLuSa - 2012年11月12日信息

Dear Ones, matters have rally taken off with the coming of 11.11. which has opened a portal through which much Light has passed through you and into the Earth. Those of you who set the time aside to work with the Light have not only raised your own vibrations, but those of the planet. It is likely that as a result you felt uplifted and light headed, but it will settle down. Perhaps the most noticeable change within you, will be your recognition of a deeper sense of calmness and peace. As you partake in further upliftments, so you will become even more at One, and others will "feel" the powerful energies that you are sending out. You are now in the time you have been waiting for, and as you look around you will see changes taking place everywhere. It will bring joy and happiness into being, and that again will lift the vibrations.


【眼鏡蛇】 2012年11月11日信息

The Eclipse
Posted by Cobra at November 11, 2012

眼鏡蛇 2012年11月11日信息



【蓋婭門戶網站】 因蓋婭釋放多個事件匯聚

Multiple Event Convergence as Gaia Releases
11 NOV 2012


Multiple simultaneous portal openings occur at the 11-11. Such are aligned to initiate events intended to occur on separate timelines. However Gaia has requested convergence of all timelines as she releases past timeline structures and codes.


As of the 11-11-12 11:11, new Sol codes were transmitted into and throughout Gaia and all inhabitants. Codes to soften hardened one’s, soften ancient paradigm structures, for release.


【伊斯塔·安塔瑞斯】 安塔里昂轉換 - 6




現在,這個世界已經抵達了一個點,在這個點上,它能夠從二元性中畢業並進入一個新的合一性的維度。這引發了意識和能量流動上的劇烈轉變,正如你們已經體驗到的。這個轉變的時期被稱為安塔里昂轉換(Antarion Conversion)。安塔里昂轉換與持有著銀河系這部分區域的二元性之匙的獵戶座連接著。在這裡有一些來自獵戶座的非常光明的存有,以及一些不那麼光明的存有,他們正在二元性的戲劇中扮演著主要的角色。而現在,行星地球已經完成了它在這部戲劇中扮演的角色。因此,它正在進入一個合一的世界,一個無時間,無空間和無極性的世界。業力將不復存在,神聖恩典將流動其上,死亡和邪惡將不復存在,它們將被轉化成合一之光。這是在神聖介入的作用下,所有批判都被釋放的時刻,能量從一之中發出,經過銀河系大中央太陽並散佈式地經過許多像天狼星和昴宿六這樣的星際之門,最終到達這顆星球。它改變著,轉變著你們的星球的每個原子,你們的身體的每個細胞的振動頻率。

【蒙陶克.凱恩】 2012年11月11日信息

Montague Keen - November 11, 2012 

蒙陶克凱恩 2012年11月11日信息



These words express the importance of what you choose to believe. You can no longer turn a blind eye to what is obviously happening all around you. The Cabal has plans that would shock you to the core. They have followed a carefully planned path to bring about the destruction of your world as you know it. They no longer want or need you. This is why they flood your air with aluminium particles and put fluoride in your water, causing illnesses and much suffering. Why do you stand idly by and allow you and yours to be disposed of in such a manner? It is time you took action to protect humanity. You were told, my dear, that fifty years ago, humanity was ready for the transition. To prevent this, the Cabal brought in GM food, chemtrails, etc., which prevented this natural process. Now you are struggling to complete this most necessary process. Are you going to allow this opportunity to step out of third density to fail as well?


【Hilarion】 2012年11月11日 - 18日信息

Hilarion November 11 -18, 2012

Hilarion 2012年11月11日 - 18日信息

Beloved Ones,

The incoming energies are bringing up the last vestiges of illusion and perception that Humanity as a whole has accepted as the truth of life on Earth and as these surface and are brought out into the open, a greater alignment with each person’s own power takes place. As these revelations come forth into the masses, much introspection takes place within each individual and a readjustment occurs in each person’s individual field of consciousness which results in a greater growth towards wholeness of being. By observing the impact made upon others by the actions and deeds of just one individual, Humanity begins to stretch beyond its former limitations to new heights of knowing, doing and accomplishment.



Sunday, November 11, 2012


Elite Resignations Last 48 Hours
November 11, 2012




CIA director David Petraeus resigns in wake of extramarital affair


Lockheed Martin’s incoming CEO resigns; replacement named

【基博】 黑暗之幕已被撕開!

The veil of darkness has been torn asunder!
By Kibo
Nov 9, 2012 - 11:59:00 PM


Posted to Kibos site November 6.
Video version:
Broadcast Free Urantia 玉苒廈自由之聲
Channel 1.0.X.0

Come ye sons and daughters, take heed and I shall teach you the love of God, The One Source, The All Source, Who Is Within And Without All Things As One………..


The veil of darkness has been torn asunder!  The veil of darkness has been made into a wall that no shadow, however slight, may breach………


【基督麥克、基博、天父】 大終局

Grande Finale!
By CM, Kibo, Papa Source
Oct 29, 2012 - 11:44:35 PM



注: 基博(Kibo)的名字是Mike,所以本篇是麥克與麥克的對話




Saturday, November 10, 2012

【蓋婭門戶網站】 能量釋放以糾葛溶解的形式發生

Energetic Release Occurs as Entanglements Dissolve
9 NOV 2012


Energetic release occurs as entanglements dissolve. Arboreal expansion enables universal awareness of Higher Consciousness levels for all humans.


Freedom comes from within Hue-manity, from within Gaia. And is observed/reflected in the outer 3D.


Friday, November 9, 2012

【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 2012年11月9日信息

SaLuSa - November 9, 2012

SaLuSa - 2012年11月9日信息

The long wait is over and Obama is aware of what is expected of him, and is the man for the job. Like every other soul he has been working towards this time in his life, to achieve the main objective of his soul plan. He will soon be set up and able to go ahead with changes that he knows are necessary to take humankind forward. We have been in constant touch with him and he has been frequently briefed as to what his role is. Several legal actions are about to be taken that will see the real start of the removal of the top members of the Illuminati. That will effectively remove the last vestiges of power that they hold, and put paid to their last hopes of holding on. It will then allow a more general clear out of the dark Ones at the lower levels.


【眼鏡蛇】 2012年11月7日信息

Posted by Cobra at November 7, 2012

眼鏡蛇 2012年11月7日信息

It is time to take the vibrational frequency of this planet to the next level! Therefore we will meet in groups large and small, as individuals and couples for the Eleventh Gate activation of 11:11 at the turning point of the second Window of Opportunity:

是時候把這顆星球的振動頻率帶到更高的層次中了!因此,在第二次機會之窗轉折點的11:11第11之門激活(Eleventh Gate activation of 11:11)之時,我們將匯聚成大團體和小團體,單獨的和多個的:

【David Wilcock】 卡米洛特在主流媒體播出

DISCLOSURE: Camelot on TruTV TONIGHT; Insider 'Daniel' Comes Forward!
David Wilcock Wednesday, 07 November 2012 22:22 

Project Camelot will make its official debut on international cable television tonight, November 7, 2012 — at 11PM PDT/EDT, on the TruTV network, directly after Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura.

The name of the program is Shadow Operations: The Mars Project. It is important that we watch this show and let them know we want more!


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 2012年11月7日信息

SaLuSa - November 7, 2012

SaLuSa - 2012年11月7日信息

The excitement grows in anticipation of the coming weeks, as the first real step towards Ascension looms near as Obama holds his position in the lead in the Presidential Election. Much is depending on the result, but the people have not been fooled by the antics of the opposition. They recognize in Obama his earnest desire to work for the people, and see his achievements in spite of the attempts to deny them. The tide has turned as people awaken to the truth and are now more intuitive when selecting their leader. There is also a strong feeling that it is time for far reaching changes, that lead you into the New Age.


【蓋婭門戶網站】 覺醒的門戶現在完全開放

Portals of Awakening now fully opened
6 NOV 2012


Gaia planetary brightness has increased to highest levels since inception of Ascension timeline. Portals of Awakening now fully opened. Shadow worshippers may resist, but resistance is not possible at this time. Planet-wide presence of Portals of Awakening assures planetary awakening.


Freedom of Movement occurs as awakenings unfold.


【銀河聯邦】 Sheldan Nidle 2012年11月6日信息

Sheldan Nidle - November 6, 2012 

Sheldan Nidle - 2012年11月6日信息

Dratzo! We return! Everywhere around your planet, teams drawn from a special coalition of our sacred allies, Agarthans, and our liaison personnel are preparing a grand surprise! The present reality is beginning to experience difficulties as the many timelines that determine how it operates collapse. This massive temporal deconstruction is forcing the dark cabal to realize that the present construct can no longer hold. We have watched these cabalists obstinately refuse any and all proposals to step down and allow your divinely decreed freedom to manifest. Apparently, they still believe that some sort of 'event' can somehow reverse their predicaments and keep them in control. This is simply not going to happen! The Creator's edicts state that the time for a new consciousness gestalt for humanity has arrived. The dark cabal needs to step aside and let us do what the divine plan mandates. Our role, at this point, has been reduced to using our abilities to bring this situation to a head, and this we are doing by setting up the final procedures which are to topple the besieged and outdated power structures of your globe.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

【蒙陶克.凱恩】 2012年11月4日信息

Montague Keen - November 4, 2012 

蒙陶克凱恩 2012年11月4日信息

My dear, what changes you are observing in this time of revelations. All will be exposed and removed so that only light remains. One thing I feel that I must point out is that those who refuse to accept the reality of the situation your world is in and close their eyes to everything around them, actually become accomplices of the dark. You must learn to embrace change, for nothing can go forward until you do. The Cabal is using every trick in its arsenal to fool you into accepting GM crops, vaccinations, the fluoride in your water supply, etc. NO is just a simple, two-letter word, but it is effective in refusing to be treated like sheep. When you come together and say an emphatic NO, they will not have a leg to stand on. Their game is up. You now see through it and your eyes are open. It is time to take back everything that is yours.


【眼鏡蛇】 2012年11月4日信息

Interesting developments
Posted by Cobra at November 4, 2012

眼鏡蛇 2012年11月4日信息

This weekend marks a great progress of the Light forces. Much is happening behind the scenes and needs to remain classified for now, but there are a few things for all to see.


First, a signficant part of Fixing the World project has been completed:


Monday, November 5, 2012

【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 2012年11月5日信息

SaLuSa - November 5, 2012

SaLuSa - 2012年11月5日信息

Dear Ones what a grand assembly of people took place in Sedona, with the coming of the 2012 Scenario Conference. With no hesitation hundreds took off to meet for 3 days, to listen to speakers well known for their dedication to spreading the Light. They were treated to a feast that brought out the love and Light of all concerned, and created a focus for it that spread out all around. It remains as a beacon that calls out to other souls, and signals the intent of raising the vibrations even higher than they were before. It also increases the chance of the first City of Light emerging very shortly. Those dear souls who were involved are true Lightworkers who answered the call to join arms, and bring Ascension to the notice of more people than before.

親愛的朋友們,在賽多納(Sedona)發生的是多麼了不起的人們的匯聚呢,當然歸功於2012 Scenario網站的安排。在沒有任何猶豫的情況下數百人起身來到這裡進行了為期三天的會面,為了很好的聆聽演講者們因為傳遞聖光力量的奉獻精神而做出的貢獻。他們不僅僅獲得了盛情款待,還帶來了眾所關注的愛與光的力量,也為它創造出了一個向四方傳遞的焦點。作為一個光之燈塔,它保持著固有的形態影響著其他靈魂,並成為了意圖不斷提高的信號使得這些人擁有比過去任何時候都更高漲的振動。這些摯愛的靈魂們都作為真實不虛的光之工作者而參與了進來,回應了這個呼叫加入團隊之中,讓揚升的概念得到比之前更多人的關注。



Stock certificates feared damaged by Sandy
Trillions of dollars worth of stock certificates and other paper securities that were stored in a vault in lower Manhattan may have suffered water damage from Superstorm Sandy. The Depository Trust & Clearing Corp., an industry-run clearing house for Wall Street, said the contents of its vault "are likely damaged," after its building at 55 Water Street "sustained significant water damage" from the storm that battered New York City's financial district earlier this week.


Trillions of dollars worth of stock certificates and other paper securities that were stored in a vault in lower Manhattan may have suffered water damage from Superstorm Sandy
The building remains inaccessible, but the lower floors are believed to be flooded. The full extent of the damage cannot be assessed until power is restored and the building is deemed safe to enter.


The building remains inaccessible, but the lower floors are believed to be flooded. The full extent of the damage cannot be assessed until power is restored and the building is deemed safe to enter.


【Hilarion】 2012年11月3日 - 11日信息

Hilarion November 3 -11, 2012

Hilarion 2012年11月3日 - 11日信息

Beloved Ones,

As you try to cope with the high intensity of the waves of energy that are inundating your Planet, try to keep a light heart. Keep as your daily mantra the words, “All is well”. It is a time of much internal activity as the energetic downloads that have been received already are further integrated and assimilated, as well as receiving the continued downpouring of these offerings for Humanity. Many of you are finding yourselves cocooning in your homes and trying to rest and relax as much as possible. For most people, a greater download of energy translates into the increased need for sleep for longer periods of time. Always listen to your body elemental and follow its promptings.



【hopegirl2012】 這是你一直等待的!修復世界工程完整內容。

November 4, 2012 by hopegirl2012

希望女孩 2012年11月4日

THIS IS BY FAR THE MOST POWERFUL THING ANY OF US HAS EVER EXPERIENCED. So far not one of the 20 volunteers has been able to read through this without being brought to tears. It has this much heart. This much passion. And this much truth.


It is a book of solutions written by over 300 people from 37 countries. We have put thousands of combined man-hours into this over the last 3 months.


Sunday, November 4, 2012

【伊斯塔·安塔瑞斯】 雙生靈魂,靈魂伴侶和靈魂家族 - 5




每個決定轉生到物質實相中的存有,都需要與自己的雙生靈魂(twin souls)結合。這並不是說一個靈魂分裂成兩份,而是指一個靈魂投生到兩具身體裡。一具身體代表你們的陰性面向,另一具身體代表你們的陽性面向。你們中的許多人都渴望有一份理想的愛情關系,而當你們與你們的雙生靈魂取得連接時,你們的這個渴望就會成為現實。你們中的一些人將會在揚升之前與你們的雙生靈魂相遇。其他人則需要等到揚升波之後才能與你們的雙生靈魂相遇,因為在現在,並不是所有的雙生靈魂都已經投生進了這個世界。請注意,一份與雙生靈魂的關系並不能令你們得到釋放。因你們的內在而變得圓滿,穩固地錨定在一個合一的世界中,如此,雙生靈魂間的愛的連接便會向你們揭示其間的奧秘。因為與雙生靈魂的真誠關系是一個無與倫比的美妙體驗。這將為整顆星球創造出一道雙重的光,愛與合一之柱。雙生靈魂間的相遇將會在全世界密集地發生,這預示著二元性的完結,進入世界的合一。你們中的一些人,你們希望建立一個令人滿意的愛情關系,但你們的雙生靈魂還沒有轉生。在這種情況下,你們還有一個靈魂伴侶,他們是你們的雙生靈魂的顯現媒介,你們可以與他們建立一份圓滿的愛情。

Saturday, November 3, 2012

【Matthew Ward】 2012年11月1日信息

Matthew Ward — November 1, 2012

馬修·沃德 - 2012年11月1日信息

Storm Sandy not manmade; law of attraction is cause of current turmoil; energy streamer attachments; political ideologies; reason Earth is ascending; Obama, Golden Age master plan; society in the Golden Age; changes in relationships, the economy; truth is in soul's messages to consciousness


【眼鏡蛇】 2012年10月30日信息

Important Update about Fixing the World Project
Posted by Cobra at October 30, 2012

眼鏡蛇 2012年10月30日信息

This is the immediate phase one results of the project. It has been sent to the parties in charge of releasing the funds. It needs to also be spread on the internet for the people to read.


Friday, November 2, 2012

【蓋婭門戶網站】 極端”地清理是在這段時間所期盼的

“Extremes” of Clearing are Expected at this Time
1 NOV 2012


“Extremes” of clearing are expected at this time. Ambiguous energies are present with Gaia and individual Hue-mans as transitions and upgrades are processed.


Gaia relaxes with these transitions as physical adjustments occur in rapid succession.


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