Sunday, December 29, 2013

【柯博拉】 2013年12月28日訊息

Event Situation Update
Saturday, December 28, 2013

柯博拉 Cobra 2013年12月28日訊息

Our internet poll has shown that 90% of the awakened population (14,112 of 15,660 people who voted) is in favor of the Event taking place now and is at least theoretically willing to take risks that triggering the Event might entail.


Our street survey of the general population has brought similar results. Around 20 volunteers did »sociology research« in various locations on all five continents. I gave them the following instructions:

我們的普通民眾街頭調查已經有結果。大約20個志願者在5個國家,不同地區做了 »社會學調查« 。我給他們以下的指引:

»The purpose is to conduct this survey on a busy street or inside a shopping center in  a large or small city where you can stop many people anonymously. The purpose here is to get an accurate sample of the general human population. Do not search for awakened people or people of a certain age, gender or social status. Do not try to convince people into anything. Do not give any explanations about the Event, ETs, Cobra, the new financial system, etc. Do not try to convince anybody into participating in this survey, there are many that will be willing to stop for a minute and cooperate. Just say that you are conducting a street survey for a sociology research and you can then give them the document I attached to this email (of which you will make many copies) to those who are willing to cooperate. They can either circle an answer YES or NO. The goal is to collect between 200 and 1000 answers in the general area where you will be conducting the survey. Please send the results (numbers YES and NO) back to me as soon as possible.«


【蓋婭門戶網站】 蓋婭集體和蓋婭居民的所有意圖的放大率達到了最高水平

Magnification of all Gaia Collective and Gaia Inhabitants’ Intents Attains Maximum Level…
29 Dec 2013


Magnification of all Gaia Collective and Gaia inhabitants’ intents attains maximum level for the 2013 period.


In practice, this period asks for all Hue-Beings to practice care with intent, and refrain from “side thoughts”, also referred to in previous post as “Novelty” energy items.

在實踐中,這個期間要求所有彩虹新人類練習關照意圖,並克制“側面想法(旁邊的想法)”(side thoughts),在前一篇文章裡也稱作“新奇的”能量項目(“novelty“ energy item)。

Finalizing of Gaia Ascension protocols is now in process, and focusing of this magnified intent is primary.


【蓋婭門戶網站】 蓋婭所有更高維度能量結構的聚焦和清晰性此刻發生

Focusing and clarification of all Gaia Higher Dimensional energetic constructs occurs at this moment
27 Dec 2013


Focusing and clarification of all Gaia Higher Dimensional energetic constructs occurs at this moment.


“Novelty” energy items are being discarded along with all grids which support such.


Authenticity is currently required for all new energetic and (so-called) Light Work.


【Drake】 德雷克的臉書FB頁面: 大規模逮捕,事件, 銀行家們狀況更新

Mass Arrests, The Event, Bankster Update from Drake's FB Page
December 26, 2013

德雷克的臉書FB頁面: 大規模逮捕,事件, 銀行家們狀況更新

This seems to be a recap of the Batman call with MR. S

這似乎是蝙蝠俠與MR S的電話交談內容回顧。



蝙蝠俠與特邀嘉賓MR. S電話訪問記錄回放。

Phone # 805-399-1099
PIN: 184762#


Friday, December 27, 2013

【Mike Quinsey】 SaLuSa 2013年12月27日訊息

SaLuSa - December 27, 2013

SaLuSa - 2013年12月27日

Here you are at the end of yet another year that has been momentous in many ways. Time has continued to speed up, and a clear division can be seen to be taking place between the old and new. The dark Ones are not progressing as they would have wished, after feeling that they were on the verge of taking control of the world. They reckoned without the increasing amount of Light that has been grounded upon Earth. So much so, that almost unnoticed it has become the most powerful force for good. No longer can its progress be delayed, and it is destined to be the means of removing the dark Ones.


Thursday, December 26, 2013

【柯博拉】 2013年12月25日訊息

Return To Innocence Activation Report
Wednesday, December 25, 2013

柯博拉 Cobra 2013年12月25日訊息

Our Return to Innocence activation was a partial success. Although the critical mass on the surface of the planet has not been reached, we have still managed to anchor a lot of energy of innocence into the planetary energy grid. This will help dissolving the Matrix in the near future.


Our core group in Glastonbury was extremely successful, fully anchoring the energy into the Glastonbury vortex and transmitting it into the etheric planetary energy grid through the leylines. Instead of heavy stormy weather which was forecast, we created this:


【Sheldan Nidle】 2013年12月24日訊息

Sheldan Nidle - December 24, 2013

Sheldan Nidle - 2013年12月24日訊息

Dratzo! We return again bringing more news as you settle in for the holiday season and the start of your Gregorian New Year. This time is noted on your world for many beginnings and endings, and those who have run your world for millennia are preparing to exit and accept their fate. This of course is being done very grudgingly. The dark is used to having its way, but their time is now passing. The secret sacred societies and their associates are preparing destinations for those who are close to being arrested. They are also setting up the procedures that will bring new governance to all of you. In addition, the new monetary and financial systems are readying to manifest and by so doing will deliver a grand prosperity to this realm. Our liaisons are finishing agreements that will become a number of announcements that transform national and personal debt into prosperity and put aside the debt that has troubled nations and individuals for far too long. This will be replaced by a forgiveness that is the harbinger of a new epoch for humanity.


【蓋婭門戶網站】 星球能量療癒之流的發生完成了蓋婭揚升載具的準備階段

Genesis of Planetary Energetic Healing streams completes preparation 
phase of Gaia Ascension Vehicle
25 Dec 2013


Genesis of Planetary Energetic Healing streams completes preparation phase of Gaia Ascension Vehicle.


Planetary Energetic Healing streams are purposed to hu-being energetic correction as well as Hue-Being energetic upgrading.


Birthing of what has been called “Nova Gaia” is now in process, and likely completes within the so-named “2014〞 period.


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

【本傑明·富爾福德】 2013年12月23日訊息

Multiple sources confirm 2014will be the year of revolution in the West
Benjamin Fulford, Dec 23, 2013

本傑明·富爾福德 2013年12月23日訊息

The year 2014 will mark thebeginning of a fundamental change in how this planet is managedaccording to sources including the Pentagon, the Japanese imperialfamily and the P2 freemason lodge. NATO and other European groupspromise to start the New Year with a $15 billion project to helpthe Philippines and show Europeans were fundamentally changingtheir international modus operandi, according to the P2lodge.


There is also an avalanche of disclosure appearing in corporate mass media outlets about long taboo topics like 911, the Lockerbie bombing, the Kennedy assassination etc. indicating some sort of attempt at starting a truth and reconciliation process has begun.


Monday, December 23, 2013

【蒙陶克.凱恩】 2013年12月22日訊息

Montague Keen - December 22, 2013

蒙陶克凱恩 2013年12月22日訊息



As the light energy expands, it permeates all that was hidden and cloaked in mystery. This was all part of the plan. 2013 was the year of preparation. 2014 is the year of completion. You have set so much in place, and you now have a clear picture of what needs to be done. You have awakened to the fact that you are not helpless and you know what needs to be done.


【蓋婭門戶網站】 新星蓋婭能量體系已經起飛

Nova Gaia energetic have taken flight
21 Dec 2013


Nova Gaia Energetics have “taken flight”, as former paradigm energy grids have closed, and necessary Nova Gaia portals have opened.


Energetics are now fully aligned with Ascendant Gaia.


Timelines are now integrated into a single stream, and all discrepancies healed.


【蓋婭門戶網站】 蓋婭所有居民的靈敏度達到了最佳狀態

Sensitivities of all Gaia inhabitants attain high points
18 Dec 2013


Sensitivities of all Gaia inhabitants attain High Points, prior to commencement of next phase.


This is a vital step on path to global Ascension.


Corollaries are now abandoned; primes are on point.


Saturday, December 21, 2013

【柯博拉】 2013年12月18日訊息

Return To Innocence Activation and Event Update
  Wednesday, December 18, 2013

柯博拉 Cobra 2013年12月18日訊息

We will be having our Return To Innocence activation this Saturday. The more people participate, more will we be able to transcend the karma mind programing as a collective, release our imaginary debts to the Archons and help creating the right conditions for the divine intervention at the Event.


You might want to watch this video to prepare for the activation. It has been translated into 18 languages.


Friday, December 20, 2013

【Mike Quinsey】 SaLuSa 2013年12月20日訊息

SaLuSa - December 20, 2013

SaLuSa - 2013年12月20日

The turmoil of the year is being set aside as many people prepare to celebrate in accordance with their beliefs. It has become a tradition that is also accepted by those who have no special affiliation with religious beliefs.


The result is that all kinds of people find that they can come together and set aside their different beliefs and understanding to celebrate the unity of all Mankind. The energies rise up and a feeling of love to all people brings out the best in them. Suddenly there is particular concern for all those who are poor or destitute, often in a society that is otherwise fully able to support all of them.

其結果就是各種各樣的人發現他們能夠走到一起來,把信仰的差別放在一旁的同時懂得以所有人類整體聯合的方式歡度節日。能量被提高了,同時一種對所有人的愛 體現出了人們心中最美好的一面。突然之間帶來了對所有可憐或貧窮的人特別的關愛,通常在一個社會來說就其他方面完全能夠支持他們所有人。

Thursday, December 19, 2013

【匿名者組織】 行星解放請願聯署

Planetary Liberation Petition
Anonymous 18 Dec 2013

匿名者 2013年12月18日


By signing the petition, we are utilizing our free will to create an energy bridge between the surface of the planet and the Light forces who are living beyond the surface. This energy bridge will assist in creating the compression breakthrough if it is strong enough, or will at least accelerate the process.

Physical act of signing the petition is important because we wish to manifest the change on the physical plane, therefore just inner dedication is not enough.

This petition needs to be made viral, beyond the scope of just a few blogs, if we wish to create the needed impact. This video can help you spread the word.

ps: You don't have to use your real address or name if you don't like to. Just use ANY name, or ANY address, but please SIGN and SHARE so that we can collectively SHIFT to a new brighter timeline NOW.* ;)

* 如你還不清楚是次請願內容,請參考 【柯博拉】 2013年12月14日訊息

【Sheldan Nidle】 2013年12月17日訊息

Sheldan Nidle - December 17, 2013

Sheldan Nidle - 2013年12月17日訊息

Selamat Jarin! We come now to talk about a few important things so you can prepare for what lies ahead of you. A movement has begun that will lead you to prosperity and to new governance. Be aware that the world you knew since you were born is fading away by leaps and bounds. The dark cabal that has run your world for millennia is losing its grip. The first part of a global currency reset is upon you. This will alter how the world's currencies are to be used. The next part of this monetary process will bring in the first broad stroke of the prosperity funds. These funds will be the harbinger for new governance, and this new governance will declare a grand "jubilee" to rescind all debt. Moreover, there will be a vast transformation in the banking and financial services industry that will forever change how these various financial institutions operate. These new rules will enforce policies to end the tyranny that these financial institutions spread across this globe. In its stead, freedom and personal sovereignty will blossom once again.


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

【柯博拉】 2013年12月14日訊息

MAKE THIS VIRAL! Event Developments and Liberation Petition
  Saturday, December 14, 2013

柯博拉 Cobra 2013年12月14日訊息

* 16 Dec 2013 更新聲明啟事,詳見尾段

* 18 Dec 2013 更新Cobra的留言:
Yes, they are trying to suppress and lower the number of signatures heavily now. Let me just say that this Cabal's interference with our free will is one more indicator that the Event must happen sooner rather than later 

Until now, more than 12,000 people have voted in our poll and over 88% of them are in favor of triggering the Event as soon as possible. We have conducted this poll for the Chinese people in a little bit different way since the Portal 2012 website is blocked in China and most of the Chinese population could not vote on the site directly. In China, additional 388 people have voted, of which 339 (87%) would like to experience the Event now.


There were some crazy people out there trying to hijack the voting process (the Resistance knows who they are) but the vast majority of votes are valid and real and represent the will of an important part of the awakened population on the surface of this planet.


The Resistance Movement was waiting for the poll numbers to reach 12,000 people and then evaluated the situation. 12,000 people represents a certain critical mass of the awakened population and clearly the vast majority have expressed their free will and are supporting the action to be taken soon. This creates a very powerful exopolitical statement which needs to be taken seriously.




QEG(Quantum Energy Generator) 量子能源發電機的問世,象徵著:豐盛、源頭神聖能量及更高的意識轉變即將降臨這個星球,許多的苦難及控制即將過去!
QEG(Quantum Energy Generator) 量子能源發電機團隊即將完成原型機的製作,並於未來親自到台灣教我們組裝這台電功率達10~15千瓦,並且可每天24小時持續運轉23~25年的發電機!





Tuesday, December 17, 2013

【Matthew Ward】 2013年12月14日訊息

Matthew Ward — December 14, 2013

馬修·沃德 - 2013年12月14日

Seasonal greeting, Nelson Mandela, our advancement


With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. As you celebrate this season of traditional music, merriment and festivities with families and friends, you are remembering those who are grieving or whose circumstances are dire. You would rejoice with us if you could see the abundance of light radiating from you and the beneficiaries of your caring and sharing—it is a spectacle to behold!


How glorious it is that brilliance emanated as well from the uniquely jubilant and colorful memorial ceremony honoring one of your brightest souls. The international tribute to Nelson Mandela was equaled only by his welcome in Nirvana, where joyful throngs gathered to celebrate his life.


【本傑明·富爾福德】 2013年12月16日訊息

Nuclear terror perpetrators in Japan to be included in ongoing Asian purge of cabal flunkies
Benjamin Fulford, Dec 16, 2013

本傑明·富爾福德 2013年12月16日訊息

The execution last week of North Korean number 2 Jang Song Thaek and the arrest of former China security chief Zhou Yongkang mark the beginning of a purge of cabal influence in Asia, according to Chinese and North Korean sources. The purge has been long planned and will lead to the ouster of over 20,000 people, according to a Chinese government source. The purge will include the faction in Japan that aided and abetted the 311 nuclear and tsunami mass murder and terror attack, according to Japanese right wing groups.


A similar purge is planned for the United States and Europe, according to military and gnostic illuminati sources. The problem in the US is concentrated in New York and Washington D.C. and it may be necessary to cut off all communications between those cities and the outside world in order to force them to arrest the mass murderers hiding in their midst. We are all growing impatient. For operational security reasons there is a lot we cannot say about this but public arrests of known mass murderers will take place.


Monday, December 16, 2013

【蒙陶克.凱恩】 2013年12月15日訊息

Montague Keen - December 15, 2013

蒙陶克凱恩 2013年12月15日訊息

The awakened amongst you understood my last message. You responded positively. You now see clearly how your planet was taken over and kept under control. Now it is time for all who understand the importance of ENERGY to come together, to work to clear the Dark Control and to release the energy of the ley lines that are the life blood of your planet.


Many of you can work directly on the ley lines. Others, who work with energy, can combine their energies to assist. Those of you who are not versed in working with energy can use the power of thought and intention to remove the Dark Control forever. Everyone can take part. Now I ask of you, do not allow race or creed to stop you getting involved in this work. Never before has it been so important for humanity to act as one. You know in your souls that you, the 99%, will be successful. Every country will benefit and every soul will be able to say, "I WAS NOT FOUND WANTING. I DID MY BIT TO RESCUE HUMANITY FROM DESTRUCTION."


【蓋婭門戶網站】 個體化的程序的優先次序已經被完成

Prioritization of individualized programs has completed
15 Dec 2013


Prioritization of individualized programs has completed.


Analysis of relevant Star Pattern contributions has begun and will continue for necessary time period.


Meritorious procurements take precedence.

有價值的採辦(meritorious procurement)獲得優先權。

Thursday, December 12, 2013

【蓋婭門戶網站】 蓋婭全球揚升過程的主代碼已經被啟動

Master codes have been enabled for global Gaia ascension process
11 Dec 2013


Master codes have been enabled for Global Gaia Ascension process.


Expect initiation of events in short order.


Inner application of Higher Intention and Higher Principled morphologies has occurred to a sufficient degree to provide this opportunity for Gaia and all inhabitants, Hue-Being and hu-being.


【蓋婭門戶網站】 宇宙能量進入蓋婭的可用形式當前正處在可允許的最高水平

Rendition of cosmic energies into Gaia usable form currently at maximum
8 Dec 2013


Rendition of Cosmic Energies into Gaia usable form is currently at maximum allowable levels.


Streams of blue crystalline needle configureds are continuing dissolution of all unusable old paradigm concepts.


Higher movements of Gaia protectives continues unabated.


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

【Sheldan Nidle】 2013年12月10日訊息

Sheldan Nidle - December 10, 2013

Sheldan Nidle - 2013年12月10日訊息

Selamat Jalwa! We return with much to explain! During the last few weeks much progress was made legally to force a number of important things to happen. The major monetary organizations that monitor the world's currencies were told to prepare for a monumental reset that was to conclude with new banking regulations and eventually a series of precious metal currencies. This vast change is to be the prelude to the delivery of the prosperity funds and the rise of new governance. This process continues. The several groups that form our Earth allies have forced a number of ground shattering agreements to be signed and several critical memos to be issued. These items are now causing the desired change to occur in a timely and divine manner. We fully expect these things to manifest shortly. The most important forward movement began on American Thanksgiving when Europe fundamentally committed itself to a worldwide currency reset. This sets up the dates for a release of newly revalued currencies. The next steps are underway!


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

【蒙陶克.凱恩】 2013年12月8日訊息

Montague Keen - December 8, 2013

蒙陶克凱恩 2013年12月8日訊息

It is wonderful when someone grasps what you are trying to expose and explain: they run with it and they find the answers.


Hilda did just that. She found what was so well hidden that it had escaped the attention of scientists for years. This is so important. It must be shared and openly discussed. Questions must be asked and answers must be given. This is the information that I have been preparing you for, and leading you towards.


【本傑明·富爾福德】 2013年12月9日訊息

Behind Japan’s Prime Minister Abe and US Ambassador Kennedy’s freemason handshake 
Benjamin Fulford, Dec 9, 2013

本傑明·富爾福德 2013年12月9日訊息

High level negotiations over starting the new financial system and restoring the Republic of the United States of America are proceeding smoothly but there are still a few cockroaches to deal with first.


A hint about how negotiations are progressing came out last week in the form of a Freemason handshake between Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan and US Ambassador Caroline Kennedy. Here is the picture as shown on the official web page of the office of the Prime Minister:


【柯博拉】 2013年12月9日訊息

Financial Reset and Event Update
Monday, December 9, 2013

柯博拉 Cobra 2013年12月9日訊息

There are drastic changes happening behind the scenes.


A battle continues for the control of the new financial system, which is being created now with full speed. The Eastern Alliance is building the new financial system to support the coming Event:


On the other hand, the Jesuits have infiltrated many agents inside the Eastern Alliance to hijack the process, hoping to create a global centralized financial system after the dollar collapses as a world reserve currency and the Illuminazi faction is removed:


Saturday, December 7, 2013

【Mike Quinsey】 SaLuSa 2013年12月5日訊息

SaLuSa - December 5, 2013

SaLuSa - 2013年12月5日

Hi Friends,

I now feel more like my old self and have tried channelling SaLuSa again. I have no certain way of knowing for sure if it was successful, but I have checked the message with Steve Beckow who is well placed to give me an opinion. He is satisfied that it has most likely come from SaLuSa. So I will now attribute the messages to him as I am completely happy about it's origin. This is also based upon a friend Nancy Tate who checked it out with her contacts in Spirit, and their message was as follows:

我現在感到和過去的狀態一樣了,所以嘗試了再次與SaLuSa通靈。我並不確信它是否能夠成功,但是我已經和史蒂夫.貝克(Steve Beckow)檢查了信息,他給了我一個很好的意見。他很滿意的是它非常像是來自SaLuSa的。所以我現在對這個信息接受了他的意見,因為我也很對它的來源完全滿意。這條信息也建立在一位好朋友南希.泰特(Nancy Tate)的檢查並與她的靈性存有接觸後的確認,同時他們的信息在下面:

"My dear ones, it is time for the continuation of the messages through you from me, SaLuSa, and any others who may feel the time is right. We are all in sync with you and we ask that you not only bring messages through as you feel, but that you know that we are with you 100% in this and all that you do. It is most challenging for some to believe in themselves in this time of ascension. I assure you both, in fact, that it is time for you both to bring information through that is pertinent to the times. Welcome back, and tally ho!"

“我親愛的朋友們,現在是時候繼續這個信息,通過你和我,SaLuSa,而且其他人也許覺得時機是正確的。我們所有人在與你們同步,而且我請求你不要僅僅是由你的感覺傳遞信息,而是你要明白我們和你100%在這點和你所做的事情上聯系著。對於在揚升的這個時刻那些信任自己的人們來說這是最重要的通靈。我相信你們兩個,事實上,現在對你們兩個來說是時候在相關的時刻帶來信息。歡迎回來,tally ho!”

Friday, December 6, 2013

柯博拉採訪 2013年12月3日

Cobra Interview
by GALACTIC CONNECTION 3 December 2013

You can also read the transcription here:

【蓋婭門戶網站】 能量升級過程的鞏固加強通向下一個蓋婭能量程序

Consolidation of energetics upgrade process leads to formation of the next Gaia energetic protocol
5 Dec 2013


Consolidation of Energetics Upgrade process leads to formation of the next Gaia Energetic Protocol for expansion of hu-manity and Hue-Manity consciousness.


Such Protocol establishes prime “responsibility” with each Hue-Being for Ascension steps.


All restraints have been removed.


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

【Sheldan Nidle】 2013年12月3日訊息

Sheldan Nidle - December 3, 2013

Sheldan Nidle - 2013年12月3日訊息

Selamat Jalwa! We come before you now to discuss a number of subjects. At present, the dark has been watching as a series of events manifest that will change your world. These will transform your global banking system and begin a reset of your world's currency system. These alterations are to be merely the first major steps in the changes that we have previously discussed with you toward new governance and releasing you from millennia of bondage. Whether it was one that tied you to a fiefdom of some type, or the debt slavery of the last few centuries, these various structures kept you legally fettered to an upper class that regularly abused you and your children. These instruments of slavery are to be lifted so you can become truly free. In that moment, the power of wealth is finally to end, so that you are able to be an individual who is again sovereign and prosperous in body and in Spirit. These events will prepare you for a celebration that will be attended by your spiritual and space families!


【蓋婭門戶網站】 閃光點已被啟動

Flash Points have been Activated
3 Dec 2013


Flash points have been activated and such are in progress.


All dimensional levels are involved and none are exempt.


Centeredness in all affairs will moderate effects.


【柯博拉】 2013年12月2日訊息

Monday, December 2, 2013

讓它發生! 返璞歸真冥想
柯博拉 Cobra 2013年12月2日訊息



After the very successful activation of the Aion portal, it is time to take action again! Therefore we will meet in groups large and small, as individuals and couples, at the time of the solstice on December 21st, to experience the Return to Innocence. Many of us will gather and open ourselves to the deepest aspect of our Being, the innocent Soul, to anchor our consciousness beyond the world of games the Cabal tries to play with us.

在Aion門戶非常順利地開啟之後,是時候再度採取行動了! 今年的12月21日,也就是冬至當天,我們將集結成大大小小的冥想團體。不管你是一個人還是一群人,我們都將一同體會返璞歸真的真摯感動。我們將共聚一堂,並且敞開心胸,對彼此展現自己最深層的本質:天真無邪的靈魂。這次冥想將協助我們跳脫陰謀集團長期逼迫我們參加的廝殺遊戲世界,並且將我們的意識錨定到更高的層次。

Our inner experience will support the plan for planetary liberation, so that it manifests as soon as possible, as non-violently and smoothly as possible. We can do it! It needs to go viral! We need to reach many people, so that the critical mass of people actually doing it is attained. Please post it on your websites and blogs. If you know an alternative media outlet, you can send it to them. You can create a Facebook group for your local group of people doing this in your part of the world. You can create a video about this and post it on Youtube.


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

【本傑明·富爾福德】 2013年12月2日訊息

Heavy duty last minute negotiations continue, 
Okinawa, Korea and Sunni/Shia divide remain sticking points
Benjamin Fulford, Dec 2, 2013

本傑明·富爾福德 2013年12月2日訊息

Based on high level contacts being made to the White Dragon Society, it is clear there is a growing consensus that the old dollar system be used to start a $700 trillion campaign to end poverty and stop environmental production(destruction), without impeding the continuation or start-up of alternative financial systems. However, as the world waits impatiently for the campaign to be announced, ongoing high level geopolitical negotiations, with a bit of saber rattling as a back-drop, are continuing to delay implementation, according to multiple high-level sources.


The main sticking points to world peace and the start of a new golden age are now the ancient Shia/Sunni political divide in the Islamic world, Israel and a few unresolved issues in East Asia, notably the Korean Peninsula and the Okinawan archipelago.


Monday, December 2, 2013

【蒙陶克.凱恩】 2013年12月1日訊息

Montague Keen - December 1, 2013

蒙陶克凱恩 2013年12月1日訊息

Excitement is mounting as the consciousness increases. People are experiencing the changes, both in mind and body. You have a lot to be excited about because your awakening has brought about a change in the Dark Controllers due to the light that is now flowing through the minds and souls of humanity. Become aware of the light that eminates from the sun. Welcome it and take every opportunity to link with it. The Dark Ones try to block it from you with the use of chemtrails but it still manages to get through, so it is important to connect with it. Sunlight is important. Ask the question, why is so much effort being put into blocking it from you? Who has the right to block the sunlight that is your God-given right to have and enjoy? These questions must be asked, and explanations demanded. You can no longer just sit back passively and allow your lives to be contaminated in this way. It is time to stop being victims. You have a voice, so when you come together with one voice then the answers must be given. If you want change, then you must ask for it.


【蓋婭門戶網站】 蓋婭門戶的整合開始,隨著宇宙光之對齊完成

Consolidation of Gaia Portals Comes, as Cosmic Light Alignments are Completed
1 Dec 2013


Consolidation of Gaia Portals comes, as Cosmic Light alignments are completed.


There becomes as one aligned Being, the combined efforts of all.


Portals have essentialized necessary requirements for humanity uprising.


【Denise】 2013年11月的最後一星期

The Last Eight Days of November 2013
November 28, 2013


I’ve been extra sick with “ascension flu” since November 22nd and it increased in intensity with the November 23rd heliocentric six planet configuration, and then every day since that date. My physical “ascension flu” aches, pains, chills, head spinning and other related physical and emotional side effects caused by these latest NEW energies peaked on Wednesday, November 27th and it was a very intense 24 hour-long grand finale that day.


Sunday, December 1, 2013

【蓋婭門戶網站】 在蓋婭所有層面上眼睛都睜開了,隨著贈送的能量展開

Eyes are opened on all levels of Gaia as unfoldment of Gifting Energies occurs
30 Nov 2013


Eyes are opened on all levels of Gaia as unfoldment of Gifting Energies occurs.


Such energetics present to all of hu-manity gifts of awakening, also to be called "Gifts of Prime Consciousness".


Subsequent unveiling presents actualities of Ascension as needed.


Friday, November 29, 2013

【柯博拉】 2013年11月28日訊息

The Jesuit Agenda
Thursday, November 28, 2013

柯博拉 Cobra 2013年11月28日訊息

The Jesuit agenda is to infiltrate the Eastern Alliance with its agents and hijack the process of creating the new financial system. Needless to say, top people within the Eastern Alliance are aware of this and will not let it happen. Also, top members of the White Dragon Society have learned their lesson after their predecessors were fooled decades ago when they surrendered much of their gold to Jesuit agents for worthless pieces of paper (US government bonds). The White Dragons are much more careful now, especially as the Jesuits are trying to infiltrate them through Te-Wu, the Chinese secret intelligence agency.


The Jesuit plan is to let the Light forces purge the Illuminazi faction (Rockefeller, Bush, Kissinger, Cheney & Co.) and then secretly team up with the Rothschilds to take over the process of creating the new financial system. Their agents are present on endless negotiations for the surrender of the Cabal and they are trying to steer the agreements closer to the Jesuit agenda. This is the source of proposals to make the Pope the new M1 (monetary controller). This is the reason why the new Jesuit Pope is promoting the idea of a central world bank. They are also seriously considering the idea of allowing a worldwide debt jubilee so that they would be portrayed as saviors of humanity under the wings of »benevolent« Catholic church. They would then promote the Catholic cult in a renewed, more publicly appealing way, and gradually absorb other religions into it (starting with Buddhism) until they would reach their goal of a global religious mind programming cult, at the same time keeping all past atrocities of the Catholic church under the carpet.

耶穌會的計劃是讓光明勢力清洗光明會派系(洛克菲勒,布什,基辛格,切尼等),然後秘密聯合羅斯柴爾德接管新金融系統建立的進程。他們的代理人通過陰謀集團無盡的投降談判,嘗試把協議引導至更接近耶穌會的議程上。這就是讓教宗成為新的M1(貨幣控制者)的建議的來源。這就是新的耶穌會教皇推行世界中央銀行構想的原因。他們也認真地考慮著來一次世界債務免除(debt jubilee),好讓他們在"仁慈的"天主教會庇護下扮演成為人類救世主的角色。然後他們還想推行更新的天主教禮拜,以更能吸引大眾的方式,逐漸把其他宗教吸收進去(從佛教開始),直到他們達至一個全球宗教思想編程禮拜的目標。同時,把過去所有天主教會的暴行掩藏在地毯下面。

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

【銀河聯邦】 Sheldan Nidle 2013年11月26日訊息

Sheldan Nidle - November 26, 2013

Sheldan Nidle - 2013年11月26日訊息

Selamat Balik! We return with more good news! The various groups that are setting up the final configurations for the new financial system are starting to oversee the last days of the dark's odious system. A vast global currency reset is ready to manifest. The first stage of this complex procedure is underway. The rest of this new system will emerge when the new governance comes online. We have observed carefully as the numerous factions that comprise our Earth allies work diligently to move your world toward a new and permanent prosperity. Meanwhile, legal brakes to the dark's rule are being applied. Numerous governments around your globe are feeling the pressure upon their continued corruption and outright favoritism of the wealthier sections of your respective society. This type of governance no longer works. For too long it has created a non-responsive government that can no longer be tolerated. Hence, a movement toward a global revolution grows daily. The new governance and financial systems will creatively resolve these problems.


【柯博拉】 2013年11月25日訊息

Opening of the Aion Portal Report
Monday, November 25, 2013

柯博拉 Cobra 2013年11月25日訊息

We have opened the Aion portal!  We have reached the critical mass! The videos alone had more than 200,000 views and countless thousands of people were activating the portal worldwide.

我們成功開啟Aion門戶了! 冥想人數達到了臨界質量! 光是冥想短片就有超過二十萬人點閱,而且全世界有成千上萬的人參與了啟動冥想。

It is not a coincidence that historic Iran nuclear agreement was reached within hours after opening of the Aion portal:


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

【本傑明·富爾福德】 2013年11月25日訊息

Formal notice has been given to the Sabbatean mafia: start saving the planet or else
Benjamin Fulford, Nov 25, 2013

本傑明·富爾福德 2013年11月25日訊息

The following notice and question was sent to the US embassy in Tokyo, Japan two weeks ago:


“A group of influential Asian banking families possesses large amounts of US government bonds, verified as genuine by the BIS, with a face value of many trillions of dollars. These bonds were issued in the 1930’s and 40’s in exchange for Asian gold evacuated to the US during those decades. They would like to cash the bonds and use the money to finance a massive campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction. Will the US government support such a plan?”


Monday, November 25, 2013

【蒙陶克.凱恩】 2013年11月24日訊息

Montague Keen - Nov 24, 2013

蒙陶克凱恩 2013年11月24日訊息

Veronica, my dear, it is happening: people are being lead to the truth as if by accident. It matters not what route they take, it is happening. People, who in the not too distant past, were totally blind to the truth, are now waking up. The excitement this creates produces a light so magnificient, it can never be extinguished.


You dear ladies, Jean [What's the 'Real' Truth] and Debby [ExtraTerrestrials] have played leading roles in the awakening of humanity. You trusted your innate instincts, for in your hearts you knew that you were on the right track. It was no accident that you resonated with what was told to you about Ireland, as you knew in your souls that this path must be followed in order to expose the truth that cannot be found in any other place. For that little island holds the key that will release you from the shackles of the Cabal and all that is false and negative. Because the Cabal has always feared the truth coming out, it has done all it can in its mighty power throughout history, to ensure that Ireland and her secrets remain hidden forever.

你親愛的女士,瓊《什麼是真正的“真相”》[What's the 'Real' Truth] 以及黛比的《外星生命》 [ExtraTerrestrials]已扮演了先驅者的角色帶給人類的覺醒。你對自己內在的直覺是信任的,因為你的心知道自己一直就在正確的軌道上。你對自己曾經被告知關於愛爾蘭的事情所產生的共鳴並非是意外,因為在你們的靈魂中明白這條道路必須被跟隨,為了曝光那些在其他任何地方無法發現的真相。因為這個小小的島嶼持有著關鍵的鑰匙,把你們從陰謀集團的枷鎖中解放,還有所有錯誤和虛假負面的一切。因為陰謀集團一直都害怕真相的流出,在整個歷史中它以其壓迫一切的權力做到了這點,確保愛爾蘭和她的神秘永遠被隱藏。


Interview Transcription: Elizabeth Whitney and Cobra
Recorded by Skype in Point Reyes Station, November 16, 2013


Elizabeth:  I’d like to start our conversation with a big overview of the Fukushima situation, largely because so many people here on the west coast have expressed a lot of anxiety about it. There was something in our paper today from one of the columnists about not eating seafood. If you could give us a little different perspective on that situation, how it happened and what’s going on now and what the prognosis is, that would be a very helpful way to introduce where you are coming from.

Elizabeth: 我想以福島情況的概覽來開始我們的談話,因為(美國)西岸很多人表達出深深的焦慮。今天的報紙上有個專欄作家說不要吃海鮮。你能不能在這個情況上給我們一個不同的視角,事情怎麼發生的,現在怎樣,之後如何。這是一個很有説明的方式來介紹你來自哪裡。

COBRA: This Fukushima situation is a creation of the Jesuits. [Cobra means a small faction of the Cabal within the Jesuits representing about 10% of the Jesuit community.] The reason they triggered this false flag event was they wanted to exert pressure on Japan to get more funds for their operations. It is interesting to know that this event happened on March 11, 2011, which was one day before Uranus entered a new 84 -year cycle. So the moment of this was chosen according to astrological constellations. The second purpose of this event was to put more fear into the general human population because the vibrational frequency of fear is the frequency that allows the controllers to maintain control over the human population. I would say that most stories about radiation are exaggeration. I have seen reports of actual measurements of radiation exposure in California and they are not above normal. Everything is as it was before the Fukushima event. So this is a short overview of the situation.

COBRA: 現在福島的情況是耶穌會的產物(柯博拉意旨陰謀集團中的一小分支在耶穌會內,他們佔了耶穌會社群的10%的比例)。他們引發這次虛假事件是想向日方施壓,為他們的行動敲詐更多的資金。有趣的是,這次事件發生於2011年3月11日,也就是天王星進入新的84年週期的前一天。所以選擇這個時機是根據占星星象決定的。這個事件的第二個目的是把更多恐懼釋放到人類大眾之中。因為恐懼的振動頻率能讓控制者們維持人類大眾的控制。我會說有關輻射的大部分故事都有誇大成份。我看過了真實的加利福尼亞輻射測量報告,沒有超出正常值,一切跟福島事件之前一樣。這就是對局勢的簡單概述。

【Matthew Ward】 2013年11月22日訊息

Matthew Ward — November 22, 2013

馬修·沃德 - 2013年11月22日

Typhoon Haiyan, mass agreement of souls; assassination of US President John F. Kennedy, his message; comet Ison; ET assistance from antiquity to date; ho'oponopono

台風海燕, 大規模靈魂的協議; 肯尼迪總統的刺殺, 他的訊息; 彗星ISON; 外星種族從古至今的援助; ho'oponopono

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. First we shall speak about a matter that has touched hearts everywhere. Typhoon Haiyan is profoundly tragic for everyone who lost dear family and friends, homes and businesses—they don’t know that at soul level they agreed to be part of this major act of planetary cleansing. Because releasing accruing negativity was essential to keep Earth progressing toward balance, all the people whose physical lives ended and the millions who are struggling in the storm’s aftermath embraced the opportunity to evolve by participating as they did.


Friday, November 22, 2013

【柯博拉】 2013年11月21日訊息

Intel Update Before the Aion Portal Activation
Thursday, November 21, 2013

柯博拉 Cobra 2013年11月21日訊息

Energies are building up for the Aion portal activation.


We are less than a few weeks ago from the solar magnetic field reversal:


Also, comet ISON is approaching its perihelion. This comet is heralding the shift of the ages. Its energy is triggering an awareness of the completion of important cosmic cycles.


【柯博拉】 2013年11月14日訊息

A New Cobra Interview in Italian / English
Thursday, November 14, 2013

柯博拉 Cobra 2013年11月14日訊息

This new interview was created for the Italian population, but can be interesting for people worldwide. It was conducted in Italian and simultaneously translated into English. The interview begins at 4:40 minute mark:

這個新的訪談是為義大利民眾而做的訪談,但是可能全世界的人們都會有興趣。它是在義大利進行並同時翻譯成英語。採訪在 4:40 分鐘的標記處開始:

You can read the transcript here:




Here is the interview with Cobra that was in Italian\English. Please excuse any typos.


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

【蓋婭門戶網站】 蓋婭母親的第一選擇此刻被接納

First choices of Gaia mother are embraced at this moment
19 Nov 2013


First choices of Gaia Mother are embraced at this moment.


All Gaia Ascension grids and expanded portals are moving.


Shifts of grid points are necessary to accommodate increased acceptance of Higher Dimensionals by hu-manity.


【銀河聯邦】 Sheldan Nidle 2013年11月19日訊息

Sheldan Nidle - November 19, 2013

Sheldan Nidle - 2013年11月19日訊息

Selamat Bratzo! We come with a report on what is forming around your globe. At present, the dark is being forced to give up a great deal of its earthly wealth and power. Consequently, all the major governments on your world are either bankrupt or nearly bankrupt. This fact is being hidden to maintain the current ruse without arousing the ire and panic that will ensue when this truth is made public. The true wealth of your global societies will only appear when a global currency reset manifests, founded on gold-backed currencies. This reality is quite close to being revealed to the public. When these announcements are made, they will also speak of a new series of interim governments. Right now, sensitive negotiations are concluding to permit all of this to happen. Our Earth allies are now in a position of power and are doing what is required to make this difficult transition run as smoothly as possible. The special moment will soon arrive for all of us to give this planet and its surface population a most miraculous gift.

Selamat Bratzo! (天狼星語“處在滿足中!”)。我們帶來一個報導,有關在你們的世界什麼正在形成。目前,黑暗力量正被迫放棄其大量的地球上的財富和權力。結果,你們世界上的主要政府要麼已經破產了要麼接近破產。這個事實被隱藏起來是為了維持當前的策略以便不引起憤怒和恐慌,(憤怒和恐慌會在公開真相時相繼發生)。你們全球社會的真正財富僅僅在全球貨幣重置顯化時才會出現,全球貨幣重置是建立在黃金支撐的貨幣上。這個現實已經非常接近於向公眾揭示啦。當宣佈這些公告時,他們也將說起一系列新的臨時政府。現在,一些敏感的談判正在得出結論來使得這一切發生。我們的地球盟友現在處在權力位置上,正做著所需的一切來使得這困難的過渡盡可能順利的進行。這一特殊的時刻很快就會來臨,為我們所有人給予這個星球和其地表人口一個最不可思議的禮物。

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

【蓋婭門戶網站】 更高光的火焰裝飾蓋婭地表的門戶

Fires of higher light emblazon portals upon Gaia earth surface
18 Nov 2013


Fires of Higher Light emblazon Portals upon Gaia Earth surface.


Each Portal is emblazoned.


Softening occurs as Hue-manity embraces the Fires.


【蒙陶克.凱恩】 2013年11月17日訊息

Montague Keen - Nov 17, 2013

蒙陶克凱恩 2013年11月17日訊息


T H Huxley



You are ready now to see clearly the control grid that had enclosed your minds and kept you as slaves. Never fear the truth. It is now most important that you give time and effort to exploring it.


【Drake】 第納爾貨幣重估第一步 - Drake報告全球金融重置在即

Drake Bailey
Thur, November 14, 2013
Subject: Dinar RV Brings Great Thanksgiving 2013


Dinar RV Imminent – RJ Hender

Iraqi Dinar Reality – Officials Admit Dinar RV On It's Way

RJ,   On Drake's radio show last night, for the first time in several months, he provided truly significant information.  I promised to report to you in that event.  Here are my notes:


【本傑明·富爾福德】 2013年11月18日訊息

Cabal is in surrender negotiations; 
told to hand over $700 trillion or $10,000 for each human
Benjamin Fulford, Nov 18, 2013

本傑明·富爾福德 2013年11月18日訊息

Representatives of a committee of 15 individuals, who claim to be in charge of the system for creating and distributing US dollars and most other privately owned central bank currencies, are trying to arrange a peace agreement for the cabal. They agreed last week, in negotiations with a White Dragon Society representative, to initially make available $700 trillion, or $10,000 for each man, woman and child on the planet earth to be delivered in the form of goods and services. They also agreed to debt forgiveness for all nations including, they say, some debts that date back to the 1700’s. They also agreed to forgive most individual debts.

一團宣稱是負責創造和流通美元的15人小組代表,以及其他私人持有的中央銀行貨幣的人,他們賞試為陰謀集團安排一個和平協議。上星期他們同意,在與白龍會的代表的談判中,會先提供700兆或是10000美元給全世界不論男女老幼每一個人,以物品和購買服務方式交付。他們同時同意取消所有國家的債務,他們說, 包括某些債務可以追溯回1700年代。他們也同意取消大部份的個人債務。

Monday, November 18, 2013

【柯博拉】 2013年11月17日訊息

A Short Notice To The General Population
Sunday, November 17, 2013

柯博拉 Cobra 2013年11月17日訊息

There is a lot happening behind the scenes. I will be able to release much new intel after the activation of the Aion portal on November 23rd. Until then you can enjoy a new video about the compression breakthrough to prepare for the activation:


Victory NOW! Liberation NOW!

勝利就是現在! 解放就是現在!

附注: 柯博拉接受Elizabeth Whitney採訪談及AION啟動的內容

伊穌,艾頓,賽若亞和造物主源頭 - 不可避免的轉變

Esu, Aton, Siraya, and Creator Source All Speak of Inevitable Change
By Jess Anthony
Nov 15, 2013 - 2:26:01 PM

伊穌,艾頓,賽若亞和造物主源頭 - 不可避免的轉變


Comments today? I'm eager to hear what is appropriate for me to communicate.  A variety of sources are fine, if that is better.


Jess, there is a variety of speakers today. This is Esu first. I have much to say to prepare for what is to come. The time has arrived for closure and evolution. Many things we have told you in our various voices have come to fruition. We see a political chaos and a financial collapse ready to happen. We have taken charge of both situations and are now poised to make the pushes needed to topple the precarious balance.


Friday, November 15, 2013

【大衛艾克】 2013年6月6日 - 彼爾德伯格會議外演講

David Icke Addresses Thousands at Bilderberg protest
6 June 2013

大衛艾克 - 彼爾德伯格會議外演講


* 現在開始,讀者可使用Facebook登入留言

Thursday, November 14, 2013

【蓋婭門戶網站】 此刻意圖的簡潔被蓋婭能量結構所要求

Succinctness of intent is called for by Gaia energetic structures at this time
14 Nov 2013


Succinctness of intent is called for by Gaia energetic structures at this time.


Hue-manity is currently requested to REAL-ize actual Gaia request and to discern alternative ego desire.


Rising above the “sense-perceptibles” is required for such REAL-ization.


【銀河聯邦】 Sheldan Nidle 2013年11月12日訊息

Sheldan Nidle - November 12, 2013

Sheldan Nidle - 2013年11月12日訊息

Selamat Bratzo! (Sirian for "Be in Satisfaction!") Numerous events are merging so that truly exciting things can manifest. The two most important items are the new governance and the prosperity deliveries. We are working diligently to effect these changes. Those in charge of these projects realize that the present state of your many global societies and the near collapse of your global financial system can no longer be tolerated. The excesses of the world's major banks still continue. They have even outstripped the events leading up to the financial collapse of 2008. In addition, the areas of corruption now include basically all stock and commodity markets. Massive "price fixing" is so common and the degree of ill-gotten gains so massive that something quite drastic needs to be done. Our Earth allies know what must now occur. It is time to "drop the hammer" and put a quick end to these illegal manipulations. It is time as well for a massive redistribution of wealth on this world. Things long delayed must now come to pass.

Selamat Bratzo! (天狼星語“處在滿足中!”)。許多事件正在合並以便於真正興奮的事情可以顯化。兩個最重要的事項是新政府和繁榮(基金)的交付。我們正勤勉的工作實現這些變化。那些負責這些項目的人們意識到你們全球許多社會的當前狀態和你們全球金融體系接近崩潰的狀態不能再被容忍了。世界主要銀行的過度(金融行為)仍在繼續著。他們甚至已經超過了2008年導致金融崩潰時的那些事件。此外,腐敗的領域現在基本上包括了所有的股票市場和商品市場。大規模的“價格壟斷”是如此的平常,不正當收益的程度是如此之大以致於做某些激烈的事情(來改變現狀)。我們的地球盟友知道哪些事情現在一定要發生了。是時候“加大油門”了,並且快速終結這些非法的操縱行為。也是時候大規模重新分配這個世界上的財富了。長期延遲的事情現在一定要發生了。

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

【蓋婭門戶網站】 能量系統的加速通過11-11門戶在內在和所謂的外在帶來加速的變化

Quickening of energy systems via the 11-11 portal brings accelerated changes
12 Nov 2013


Quickening of energy systems via the 11-11 portal brings accelerated changes in the inner and so-called outer.


Increased levels of hu-man (hu-being) and Hue-Being participation have allowed expansion of portal breadth and depth.


Expected results include enhanced sensitivity to energetic changes by “hu-manity” class of beings, upgraded mission awareness by Hue-Manity, and highly accelerated consciousness upgrades in all Gaia groups.


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