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【本傑明·富爾福德】 2013年1月28日信息

The Sabbatean Mafia And Vatican P2 Lodge Are On What Will Be Their Final Offensive
Benjamin Fulford, January 28, 2013

本傑明·富爾福德 2013年1月28日信息

The Vatican P2 lodge, with their plan for a fascist world government, has started a massive world-wide offensive on multiple fronts. In Davos, Switzerland, for example, they are making wonderfully optimistic pronouncements that are totally in contrast the underlying reality. In Japan, meanwhile, they handed out massive bribes via Lord Sassoon to set up an 82-member faction of MPs within the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, according to White Dragon Society sources. In the US, their man Obama and his gun-grabbing campaign has blown up in their faces. Also, old and powerless old war-horses like Henry Kissinger are being trotted out (and ignored) as they threaten war with Iran for the umpteenth zillionth time.

梵蒂岡P2共濟會,他們以建立一個世界法西斯政府的計劃已經在全球多個領域開始實施大規模攻勢。以瑞士的達沃斯為例,他們作出了非常樂觀的聲明,但與現實基礎卻完全相反。同時在日本,他們通過沙遜勛爵(Lord Sassoon 英國財政部商務大臣)分發巨額賄賂來建立在執政的自民黨中有其82個成員的派系,根據白龍會消息。在美國,他們的人奧巴馬和他的槍支管制運動已經在他們臉上炸開了花。同樣,老而無力的老戰馬像亨利基辛格被拉出來炫耀(被忽視)被當作無數次他們對伊朗威脅要發動戰爭。

【銀河聯邦】 Sheldan Nidle 2013年1月29日信息

Sheldan Nidle - January 29, 2013

Sheldan Nidle - 2013年1月29日信息

Dratzo! We return! Your world is being held in a sacred limbo, awaiting the magic touch that only Heaven can provide. Heaven decreed a short delay in order to afford humanity an integration period into these very new energies. Long ago, when the Anunnaki wished to rule over you, a special agreement was put forth which stipulated that the period of dark rule would only be allowed for around 13 millennia. This time has come and is well and truly gone. The collapse of the many timelines into one was the final verification for the dark's earthly minions that the moment for transformation has arrived. Now there is a brief transition during which the dark's soldiers are to surrender and let the new epoch commence. The dark, as ever, has arrogantly refused this offer and so, under Heaven's strict command, we have removed a number of these recalcitrants and placed them under the supervision of a group of Agarthan and Federation personnel. This group now has a considerable number of these individuals in safekeeping, and these numbers will no doubt continue to grow until this issue is fully resolved.

祝福!我們回來了!你們的世界正被保持在一個神聖的中間狀態中(sacred limbo),等待著魔術發生,這只有天堂能夠提供。天堂頒佈了一個短的延遲,以便給人類提供一個進入這些非常新的能量中的整合期。很久之前,當阿努那奇希望統治你們的時候,達成了一個特殊的協議,協議規定黑暗統治期將僅僅允許持續13個千年左右(1萬3千年)。時間已經到了,並且確實已經過了。許多時間線塌縮進入一個時間線,對地球上的黑暗的奴僕來說,這是最終的確認,確認轉變的時刻已經來臨了。現在,有一個短暫的過渡期,在此期間,黑暗的士兵將要投降,並讓新時代開始。黑暗一方,像以往一樣,傲慢地拒絕了這個提議,因此,在天堂嚴格的命令下,我們已經移除了許多這些抵抗者,並將他們置於一組阿加森和銀河聯邦職員的監管下。這組職員現在使數量眾多的這些(抵抗者)個體處於妥善監管中,並且毫無疑問這些數字會持續增長,直到這個問題被完全解決。

【蓋婭門戶網站】 重大的能量轉變在2013.2.13這段期間發生

Major energetic shifts through 2-13-2013
29 JAN 2013


Major energetic shifts are to be expected through the date of 2-13-2013. Although actual calendar dates are not significant to us, the numerological aspect of the 2-13-2013 are significant. Acceleration on a grand scale (increased volume and intensity) of the “rectification” [prior post] are to be expected.


【蓋婭門戶網站】 所有前線光之存有的糾正當前正在進行

Rectification of all front line Light Beings ongoing
29 JAN 2013


Rectification of all front line Light Beings is currently ongoing. Such beings will note a heightened sense of purpose; others will note a heightened desire for change in local circumstances.


Inner Recognition of the “Higher Calling” is paramount. Continuous release of paradigms as recent as the prior moment is required.


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

【天父源頭】 完善你的接待本領

Perfect Your Hosting Skills
By Source thru hazel
Jan 22, 2013 - 11:35:14 PM


It is unfathomable to many that they are receptacles of MY LIGHT. They cannot comprehend that the presence of God, the Divine, rest in the vehicle upon which their mind is registered.


I AM the interminable aspect housed within you, which is released upon termination of mortal life. You are MY host throughout the entirety of your experience.  I wish you to see it from this perspective. You host MY presence. What does this conjure to you?


Monday, January 28, 2013

【蒙陶克.凱恩】 2013年1月27日信息

Montague Keen - January 27, 2013

蒙陶克凱恩 2013年1月27日信息

With enlightenment, you are experiencing a greater understanding of the illusion that was used to keep you enslaved. You are seeing the Light and with the light comes love, and this love reconnects you with God (All That Is). You are returning to the universal fold. Link with this love energy, as where there is love, there cannot be fear or illness. Learn once more, to look with love on everything, even those you were encouraged to fear. Your love will dissipate their power over you. Love yourself: this is so important, for if you cannot love yourself, you cannot love anyone or anything else.


【Hilarion】 2013年1月27日 - 2月3日信息

Hilarion January 27 – February 3, 2013

Hilarion 2013年1月27日 - 2月3日信息

Beloved Ones,

As each of you move deeper into the inner recesses of your Being, you are finding the opportunities to bring to the surface that which needs completion. During these times, give compassion to yourselves and all those who are involved in whatever situations come up. This is a time of bringing deeper understanding and knowledge from within you and for bringing peace and equilibrium in order that you may experience a greater lightness of being as you connect to the well of creativity and abundance that bubbles just beneath the surface.



【蓋婭門戶網站】 揚升能量結構的最終化正在進行中

Finalization of ascendance energy structures is in process
27 JAN 2013


Finalization of ascendance energy structures is in process. Priorities are given now to individualized optimization of human structures, of 3D, 4D, 5D. Sweeping transformation occurs within each consciousness unit.



xiaohaozi0716 翻譯

Sunday, January 27, 2013

【眼鏡蛇】 2013年1月26日信息

Cobra Portal Conference in London
Posted by Cobra at January 26, 2013

眼鏡蛇 2013年1月26日信息

After the successful activation of the 12-21-2012 portal in Egypt, we are beginning with a new cycle of Cobra conferences.


There people will receive more in-depth intel and will be able to ask questions. The locations of those conferences are strategically positioned on planetary vortex points to enhance the planetary Light body grid. The purpose of the conferences is twofold: to strengthen the planetary Light body with vortex activations and to bring some Light and clarity in the minds of dedicated lightworkers. Each of the conferences will be a unique energetic event. You can help making this viral by posting this information on your websites, blogs and facebook.


Friday, January 25, 2013

【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 2013年1月25日信息

SaLuSa - January 25, 2013

SaLuSa - 2013年1月25日信息

We salute those of you who have continued to wear the mantle of Love and Light, and are making a path into the New Age. The goals you are aiming for are nearer than ever, and your persistence in helping them manifest will soon bring results. With the dark Ones in retreat and unable to muster sufficient support to continue as before, our allies are making much quicker progress. Many actions are coming to a head, and we hope to arrange for some really positive signs to convince you. We refrain from giving precise details as so many factors are involved, but we try to give you some indication of what is happening. Currently all matters are proceeding satisfactorily and now less likely to be changed due to any outside interference. The foundation for the changes was laid down a long time ago, and about to yield results.



Russische Medien: UFOs sind echt und wir haben Beweise.. (23. Januar 2013)
vonerst-kontakt@2013-01-24 – 17:50:31


Nach dem Motto im Westen nichts neues kommt dafür im Osten umso mehr in Bewegung und so wagen jetzt russische Medien immer mehr den Schritt hin zur offiziellen UFO-Enthüllung...


Sehen Sie im folgenden einen Videobericht (bis jetzt nur in russischer Sprache verfügbar) der russischen Medienplattform mit dem bezeichnenden Titel: UFOs sind echt und wir haben die Beweise...



Thursday, January 24, 2013

【蓋婭門戶網站】 擾動和置換過時范式正隨著不斷增加的頻率而發生

Disturbance and displacement of outdated paradigms occurs with increased frequency
24 JAN 2013


Disturbance and displacement of outdated paradigms occurs with increased frequency, and leads to rapid dissolution of 3D security grids. Those unwilling to accept such displacements experience intensified individually configured vortices of recognition. These vortices bring outdated paradigms into awareness, often during meditation and/or sleep times.

擾動和置換過時范式正隨著不斷增加的頻率而發生,這引起3D安全柵格的快速溶解。那些不願意接受這樣置換的人們(正)經歷強烈的針對於每個人的認知的漩渦(vortices of recognition)。這些漩渦將過時的范式帶入到意識中,通常是在冥想和/或睡覺時間。


Russia Orders Obama: Tell World About Aliens, Or We Will
January 22, 2013


A stunning Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) report on Prime Minister Medvedev’s [photo top left] agenda at the World Economic Forum (WEF) this week states that Russia will warn President Obama that the “time has come” for the world to know the truth about aliens, and if the United States won’t participate in the announcement, the Kremlin will do so on its own.


The WEF (The Forum) is a Swiss non-profit foundation, based in Cologny, Geneva and describes itself as an independent international organization committed to improving the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas.


【Matthew Ward】 2013年1月19日信息

Matthew Ward — January 19, 2013

馬修·沃德 - 2013年1月19日信息

Dark forces, darkness, dark ones; ascension status; effect of December solstice on Earth’s residents; another civilization’s ascension; global spotlight on women, weapons; traveling through fourth density


With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Pondering and puzzlement are in some lightworkers’ thoughts. Here you are almost three weeks into your year 2013; not only has nothing occurred in the way of substantial reforms, but there is talk of another war zone and a deadly hostage situation in Algeria, random violence continues and the plight of refugees grows. Don’t those show that Earth still is in darkness?


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

【銀河聯邦】 Sheldan Nidle 2013年1月22日信息

Sheldan Nidle - January 22, 2013

Sheldan Nidle - 2013年1月22日信息

Dratzo! We return! Your world is still caught in an in-between reality-state as Heaven prepares to signal the much-awaited green light. We are setting up special liaison teams to monitor what is shortly to happen. The coming announcements by your new governance will mark the end of a long era of dark control, during which wars, economic upheavals, and other widespread forms of discord characterized the ups and downs of numerous regimes over the course of this old form of governance. It is to be replaced by an interim administration which will prepare the way for a duly elected one and set up new rules and by-laws regarding the general operating standards of the first of your new de jure governments. Contained within the new rules are the new financial and monetary systems based on hard currency, open rules of banking, and an end to large multiservice banking conglomerates. Furthermore, the way will be opened up to get a formal disclosure announced, and the many provisions of NESARA introduced and applied. This will establish a new relationship between individuals and their national governance.


【眼鏡蛇】 2013年1月22日信息

Short Situation Update
Posted by Cobra at January 22, 2013

眼鏡蛇 2013年1月22日信息

Yesterday, the basic Matrix structure of the etheric Archon grid in all layers between 110 feet and 8.6 miles above and below the surface profile of the planet has collapsed, much Light has arrived in those layers and negative etheric entities are either in hiding inside the remaining black holes in those layers or escaping from the incoming Light towards the innermost layer which is situated between zero and 110 feet above and below the surface profile. Layers between 110 feet and 8.6 miles are not yet clear but are in much better condition than anytime since the last Archon invasion in 1996.


These events have increased the concentration of those entities in the innermost layer, where the etheric Matrix is still intact, and this is the reason of the pressure that many people are experiencing right now.  It is very important to bring as much Light as possible in this layer simply by doing the Weekly Liberation Meditation any moment you feel guided to, not only on Sundays.


【蓋婭門戶網站】 接入5D柵格(的權限)已經被擴展

Access to 5D grids has been expanded
22 JAN 2013


Access to 5D grids has been expanded to allow more Gaia earth personnel to connect to instructions from Galactic Source. Telepathic communications from Source, via 5D pathways, is now available to an expanded base of humanity. This eases restrictions on upward movement for Gaia and permits accelerated evolution on all levels, 3D, 4D, 5D.



xiaohaozi0716 翻譯

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

【本傑明·富爾福德】 2013年1月21日信息

Are Western Powers Trying To Start War In Asia To Distract Attention From Their Sahara Land Grab?
Benjamin Fulford, January 21, 2013

本傑明·富爾福德 2013年1月21日信息

It is hard for many of us aware folks to realize that many people still believe Zionist newspaper accounts that label “Al CIAda” as an Islamic movement. These days though, even the brain-washed slaves getting their information from so-called newspapers like the Jew York Times must be suffering from cognitive dissonance as they read the West is supporting Al CIAda in Syria and Libya but fighting against them in Mali and Algeria.

對我們大多數覺醒的人們來說很難意識到很多人依然相信猶太復國主義者的報紙把“Al(美國軍團) CIAda(身份認証碼統一發放)”標注為一個伊斯蘭運動。但這些天,即使被洗腦的奴隸們從所謂的報紙像猶太人紐約時報那裡得到信息也必定正在遭受內心衝突,正如他們讀到的,西方正在敘利亞和利比亞支持Al CIAda運動,卻在馬裡和阿爾及利亞跟他們鬥爭。

Monday, January 21, 2013

【基督麥克】 奧巴馬不是那再臨者

Obama is NOT The 2nd Coming
Christ Michael thru Candace
January 18, 2013


Dearly beloved readers of AbundantHope,  today Newsweek magazine's new issue has on its cover, Obama, the 2nd Coming.  This is quite an insult to the process of the real 2nd Coming and the reference relates him subtly to being the reincarnation of LIncoln, as to what was done on the net more than 4 years ago. This is man is not the reincarnation of LIncoln, then or now.  He is not fully human.  This current "copy" had head scars because he has a computer in his head. Hardly a LIncoln.


【Hilarion】 2013年1月20日 - 27日信息

Hilarion January 20 – 27, 2013

Hilarion 2013年1月20日 - 27日信息

Beloved Ones,

As you move forward upon your individual path, you will notice the subtle changes occurring within your own bodies and energetic systems and you will marvel at the role of conduit you are playing. The energies flow through you at certain periods of each day and radiate out into the World around you. This then, is the contribution you are making to bring in the higher frequencies and in anchoring these upon and within the Earth, no matter the seeming chaos around you.



Saturday, January 19, 2013

【眼鏡蛇】 2013年1月17日信息

Return of the Vortex
Posted by Cobra at January 17, 2013

眼鏡蛇 2013年1月17日信息




Friday, January 18, 2013

【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 2013年1月18日信息

SaLuSa - January 18, 2013

SaLuSa - 2013年1月18日信息

Nothing has put your progress back where Ascension is concerned, and all proceeds in an acceptable way. Somewhere along your path and not too far into the future, your civilization will fully ascend as planned. At that time you will have achieved a point of critical mass, and it will not depend on anything else for its success. So it is now up to you to create the circumstances by which it can be achieved, by keeping a powerful focus on all that you desire. Do not lose sight of the fact that all of the time you are creating your future, and many parallel worlds. Be sure of what it is you want and place your intent upon all that is pure and wholesome, and for the betterment of all.


【Joe Martino】 為什麼媒體對最近和平的冰島革命保持沉默?

Why Did The Media Keep The Recent Peaceful Icelandic Revolution Quiet?
Joe Martino - January 11, 2013

Joe Martino - 2013年1月11日

Did you know about the peaceful Icelandic revolution that took place over the last 5 years? If you didn’t, it is likely because it was never televised or talked about very much at all on mainstream news. One would have to be part of the right websites or Facebook pages to even find out that this has been going on. Why is this the case? Why keep something so monumental hidden from the public?


First let’s discuss what took place with this revolution, then it will become much more clear as to why this was never televised.


Thursday, January 17, 2013

【Hatonn】 2013年1月16日信息

Hatonn - January 16, 2013

Hatonn - 2013年1月16日信息

I have a matter of importance that I wish to discuss with you. It is that of the coming involvement with all of you in the interim of the coming Inauguration. There is to be an appearance of a certain party who will have some words for all of mankind. It is going to be a short interlude and there will be a presentation made by this person that will shock some and satisfy others that they are not crazy in their knowledge of what is at the root of all of this reality.


I speak of the one that has been said to appear at this event and who will bring a certain amount of surprise to the festivities. When this takes place it will be as if there was an interlude of silence, and then all will break loose in disbelief for some and extreme welcome for others. There will be an energy of excitement that will bring many people to an instant realization of what has been being said by us as truth.


【蓋婭門戶網站】 所有蓋婭的意圖線收斂於合一

All Gaia “intention” lines converge to Unity
16 JAN 2013


All Gaia “intention” lines converge to Unity horizon point. As convergence occurs, undulations from these lines are removed, and the paths are made straight.


As Higher Vision is held, convergence to the Unity point is assured. Gaia assists in this process by aligning Cosmic Solar Energies with Gaia Light Body frequencies.


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

【基督麥克】 徹底清理為正在到來的做準備

Clean Up In Preparation For What's to Come
Christ Michael thru Hazel
Jan.14, 2013

基督麥克 通過 海茲兒

I ask that during this time you remain focused on the vision presented to you. It is all too easy to allow the vision to fade in light of non-materialisation of events. Refrain from entertaining dubious or delinquent thoughts. Do not allow them to trespass into the domain of your knowing mind.


What you cannot see cannot be put into words. Events are taking place etherically that will soon transpire in your material spheres. You cannot see US working but it does not mean that WE aren’t. You cannot yet see the fruits of OUR labour, but it does not mean you won’t. Oft times the effort must be invested over a period of time before momentum is gained. As I explained to this scribe when the movement occurs it will not be slow but swift. The wheel shall propel forwards without recess. Do not lose the hope in what you aspire to accomplish, but seek ME to engage with you that you may be given into the knowledge of the steps to be taken to put your mission in order or ‘get it on the road’ as you say.

那些你們無法看見的無法述之於語言。正在以太層面發生的“事件”將很快在你們的物質范疇內發生。你無法看見“我們”在工作,但是這不意味著我們不在工作。你還無法看見“我們”勞動的果實,但是這不意味著你將來不會。在動量獲得之前,常常必須投入一段時期的努力。正如我向這位書記員解釋的那樣,當運動發生的時候,它不會是緩慢的而是迅速的。車輪會向前推進沒有停歇。對那些你渴望實現的事情不要失去希望,而是尋求“我”的參與, 這樣你就能夠得到需要採取什麼步驟才能使你的使命就位或者你們說的“走上正軌”的知識。

【銀河聯邦】 Sheldan Nidle 2013年1月15日信息

Sheldan Nidle - January 15, 2013

Sheldan Nidle - 2013年1月15日信息

Dratzo! We return! Your world continues to move forward toward the day chosen by Heaven for manifesting your new reality. Our Agarthan family informs us that their part in this operation has reached completion. Likewise, our secret sacred allies confirm that their activities have reached the point chosen for them by Heaven. We continue to allow the use of our technology to assist everyone in ensuring that all these interlinked operations are manifested exactly as planned. The one thing now remaining is for us to obtain the final green light from our heavenly hosts. This signal is shortly to be given to us. Until then we wait, watch, and oversee what is so close to happening. Meanwhile, the dark panics and wonders how and when the arrests will take place. At present, they are in a state of some anxiety because many of their co-workers have simply 'disappeared,' and thus they can no longer ignore the fact that the about their non-compliance that have long been presented to them are inescapably real, and that their positions of power are not to last much longer. Their vast fortunes have dwindled and the banking system they control is close to being shut down.


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

【本傑明·富爾福德】 2013年1月14日信息

Signs of Cabal Defeat are Proliferating
Benjamin Fulford, January 14, 2013

本傑明·富爾福德 2013年1月14日信息

Signs that the Satanic cabal is headed for a decisive defeat are proliferating. One clear indication is that even corporate media has begun to report on Satanic paedophiliac ceremonies presided over by the likes of UK media star Jimmy Savile.


Monday, January 14, 2013

【蒙陶克.凱恩】 2013年1月13日信息

Montague Keen - January 13, 2013

蒙陶克凱恩 2013年1月13日信息

This is a difficult time for so many of you as the dark entities infiltrate wherever they can, to cause disruption and chaos in their desperation to survive. Indeed, someone brought such entities into our home recently. The constant disruption to the electricity supply, which has prevented you from carrying out our work, is an example of this interference. It searches out people who get close to you, in order to disrupt our work and cause disharmony where there should be none. I know it is always difficult to make people understand that they have been infiltrated and that they need help to remove the entity. The entity itself convinces them that this is a ridiculous suggestion, and so it continues to control them. This has gone on throughout history. Soon it will no longer be possible to do this.


【Hilarion】 2013年1月13日 - 20日信息

Hilarion January 13 – 20, 2013

Hilarion 2013年1月13日 - 20日信息

Beloved Ones,

As you go about your daily life, you are beginning to notice shifts within your bodies and within your consciousness. It is now becoming much easier to stay in equilibrium most of the time, even when changes occur that might have been unexpected or unforeseen. Life just seems to flow in a harmonious and synchronistic way and as you stay attuned to this flow, living in a physical body upon this Planet becomes easier and more filled with grace.



【蓋婭門戶網站】 多種多樣的能量模式合併開始…

Coalescence of diverse energy patterns begins…
13 JAN 2013


Coalescence of diverse energy patterns (structures) commences as of the 1-13-13. Unique opportunities for Gaia harmonization in particular occur at the 1:13 and 13:13 points. Higher Guidance directs operations at those window points.


To the outer eye seeming unrelated events coalesce to recognizable Higher Symmetry structures, leading to awakening to Higher Purpose for many of the previously human-only (small ‘h’) individuals.


【眼鏡蛇】 2013年1月13日信息

Etheric Liberation Update
Posted by Cobra at January 13, 2013

眼鏡蛇 2013年1月13日信息

There is even more progress being made. The etheric Archon grid in layers between 110 feet and 8.6 miles above and below the surface of the planet is slowly (and in some cases not so slowly) disintegrating due to actions of the Light forces and there are more and more Light beings present in those etheric layers.


In the meantime, the innermost surface etheric layer (up to 110 feet above and below the surface profile) is still pretty dense with few occasional cracks in the Matrix. The main problem remaining is the etheric ELF HAARP technology which keeps the Matrix in this layer in place. You can experience this technology as a low frequency hum or vibration, which you can feel both in your physical and your etheric energy body, as etheric sound tends to propagate through the physical plane as well. You can feel it also as an electrical current in certain parts of your body, a feeling of spatial disorientation (due to strong etheric magnetic field) or a cold energy present around your aura (due to etheric electromagnetic standing wave resonance interfering with your auric membrane). When there will be more awareness about this technology among the awakened part of the surface population, the Light forces will remove it so much more easily.

與此同時,另一方面,地表以太層的最中心部位(地表輪廓上下110英尺內)仍舊相當地沉重稠密,只有少數偶發性的破裂出現在矩陣中。餘留的主要難題是以太的超低頻HAARP技術(ELF HAARP technology),因為它維持著矩陣在這個層面中的運轉。你們可以感受到這項技術表現為一種低頻率的嗡嗡聲或震動感,你們的物質身體和你們的以太能量體都能感覺到,因為以太層面中的聲音具有同時傳播到物質層面中的傾向。你們也可以在你們身體的某些部位感覺到一種電流感,出現空間定向障礙的感覺(由強大的以太磁場造成)或是在你們的光環周圍感覺有一種冰冷的能量(由以太的電磁駐波干擾到你們的光環薄膜造成)。當有更多已經覺醒的地表人群了解到這項技術時,光明勢力就能更輕易地移除它。

Sunday, January 13, 2013

【賽若亞】 驚喜的要素將會促進認識隱藏的實相

By Siraya thru Johan
Jan 12, 2013 - 11:44:56 PM



Greetings My Dearly Beloveds,


This is Siraya, Representative of Papa Source to Orvonton.


Another round of meetings, another round of decisions, yet plenty of reasons not to expect the same as before :


【基督麥克】 事情會突然加速

Things Could Suddenly Accelerate
By CM and Nebadonia thru Johan
 Jan 11, 2013 - 11:58:11 PM


Dearly Beloved Light Workers, Star Seeds, Seeders of Light, Our Children Near and Dear to My and Your Mother Nebadonia's  Heart,


Like We ( CMAton and Mother Nebadonia ) work as One in Purpose and Functioning Together, so is OUR ( Your and My ) Oneness fundamental, in and through the same Mind/Spirit.


Saturday, January 12, 2013

【Cameron Day】 絕不要叫它們“執政官” – 你如何能幫助破除矩陣

Never Call Them Archons – How You Can Help Bust Up the Matrix
By Cameron Day, on January 31st, 2012

絕不要叫它們“執政官” – 你如何能幫助破除矩陣
Cameron Day,2012年1月31日

This article has been 15 years in the making, as it took that long for me to be able to distill this information into an accessible format.  This is going to represent a few very important pieces of the overall puzzle of how we are going to shift this planet and everyone upon it into an ascended frequency of being.  One key aspect of this shift is going to be the “cleaning up of consciousness” of all of humanity, which is no small task, to be sure.  This article will cover in detail the major obstacle to this consciousness clean-up, as well as a solution that needs your help to succeed.


I briefly wrote last year about a “living cloud of shadows” surrounding this planet, populated by energy parasites.  These parasitic beings have chosen to experiment with the illusions of separation, fear, darkness, isolation, conquering, enslavement, pain, suffering, torture, etc. to the strongest degree possible.  In doing so, they have completely cut themselves off from the nourishing Light of Being that supports life in the universe.  The result is that they must energetically nourish themselves by feeding on low-frequency energies that resonate with their chosen mode of expression.

我去年曾簡短地寫過關於一片“活的陰影雲團”(living cloud of shadows)圍繞著這顆星球,其中居住著能量寄生虫。這些寄生體選擇了試驗分離、恐懼、黑暗、隔離、征服、奴役、痛苦、折磨等等諸如此類的幻象,以盡可能最強的程度。這樣做時,它們已經完全切斷了自己和支持宇宙中生命的滋養性的存在之光的聯系。結果是它們必須通過攝食和它們所選擇的表達模式產生共振的低頻能量來在能量上滋養自己。

Friday, January 11, 2013

【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 2013年1月11日信息

SaLuSa - January 11, 2013

SaLuSa - 2013年1月11日信息

Naturally, some people are still unsure of the reason why the 21st. December was a relatively quiet affair, but we would emphasize that as a civilization you took a great step forward. What is now important is that you continue to focus on all that you wish to be manifested, and you will see it gradually take place. Now that you have left the lower energies behind it will be easier to achieve results, as you will no longer be impeded or held back. Progress as we measure it is the level to which you can raise your consciousness, and it did not reach the expected or desired level before Ascension date. If your intent had been more powerful the result may have been more successful, but you did bring success much nearer than previously. Dear Ones, 21.12. was a success for many individuals, and be assured each soul will have received the higher energies. That can only have been good news because it means that the vibrations upon Earth have risen up, and you have moved that much further into the New Age.


【基督麥克】 針對性信息:更新你的應急儲備

Refresh your Emergency supplies
Jan 11, 2013 - 11:16:33 PM


Beloveds, it is time to reconsider your preparation and look at your stocks. Keep CASH on hand. There are several situations which could manifest. Those in quake zones, in particular have on hand water and related needs that would become very unobtainable. Electricity could fail because of the nature of grid systesm well beyond the area of any serious quakes. Please make sure you have adequate preparations. Michael of Nebadon



【蓋婭門戶網站】 隨著更高維度柵格的加強,較低能量形式的堅持正在減少

Persistence of lower energy forms is diminished, as Higher D grids strengthen
10 JAN 2013


Persistence of lower energy forms is diminished, as Higher D grids strengthen.


Discernment and Selection of thought seeds becomes increasingly paramount. All of Gaia now guided and directed via Higher D (frequency) grids.


Thursday, January 10, 2013

【眼鏡蛇】 2013年1月8日信息

Etheric Liberation
Posted by Cobra at January 8, 2013

眼鏡蛇 2013年1月8日信息

Significant progress has been made in the last few days. The Light forces were finally able to put a virus into the etheric mainframe computer of the etheric Archon grid. This will have important long term consequences. There will be constant and expanding cracks in the etheric matrix and more and more Light and Love from the Galactic central sun will shine through. The long awaited Golden Age will finally slowly begin to manifest for humanity.


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

【蓋婭門戶網站】 太陽光已經完全在蓋婭的光體裏播種

Solar Light has seeded fully the Light Body of Gaia
8 JAN 2013


Solar (Soul-ar) Light has seeded fully the Light Body of Gaia. All beings upon Gaia are now fully potential-ized for completion of Soul (Soul-ar; Solar) contracts. Time frame for completion is individually configured, yet Hue-manity arises from established Higher Group Consciousness.


“Many are called… and (now) many listen. And hear the Higher Solar (Soul-ar) message.”



xiaohaozi0716 翻譯

【銀河聯邦】 Sheldan Nidle 2013年1月8日信息

Sheldan Nidle - January 8, 2013

Sheldan Nidle - 2013年1月8日信息

Selamat Balik! We return! Many events on your world are waiting for the right divine time for Heaven to give the formal go-ahead. We, too, are subject to this constraint. The Divine has reached a point where the decrees of the Creator require that a series of new change points be met. Until then, the dark is being held in check by special Seraphim assigned to this sacred task. As a result we are now busy conferring with our sacred associates on Earth and in Heaven to coordinate what comes next. We have been instructed to carry things out in a certain sequence to assure everyone that the next steps happen without delay. Our liaison personnel have contacted all those involved on your world and ensured that a solid communications network exists between all parties. The dark is most frustrated with how little it is able to do and we intend to put them completely out of business at the moment of the selected launch point. The numerous arrests and procedures to hasten and smooth out the effects of the actual launch date are in place. The projected moment is very close. We are ready to act when this moment occurs, so be patient and know that all is ready!


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

【蓋婭門戶網站】 新方案的建立已經完成

Establishment of new protocols has been completed
8 JAN 2013


Establishment of new protocols for transmission of Higher D Energies into the New Gaia has been completed. Further adjustments will be made as Gaia projects forward via the finalized timeline.


Some will call this period that of “homeward bound”. That is correct. The home has been prepared appropriately by the New Gaia, and each of her Hue-man inhabitants. Short period of adjustment will be necessary for those unaware of their presence on this timeline. All has been accounted for during transition.


【Cameron Day】 轉變進入2013年-大擠壓在進行

Shifting into 2013 – The Big Squeeze Is On
by Cameron Day, on January 7th, 2013

作者:Cameron Day,2013年1月7日


For about 80,000 years (give or take), this planet has been “infected with darkness,” an infection that continued to grow and grow, encircling the planet in layers of darkness.  The beings that thrived in this darkness called themselves Archons, but I call them ankle-biters instead. Please see the “Never Call Them Archons” article for more details about these beings and how they originally came to power on Earth.  This infection of darkness on earth is why in spite of the basically good nature of most people, evil men (and some women) have had control of the levers of power in religion, government, business, etc. on this planet for so long.


There was a major operation on May 20th 2012 that broke up and removed the outer layer of this low-vibrational energy layer that I called the “dark grid.”  That dark grid was replaced by a light grid, which now serves as an outpost for 4th density positive Service to Others beings.   This was the beginning of the end for the dark forces on this planet, but because they are a relentless bunch of trouble-makers, they didn’t just give up and leave Earth.  Instead, they retreated to the lower layers of darkness that they had built up around and within the planet over those eons of time, then intensified their efforts to manipulate humans into generating more distorted, dark emotional energy for them to consume.

在2012年5月20日的時候,有一個重大的行動,打破並且移除了這個較低振動能量的外層,我稱之為“黑暗柵格”。那個黑暗柵格被一個光的柵格而取代,現在作為前哨為第四密度的正面的“為他人服務”的存有服務。(譯注:Service to Others 為他人服務,相對於service to self, 為自己服務)。這是終結這顆星球黑暗勢力的開始,因為他們是一伙冷酷無情的制造麻煩的人,他們沒有簡單地放棄並離開地球。相反地,他們撤退到較低的黑暗層,這些黑暗層是他們在地球周圍和地球內部建立的,花了很長很長很長時間,然後他們做更多的努力來操縱人類去產生更多扭曲、黑暗的情緒能量來供他們消耗(使用)。

【本傑明·富爾福德】 2013年1月7日信息

The Holiday Lull Is Over, The Fascist’s Days Are Numbered
Benjamin Fulford, January 7, 2013

假日平靜結束, 法西斯的日子屈指可數了
本傑明·富爾福德 2013年1月7日信息

The fight to over the world’s financial system has been in limbo over the new year’s holiday but big moves are now being made by various players in preparation for some upcoming decisive battles.

在新年假日裡, 結束世界金融系統的鬥爭處於飄忽不定的狀態, 但現在各類參與者做出了大調整以便為即將到來的戰鬥做好準備.

In the US, Obama’s regime, in a show of bravado to hide fear and desperation, has announced it will issue trillion dollar coins, confiscate American’s guns, murder and imprison Americans without due process and eliminate term limits so Obama can be made dictator for life.

在美國, 奧巴馬政權用虛張聲勢來隱藏恐懼與絕望, 宣稱將發行數萬億美元硬幣, 沒收美國人槍支, 在未經正當程序下謀殺和監禁美國人, 取消條款限制來達到奧巴馬獨裁統治.

Monday, January 7, 2013

【蓋婭門戶網站】 元素已經產生了更高維度清潔的空氣

Elementals have inspired the clear Higher Dimensional air
6 JAN 2013


Elementals have inspired the clear Higher Dimensional air. There comes now an inbreath of all Hue-manity (and humanity general) of this Elemental-clarified air. The Essence of the new Gaia.


As this Essence is embodied generally, planet wide, Gaia total, including all humanity, animality, plants, elementals, express the Higher D vibrations.


【蒙陶克.凱恩】 2013年1月6日信息

Montague Keen - January 6, 2013

蒙陶克凱恩 2013年1月6日信息

I feel your excitement, my dear. The evidence is now out there and available to everyone. The CABAL is EXPOSED, at last. Yes, it has taken a long time, but it had to be thorough and understandable. Now the facts speak for themselves. It is the duty of everyone to acknowledge the true facts and act accordingly. You, the people, can now see how you were enslaved to a corrupt regime. You do not even own your property; you are only the tenant. Nor do you own your car. You have never been told the truth about anything. Even your children belong to the state: which can and does remove them at will.









Friday, January 4, 2013

【銀河聯邦】 SaLuSa 2013年1月4日信息

SaLuSa - January 4, 2013

SaLuSa - 2013年1月4日信息

In your many lives through the cycle of duality, you have faced immense challenges and as a result grown all the more at a spiritual level. Now duality such as you have known it is losing its power over you, as it recedes into the background. Yet as you wrestle with its influence upon you, and clear yourself of your links to the lower energies, you are facing a strong challenge. We know it is difficult to throw off attitudes, ideas and beliefs, based on what you have been brought up to believe. However, within you have all knowledge and you should look there for the truth, and do not hesitate to move to a new understanding if you are in any doubt. It was easy in the past to be judgmental because that was how people acted, but now you want to move to a new position where instead you see all souls as part of the One.

在你們眾多二元性周期循環的轉生中,你們已經面對了巨大的挑戰,作為你在所有這些體驗中的成長結果你就處於了一種更高的靈性層次。現在的二元性周期諸如你們所知,它正失去控制你們的力量,因為它正不斷退居幕後。但也由於你在全面應付由它對你造成的影響,清理你自身與這些較低能量的連接,你就在面對著一種猛烈的挑戰。不過,在你的內在擁有著所有的知識,在那裡你可以尋找到真理,如果你存在任何疑慮,也請不要躊躇不前,勇敢的走向一種全新的理解中。在過去你們很容易以批判的心態去對待,因為這曾經就是人類的行為模式,不過現在你希望走向一個新的地點, 在這裡你看到的是,所有的靈魂都是合一整體的一部分。

【蓋婭門戶網站】 植入DNA的更好維度生活的各個方面已經被激活

Aspects of Higher Dimensional life implanted in DNA have been activated
3 JAN 2013


Aspects of Higher Dimensional life implanted into DNA during the past 5 millennia have been activated, and are now being en-fulled [Eireport note: this apparently means, "brought into fullness" or "brought into full expression"]. Real-ization (Real-I AM-ation) occurs now.


【眼鏡蛇】 2013年1月3日信息

Etheric Archon Grid
Posted by Cobra at January 3, 2013

眼鏡蛇 2013年1月3日信息

After the successful opening of the Portal on December 21st, the etheric Archon grid is the main factor delaying the Event. If the Event was triggered, the etheric Archons would influence everyone involved: the surface Light forces carrying out the Event, the general population as well as the Cabal and all this would turn the Event into a disaster.

12月21日門戶的成功開啟後,阻礙著【事件】發生的主要因素是以太執政官網格(Etheric Archon Grid)。如果【事件】發生,以太的執政官就會影響每個牽扯到其中的人:實施【事件】的地表光明勢力,普通大眾,以及陰謀集團,所有的這一切都會從【事件】轉變為一場災難。

Etheric Archon grid must be removed to a great extent for the Event to happen. For the Light forces to be more successful in removing the etheric Archon grid, more awareness of its existence is needed among the general population.


【本傑明·富爾福德】 2013年1月2日信息

Do not give the cabal time to re-group, we must press home to victory
Benjamin Fulford, January 2, 2013

本傑明·富爾福德 2013年1月2日信息

The turning of the tide can be a subtle thing at first but eventually the change becomes undeniable. That is what is happening now with the family cabal that has been secretly ruling the West through control of the creation and distribution of money. These people have already lost the ability to control the future of this planet and are now barely clinging on to power. The key to their loss was the spreading of the truth, for the truth shall set us free.


Thursday, January 3, 2013

【基督麥克】 艾頓說請準備

Aton Says Be Ready
By Aton thru Jess
Jan 2, 2013 - 11:58:44 PM


CM, is this it? Is this finally the year of Aton?


Jess, let’s speak again. This is again a new year, and again I say it is the one for change. We approach this immense evolution as a fluid activity, however. We move to the next phase when everything is ready to transition. Elements of individual aspects change and transform at their own individual schedules. This is life. This is growth. The visible shift that we have spoken of for several years will occur when it is time.


【Kris Won】 2012年12月29日信息

Kris Won, December 29, 2012

Kris Won 2012年12月29日信息

Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!


Trulyformidable are the measures that the Galactic Federation have adoptedto erode the internal structure of the negative forces and to returnthe control to the Light forces, who in the past governed the humanityfor thousands of years.


Possibly,this information I am giving you now will sound to you a little like“Star Wars” –but I can assure you that it is something that ishappening these days, and it is as real as the economic crisis you arecurrently suffering.


【銀河聯邦】 Sheldan Nidle 2013年1月1日信息

Sheldan Nidle - January 1, 2013

Sheldan Nidle - 2013年1月1日信息

Dratzo! Taj Jai Dan! (Happy New Dawn!) We return! A new epoch is dawning for humanity! Let us start with a brief description of what has happened so far. Our sacred secret allies, with the assistance of your Ascended Masters, have put into position a new financial system and begun to instruct various key individuals in the distribution of the hard-backed currencies associated with this new banking system. Meanwhile, those who are to take up positions to replace old-order officials in the present de facto regimes are preparing the announcements which will transform your world 'in the twinkling of an eye.' Further, the Light-oriented military and militia groups are poised to complete a legal putsch that will put a series of new, de jure governments into power. Once done, the announcements will be broadcast and the six major components of NESARA will become the law of the land. Initially these acts will: restore the Constitution; ensure the establishment of common law; and institute the use of a set of new hard-backed currencies worldwide. These will be the monies activating the new banking system and establishing global prosperity.

神聖盟友在揚升大師協助下,已經把一個新金融系統就位,開始指導各關鍵人員進行與新銀行系統有關的基於硬通貨的貨幣分配。同時,那些要取代舊秩序官員的人正在準備公告,將會在一眨眼的功夫內永遠的轉變你們世界。另外,源於光的軍隊和武裝組織,正準備完成一項合法起義,將會讓一系列新的,合法的政府掌控權力。一旦開始,公告將會開始廣播,NESARA 的6個主要組成部分將會成為這片陸地的法律。最初這些行為將包括:恢復憲法﹔確保普通法的確定﹔在世界范圍內實行一套新的基於硬通貨的貨幣。這些將會是新銀行系統和確保世界繁榮的啟動資金。

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

【內巴丹尼婭】 這是命運之年

It IS the Year of Destiny
By Mother Nebadonia Thru Hazel
Jan 2, 2013 - 11:58:14 PM


This is the Year of Destiny

thru Hazel   Monday December 31, 2012

I AM Nebadonia, your Universal Mother. You may not have heard of ME but I minister to you through the energy circuit of the Holy Spirit.  I come to join thee as you herald in another year in your calendar. Indeed this New Year that you set to welcome or have already welcomed will be the stepping stone for greater spiritual enlightenment for those who choose to plough the inner fields to uncover greater light from within. It is the year of DESTINY. For behold you must each choose your destined path. Your destiny cannot unfold without you choosing it. You are the creator of your destiny. No one can choose and create it for you but you.


【蓋婭門戶網站】 種子頻率已經激活並授權

Seminal frequencies have been activated and empowered.
1 JAN 2013


Seminal frequencies planted last year have been activated and empowered. These Higher frequencies could only be activated post 12-12-12 to 12-21-12 period, and post 12-31-12. Today’s 1-1-13 at 11:13 provided ideal gateway for activation, Gaia planet-wide.


Those experiencing pulsations in body and heart chakra are resonating with identical pulsations occurring Gaia planet-wide.


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

【大天使麥達昶】 指導:2013寶瓶座時代的提升和人類\地球量子進化新紀元幅射

Lord Metatron 2013 ~The Aquarian Shift & Anthropocene Radiation ~ 
via James Tyberonn ~ December 30th, 2012

Lord Metatron 20121230 指導: 2013寶瓶座時代的提升 和 人類\地球量子進化新紀元幅射
通靈傳導: James Tyberonn ~ 2012年12月30日

R\L注: “Anthropocene” 是地質學家和環境學者們新創造出來的一個新名詞--- 它代表了一個人類學與環境學的轉變時期\新紀元! 因為在這時期中太陽的日冕幅射與運作, 太陽風暴, 太空中不尋常的電磁幅射加壓 …造成了人類與地球“質”的變化, 更顯現在地球氣候與人體構造上. ---所以這是一個“人類\地球量子進化新紀元”!

11 Oct 2012 – Geologists have proposed the term Anthropocene, or the “Age of .... scientific articles on solar activity, solar wind, radiationin space,

'Anthropocene' as Environmental Meme and/or Geological Epoch
As channeled by James Tyberonn

中文翻譯: 林據月20121231

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