Tuesday, April 30, 2013

請聯署簽名要求西方主要媒體同時聯播 「披露公聽會」

Channel:  Ashtar/Athena
April 27, 2013

This is Lord Ashtar who serves the Most Radiant One (the Christ) in his Mission of Love.


Beloved Family, Greetings,


We up here on the ship are eagerly waiting to have our first contact!  So let us mention an important event that is very important to manifest in your world.  It is the Disclosure Hearing in Washington DC, April 29th through May 3rd.

我們在船艦上急切地等待著我們的第一次接觸 !
那就是2013.04.29~2013.05.03日在華盛頓DC所要舉行的 『披露公聽會』。

Dear brothers and sisters of the Light, now is your opportunity to make this happen by contacting all of the news media in your country (you know who they are).  I suggest that, if possible, you call them and have them announce this important, historical event. It will open the door for all to get their freedom back.  And that is their legal right which your blessed Constitution represents.

I have already signed the petition that is being posted on www.change.org and suggest that you join me.


Lord Ashtar of the Ashtar Command
The Galactic Federation of Light.


Click Here to sign petition



Monday, April 29, 2013

【Hilarion】 2013年4月25日 - 5月5日信息

Hilarion April 28 – May 5, 2013

Hilarion 2013年4月28日 - 5月5日信息

Beloved Ones,
As a new day dawns on the horizon, more is asked of you when all you want to do is rest and relax. Be good to yourselves, take a deep breath and hold to the vision of a better world as you stand in proxy for humanity. All is in the process of shifting and recalibrating. There is a collective sigh as the density builds in the atmosphere ready to be transmuted into a higher vibration.


【蒙陶克.凱恩】 2013年4月28日信息

Montague Keen - April 28, 2013

蒙陶克凱恩 2013年4月28日信息

The desire for peace and the return of love must be uppermost in the hearts and minds of all, as the Great Awakening is expanding and gaining strength. Each and every one of you is important. Your future and the future of your planet depend on whatever steps you take at this time. Your planet is being cleansed of the dark energies that ruled over you: their time is up.


There are those who now wish to distance themselves from the Dark Ones. They want to reveal all that was hidden. Many are under siege, prevented from speaking out. The Dark Ones cannot control everyone: only those whose lives are dominated by the television and the so-called newspapers. Foolish people who accept, without question, all that the television presents to them.


【David Wilcock】 聖誕節可能到了!

Posted By: Jordon
Date: Saturday, 27-Apr-2013 09:30:51

David Wilcock: 聖誕節可能快到了!

The Storm of Disclosure is About to Hit...


The disclosure of a DNA-tested extraterrestrial humanoid became the #1 Most Popular story on Huffington Post for four full days. The film SIRIUS premiered Monday -- and may be a critical tipping-point for Disclosure.

關於一個 ‘外星類人類’的DNA測試成為了Huffington Post郵報連續四天最受歡迎的故事. “天狼星”電影星期一的首映 --- 可能是 “大揭露”發生的關鍵破冰點.

Friday, April 26, 2013

【眼鏡蛇】 2013年4月24日信息

The Secret Space Program
Posted by Cobra at April 24, 2013

眼鏡蛇 2013年4月24日信息

Time has come to finally release some intel about the secret space program. The hidden purpose of the secret space program was to set a stage for the Draconian/Reptilian takeover of the planet. The takeover attempt has failed and soon the Light forces will clear the last vestiges of the Draconian control of this planet - the Cabal.


The secret space program has started in Germany immediately after the end of World War I:



Thursday, April 25, 2013



【蓋婭門戶網站】 療癒能量流在門戶間流動

Healing energy streams flow from portal to portal
24 APR 2013


Healing energy streams flow from portal to portal as Gaia balances with Hue-manity and humanity (smaller h) energies.


Light Workers called to portal adjustments are encouraged to follow healing energy flow within, as this aligns with the Gaia Healing energy streams, and will lead each to their Gaia healing portal center.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

【銀河聯邦】 Sheldan Nidle 2013年4月23日信息

Sheldan Nidle - April 23, 2013

Sheldan Nidle - 2013年4月23日信息

Dratzo! This moment in your history is a truly precious one! You stand on the edge of a cascade of events which will quite suddenly change your world forever. Mother Earth is now at that watershed which we have mentioned to you before and she is about to merge her two now-separated realms into one. This great and sacred shift is to happen very shortly. The dark cabal that runs your dark surface world still cannot believe that its reign over your world is coming to an end. After all, there are only faint signs that this is happening. Arrests are being made and parts of their inner circles divested of power, yet their rule continues. What they have not yet grasped is that an utterly different reality is very close to materializing. Likewise, they cannot comprehend that we have accepted Heaven's plans for bringing you your freedom. The dark ones take our advice and accompanying warnings with a truly huge 'grain of salt.' Yet they would do well to heed what we say and prepare in some measure for their coming downfall. Energy is sweeping across this world and is about to bring their lamentable creations to an end. A new, all-transforming Light is dawning and is about to engulf these hardened skeptics.


【蓋婭門戶網站】 能量的清晰被引起

Energetic clarity is drawn forth
23 APR 2013


Energetic clarity is drawn forth from individuals at this moment. Purification of individual vibrations ensures that full harmonization of humanity with Gaia is accomplished.


Central to Gaia ascending frequency process is coordination of Hue-manity Beings at multiple planet 3D locations, for worldwide Higher D frequency attunement. Essential is utilization of Higher Aural capabilities present in all Hue-Beings.



xiaohaozi0716 翻譯

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

【眼鏡蛇】 2013年4月22日信息

Short Situation Update
Posted by Cobra at April 22, 2013

眼鏡蛇 2013年4月22日信息

Many people are wondering what is the situation regarding the Event and what is the reason for all delays.


As I have said many times, the Event can not happen until the non-physical negative forces are dealt with. Removing them requires a lot of hard work without immediate spectacular results that many are expecting. The Light forces had a plan to trigger the Event in 2012 inside one of the Windows of Opportunity. That would require conscious cooperation and a degree of unity inside the Liberation movement on the surface of the planet. As you all know, that unity did not manifest and in addition to that, certain key individuals made wrong decisions in crucial moments, as it often happens within the surface population.


Monday, April 22, 2013

【蒙陶克.凱恩】 2013年4月21日信息

Montague Keen - April 21, 2013

蒙陶克凱恩 2013年4月21日信息

On this, the anniversary of your return to Earth, we in Spirit wish you a very special day with your family. You were blessed, my dear, with a caring and supportive family. I am happy to be part of it. It is my soul family.


We watch the chaos in your world. The cabal is becoming careless in its desperation to hold control. Because people are now awake and aware, they cannot be fooled so easily anymore.


【Hilarion】 2013年4月21日 - 28日信息

Hilarion April 21 – 28, 2013

Hilarion 2013年4月21日 - 28日信息

Beloved Ones,

The times that you are living in are wrought with both the greatest of challenges and the greatest of blessings. As the third dimensional energies are no longer being supported by the very atmosphere surrounding the Earth, it is becoming increasingly difficult to hold the denser energies in your personal energy fields. There is a boomerang effect that is occurring whereby those who harbor and hold the denser energies are finding that it comes back to them intensely magnified and this energy sometimes erupts in ways that are difficult to comprehend by the greater community.



【蓋婭門戶網站】 太陽系通道激活和重激活在進行中

Solar gateway activation and re-activation in progress
21 APR 2013


Solar gateway activation and re-activation is occurring. Dormant solar energetic gateways are being re-activated and new solar communication gateways are being created and activated.


What some would term “Travel gateways” are in process as well, although at an early stage, awaiting “humanity general” to “Hue-manity General” consciousness upgrades to complete.

一些人所稱的“旅行通道”(travel gateways)也正在進行中,然而,處在初期階段,等待著“舊人類總體”到“彩虹新人類總體”意識升級的完成。

Sunday, April 21, 2013

【蓋婭門戶網站】 與蓋婭更高目的校準,調音(調整)於更高願景正在快速發生

Attunements to Higher Vision in alignment with Gaia Higher Purposing Vision occurs rapidly
20 APR 2013


Attunements to Higher Vision in alignment with Gaia Higher Purposing Vision occurs rapidly at this now moment. Those harmonized with Gaia Higher Purpose receive and are inspired to Be and act upon this Higher Vision.


All such Gaia Harmonics collectively respond to Hue-Being involvement and Higher Intention, as given by Gaia, as received by individual Hue-Being. The collective Gaia Harmonics response via collective Hue-Being participation brings in an amplified effect for healing and upliftment energetically of Gaia, in particular during the 5-5-13 through 7-7-13 period.


Saturday, April 20, 2013

【Inelia Benz】 最近你感覺到害怕、憤怒或緊張了嗎?

Have You felt Afraid, Angry or Stressed recently?
Inelia Benz 19 April 2013

Inelia Benz 2013年4月19日

On Friday the 5th of April 2013, I felt a rumbling ANGER in the collective vibration. The anger built up quite dramatically and drastically, bringing chaos and fights to many sensitive people around the planet, and peaked on Tuesday the 9th of April.


Looking into it with other intuitives and seers, we saw that it was a powerful energy of "doing" and "achieving" that had been somehow artificially piggybacked by our shadow selves to turn it into anger and a "I've had enough of this" energy <read "I've had enough of this", with your right fist punching the sky, a deep frown, and frothing at the mouth>.


Friday, April 19, 2013

【蓋婭門戶網站】 “銀河身體”校準伴隨著不斷增加的轉變頻率

“Galactic body” alignments accompany increasing frequencies of transformation
19 APR 2013


Frequencies of transformation among up-grading Hue-mans are increasing, and currently have reached 11-fold from time of prior post. The frequency increase varies from individual to individual, yet the 11-fold number signifies transmittance of new 4-7D codes into the consciousness bodies of each.

正在提升的彩虹新人類中轉變的頻率正在增加,當前,從發表前一篇消息 (http://greatascension.blogspot.com/2013/04/blog-post_19.html) 的時間到現在已經達到了11倍。個體與個體的頻率增加各不相同,然而,11倍這個數字表示4D-7D的代碼傳輸進入每一個人的意識體中。

【蓋婭門戶網站】 蓋婭能量學已經準備好進入下一個層次

Energetics of Gaia are staged for stepping to the next level
18 APR 2013


Monitors of Gaia report that energetics of the Gaia planetary body are staged for stepping to the next level… Energetically, on Individual and Collective basis, as well as “Galactic-ally”.


Hue-manity has embraced that which resonates with this process. “humanity” (small h) has consented to the possibility of a “next level”, and thus procedures for “up steps” of “humanity” (small h) have been analyzed, approved, and set in motion.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

【蓋婭門戶網站】 激活的太陽入口連接到增強的蓋婭轉變

Activated solar gateway connects to enhanced Gaia transforms
16 APR 2013


Activated solar gateway connects to enhanced Gaia transforms. This allows (encourages) full awakenings for all humanity, on all stages of consciousness.


“Brilliance” of human energy is increased rapidly via connection of activated solar gateway with enhanced Gaia transforms.


【銀河聯邦】 Sheldan Nidle 2013年4月16日信息

Sheldan Nidle - April 16, 2013

Sheldan Nidle - 2013年4月16日信息

Selamat Jarin! We return! Let us begin today by reviewing what has transpired so far. As you know, our Earth allies have set up the basis for a new monetary and financial system and the Agarthans have used their diplomatic skills to establish the nucleus of the new governance that is to be run by a coalition under the auspices of your Ascended Masters. The Ascended Masters under the guidance of Quan Yin in the East and Count Saint Germaine in the West have ensured that a new system of banking and monetary policy is emerging. These changes are intrinsic to the sacred decrees which are preparing this world for our mass landing. These divine directives are guiding us as we establish a way to set up the new reality for surface humanity. Freedom is a necessary condition for all that is planned and your realm is on an accelerated path to creating those prerequisites for your return to full consciousness. Our many liaison teams are monitoring everything and meeting every day with those who are to forge your new governance. As of now, these many programs have put all the necessary elements in place.


【蓋婭門戶網站】 蓋婭轉變被激活

Gaia transforms activated
16 APR 2013


Gaia transforms activated at this moment. These are global in nature, and includes all levels of Beingness.


Such transforms are based upon the principle of healing, or rectification, bringing awareness of Wholeness, Unity, of all humanity, of all Creation.、


These Gaia transforms are able to activate now, as sufficient Hue-manity (Rainbow humans) are present with Gaia at this time.



xiaohaozi0716 翻譯

【眼鏡蛇】 2013年4月15日信息

Mystery Schools
Posted by Cobra at April 15, 2013

眼鏡蛇 2013年4月15日信息

Before this planet was invaded 26,000 years ago, Ascended Masters walked freely among humanity and kept the connection to the presence of the One intact. Their mystery school was located on the main island of Atlantis:

26000年前,在這顆星球被侵佔前,揚升大師們曾自由地行走在人類之間,守護著與一的顯化的聯系,使之不受到任何侵擾。他們的神秘學院(mystery school)曾坐落在亞特蘭蒂斯的主要島嶼上。

The Asceded Masters are beings of pure Light and Love who have evolved beyond duality. You can read a very good description about their work and activities on our planet here:



Monday, April 15, 2013

【蒙陶克.凱恩】 2013年4月14日信息

Montague Keen - April 14, 2013

蒙陶克凱恩 2013年4月14日信息

There will come a time in the near future when you will have to make a decision as to whether to stand up for truth, or be a coward, and go with whatever you feel is the easier path. Let me assure you now, there is no easy path. The cabal has no intention of creating an easy path for anyone. When enough of you are prepared to stand together for truth and light, then the cabal will know, without doubt, that it has failed in its effort to establish the New World Order that it has spent years planning.


【Hilarion】 2013年4月14日 - 21日信息

Hilarion April 14 – 21, 2013

Hilarion 2013年4月14日 - 21日信息

Beloved Ones,

You are each in full flow again of receiving and anchoring the Cosmic energies into the crystalline core of your planet. These are the rhythms that you are by now used to in your daily lives and as such you serve the Divine. As each of you receive and allow these energies to pass through you into the crystalline core, you are filling the Earth with these expansive energies and this is how the ascension of the Earth is taking place. The Light within expands within the center of the planet and is uplifted into the higher dimensions.



【蓋婭門戶網站】 “光之精靈“

“Sprites of Light”
14 APR 2013


Light Connections among 100th monkey Hue-persons have strengthened and are increasingly connecting with all of “non-enLightened” humanity. These connections appear as “Sprites of Light” to those with 5-7D eyes to see.


“Sprites of Light” pass from one human to another, even those in “non-enLightened” state.


Sunday, April 14, 2013

【本傑明·富爾福德】 2013年4月8日信息

Sabbatean mafia plans to stage nuclear terror, blame North Korea
Benjamin Fulford, April 8, 2013.

本傑明·富爾福德 2013年4月8日信息

The Sabbatean mafia that illegally seized control in the West is planning to stage nuclear terror attacks and blame them on North Korea, intelligence agency sources say. Google chief Eric Schmidt and basketball star Dennis Rodman recently visited North Korea as envoys of US President Barak Obama, MI6 and Japan-based North Korean sources say (shortly after Schmidt’s visit to North Korea, there was an attack on South Korean banking and media websites that was originally blamed on North Korea and China turns out to have originated in the US, most likely courtesy of Google).


Saturday, April 13, 2013

【Matthew Ward】 2013年4月11日信息

Matthew Ward — April 11, 2013

馬修·沃德 - 2013年4月11日信息

North Korea; Pope Francis; the Vatican; visualization; homosexuality

北韓; 教皇弗朗西斯; 梵蒂岡; 可視化; 同性戀

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. First we want to quell any anxieties about North Korea’s missile activity. Reared to expect the same adulation and subservience North Koreans gave his father, Kim Jong Un is bereft of common sense and more so, a sense of security in his leadership position. It is not that his rhetoric is bluff, but without knowing how to govern his country, he shows to its citizens and the world the military might at his command.


Depending on other national leaders’ reactions to his questionable motives in positioning the missiles as he has, he may decide to launch one or more of them. If so, he will be embarrassed by their failure to function, thanks to the intervention of your space family’s technology. If that is the outcome, it’s an unknown as to how he would save face, so we say that it would be in everyone’s best interests to replace sanctions with discussions.


Friday, April 12, 2013

【蓋婭門戶網站】 從負面時間線中取代(移置)光之意圖存有正在發生

Displacement of Light Intender Beings from negative timelines is occurring
11 APR 2013


Multiple timelines are being exhibited among Gaia inhabitants at this moment. Displacement of Light Intender Beings from negative timelines is occurring via rapid unveiling of potential results of negative timelines.


Such was not deemed necessary a few years in Gaia’s past; however, sufficient number of Light Intender Beings became mired in such negative timelines.


Full ascension of Gaia requires full release of all negative timelines.



xiaohaozi0716 翻譯

Thursday, April 11, 2013

【Keshe】 3月24日 - 新時代

New Era
24 March 2013





Wednesday, April 10, 2013

【蒙陶克.凱恩】 2013年4月7日信息

Montague Keen - April 7, 2013

蒙陶克凱恩 2013年4月7日信息

So many of you are feeling burdened and confused by emotions. Complete exhaustion descends without warning, with waves of heat spreading throughout the body and so much more. These symptoms are all part of the transition. Your bodies are adjusting to the new energies that are flowing in. Though some of these experiences are disturbing, just go with them. Know that the end result is what you have been waiting for. The blockages that were used to keep you under control, and compliant, are being removed. This cannot be done quickly. It would be too much for you to cope with. Know that these disturbances lead to freedom, peace and love, as well as the removal of the Dark Forces.


【銀河聯邦】 Sheldan Nidle 2013年4月9日信息

Sheldan Nidle - April 9, 2013

Sheldan Nidle - 2013年4月9日信息

Dratzo! We come again with more to tell you. Your reality is extremely close to its major shift in consciousness. The secret sacred societies of your world have entered into new alliances which are to serve them well once your new style of governance comes into being. We have assurances from several governmental organizations that once Heaven gives the green light the new reality can begin without further delay. We continue to monitor the dark cabal as it is clear that this group remains determined to pursue its willful and destructive course of starting a widespread military conflict. This will not be permitted. We also continue to add names to the detention lists and watch closely those who are the guiding hand behind the ongoing nonsense of keeping your globe burdened with contrived, groundless confrontations. This global modus operandi will shortly become a thing of the past and your ascension path will cease to be interfered with or sidetracked, as it has been in recent years. Your new epoch is inevitable and our formal arrival will shortly be announced. To this end we have drawn up a rapid-action schedule for our arrival so as to be ready at a moment's notice.


【眼鏡蛇】 2013年4月9日信息

Short Situation Update
Posted by Cobra at April 9, 2013

眼鏡蛇 2013年4月9日信息

Clearing of the etheric Archon grid is progressing slowly, but effectively. This clearing must be completed before the Event can happen.


Due to certain security related issues in the beginning of 2013 the clearance to publish detailed intel from the Resistance was withdrawn in January. Probably some of you have noticed that not much substantial intel was published in my blog since then. This situation is now finally being resolved and I will be again able to slowly publish more, especially after the activation of the portal on May 25th.


【蓋婭門戶網站】 此刻光球從蓋婭門戶中釋放

Spheres of Light are released from Gaia portals at this time
9 APR 2013


Spheres of Light are released from Gaia portals at this time. As shells of old paradigms are cracked, Spheres of Light are released, as well, from individual beings.


This may appear to some as an effervescence of Light, appearing in regions formerly viewed as stagnant or neutral or dark.


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

【蓋婭門戶網站】 當前的“困難”和“無處可藏”范式

Current “difficulties” and “no escape” paradigm
9 APR 2013


“Difficulties”, as some term “events not in alignment with individual-desire-perceived pathways”, are being exposed via the enlarged Gaia Portal Light Grid complex. This Grid “complex” is a combination of several multi-dimensional Grids, emplaced* so as to allow the “no escape” paradigm to be maintained at the forefront of individual awareness.


All humans, as well as Hue-persons, are living within this “no escape” paradigm, at this now moment in time.


Monday, April 8, 2013

【Hilarion】 2013年4月7日 - 14日信息

Hilarion April 7 – 14, 2013

Hilarion 2013年4月7日 - 14日信息

Beloved Ones,

As the days march on into the new Age of Light and humanity is being cleansed of all old patterns of thought and behavior that no longer serves their higher purpose, the heartbeat of the Earth joins with them. The Earth deeply desires to allow the time necessary for as many of her inhabitants to join her in her ascended state of expansion and so the Cosmic window of opportunity is still wide open to allow this change and transformation to occur. All upon the planet are finding themselves awakening to many truths that were not available for their conscious knowledge before these times that you are now in the midst of.



【蓋婭門戶網站】 能量“支持河”

Energetic “Rivers of Sustenance”
7 APR 2013


Energies of sustenance are provided for all Gaia ground crew at this now moment. Multiple timeline effects, activated by departing dark-intenders, have brought in avenues for potential confusion. These are being dealt with at Higher Levels.

支持性(用以維持生計)的能量(Energy of sustenance)此刻正為蓋婭所有地面成員提供。黑暗意圖持有者的離去激活了多時間線效應,多時間線效應帶來多條道路,造成潛在的困惑。這些正在更高層次上處理。

Awareness is key for Gaia ground crew, and confusion may be avoided by rising, in Mind, to what may be imaged as a “River of Sustenance”. Each will understand an image which works for them.

認識(有意識)對蓋婭地面成員是關鍵,迷惑也許可以被避免,通過在心智中上升到被想象成“支持河(維持生計的河)”(rivers of sustenance)來避免。每一個人都會理解一個對他們來說起作用的畫面(支持河的畫面)。

Sunday, April 7, 2013

電影 《天狼星》 將在2013年4月22日上映

Sirius UFO Disclosure Film Opens April 22, 2013

電影 《天狼星》 將在2013年4月22日上映

一部全新的紀錄片即將上映,揭示了不明飛行物,外星人,先進的清潔能源等內容,影片希望提供証據來表明政府已經解決了如何運作UFO的難題,並且隱藏了可以提供清潔能源的先進技術。這部影片也突出講述了所謂的人形生物的發現,經DNA測序,發現“他”是一個“未知的分類” 。今天,該生物的照片已被公佈,影片的好萊塢 (Hollywood/荷里活) 首映定於本月晚些時候舉行。公告稱,影片由演員托馬斯•簡作旁白,他對不明飛行物非常感興趣。

【NEIL KEENAN】 對抗全球金融警報

by Michael Henry Dunn
Saturday, April 6, 2013

NEIL KEENAN:對抗全球金融警報
Michael Henry Dunn

RL注: 對於NEIL KEENAN律師不熟悉的人 --- 在此補充說明  ---

他是負責亞洲千億歷史黃金向西方國家的追討律師. 是我們地球的英雄. 我們很幸運有他出現來負責此事!

St. Germain聖哲曼大師當然與他在聯系之中!


NEIL KEENAN最新訊息: 全球金融警報 --- 與時間賽跑 --- 防堵銀行詐欺集團的最後手段 --- 全球金融大崩盤 --- 黑暗份子害怕NEIL KEENAN手上的証據正在歇斯底裡的想做最後反擊.

·         Central bankers secretly stockpiling gold through third parties in anticipation of euro collapse

許多中央銀行秘密的透過第三人士在儲存黃金  --- 等待著 ‘歐元’ 崩解.

·         Greek assets – even whole islands – being secretly sold off to pay troika

希臘資產 --- 數個完整小島 --- 被秘密出售來償付troika

·         Check for $300 million signed by CEO of major bank is used to defraud global gold reserves

一個主要銀行的執行長簽了一張三億美元的支票來償付全球黃金基金 --- 一個詐欺手段.

【眼鏡蛇】 2013年4月6日信息

Posted by Cobra at April 6, 2013

眼鏡蛇 2013年4月6日信息

Saturday, April 6, 2013


Trillion dollar lawsuit exposes secret Bilderberg Gold Treaty & funding of extraterrestrial projects
Michael E. Salla, MA., Ph.D.
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美國紐約州地方法庭在2011年11月23日接受了一起牽涉到上百億美元的訴訟案,內容是民國政府為了安全起見,在1930中期秘密運往美國政府的價值1345億的黃金。於是美聯儲銀行接收了這一批黃金並給民國政府開具了儲備卷。而作為原告的Neil Keenan,來自一個稱為“龍家族”的亞洲團體,宣稱被詐騙了包括本金和累計利息的大約1000億美元。這一起事件引起人們重視的地方在於它間接牽連上了另外一件在2009年未解決的案件,當時在意大利一列開往瑞士的火車上有兩個日本人被搜出了1345億美聯儲備卷和相關的金融票據。

州法庭由一位叫做David Guyatt的人主持,因他曾經出版名為《秘密黃金的協議》的書,講述了一批在二戰期間失蹤的黃金原來是被故意的脫離了公眾視線(俗稱“黑金”)的故事。這起訴訟亦顯示了國際上對金主和持債卷者的洗黑錢交易詐騙,即黑金交易的監管協調成績。根據Guyatt的說法,此國際監管組織即比爾德伯格集團(Bilderberg Group),一個在1945年開始就在黑金交易上起主導作用的團體。書中還介紹說,比爾德伯格集團一直掩蓋了他們把“黑金”作為資金長期提供給了一個由全球合作的第二曼哈頓計劃。最終目的是把所有國家自身所擁有的總數如此巨大外星生命和複雜的技術變成全球的共有資源。


美國聯邦地方法庭就此案的真實性和其中的1345億美聯儲債卷和金融票據的所有權進行了很多討論。此訴訟是由著名的紐約法律事務所的來自Bleakley Platt的William Mulligan和Schmidt的 JrJustin Gardner提起的。主原告,Neil Keenan宣稱他被很多政府特務和政治人物所騙,其中包括一個廣為人知的組織成員,國際財政調控局(OITC)的主要成員

Dr Ray Dam(主席)和David Sale(委員會副主席)。但是,Sale則說Keenan和他的同伙從OITC哪來騙取了這些債卷。值得注意的是,訴訟雙方都質疑對方的有效擁有權。



【蓋婭門戶網站】 “純淨本質”是理解的關鍵

“Purity of Essence” is Key to Understanding
4 APR 2013


“Purity of Essence” is key to understanding the nature of Gaia intention. Planetary Essence revelation requires clearing of all not in alignment. This includes all of Hue-manity.

“純淨本質”(Purity of essence)是理解蓋婭意圖的性質的關鍵。全球本質揭示,要求清理所有沒有處於校準中的事物。這也包括所有彩虹新人類。

As individuals release the “outer dependence illusion”, and align with Inner Guidance, Purity of Planetary Essence is realized. This occurs at many levels, via multiple manifestations.


Thursday, April 4, 2013

【本傑明·富爾福德】 2013年4月1日信息

Plasma Ball Spotted Over MT Fuji, HAARP Attack Suspected
Benjamin Fulford, April 1, 2013

本傑明·富爾福德 2013年4月1日信息

A powerful plasma ball was spotted over Mt. Fuji and photographed by this writer. The photographs clearly show the plasma burning over the massive volcano.


The photograph above and the one below were taken from Shinjuku, near the Tokyo government office buildings.


【銀河聯邦】 Sheldan Nidle 2013年4月2日信息

Sheldan Nidle - April 2, 2013

Sheldan Nidle - 2013年4月2日信息

Dratzo! We arrive! Your world is advancing toward the dawn of a new epoch for all of Gaia's surface humanity. The specific good works of Heaven are ushering this positive movement in! We come here to verify this and give you a better knowledge of what is happening. The dark is thoroughly enjoying its last moments of power. Their arrogance is so high that they collectively have decided to ignore the consequences of their final actions. The key target point remains any trumped up situation that can lead to a global conflict. Our Agarthan cousins are at the forefront of our liaisons that are working relentlessly to prevent this from happening. This effort is to be a successful one since the dark does not realize how we can continue to prevent them from achieving their most heinous goal. We comprehend the nature of what the dark is doing and understand the best ways to prevent this from occurring. Besides these serious efforts, we are as well setting up the scenario for how your global governance morphs into the one that we have been describing to you. This is something that now requires your attention.


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

【蓋婭門戶網站】 門戶靜止促進清理過程

Clearing Process Facilitated by Portal Stillness
2 APR 2013


[Éireport note: this communication references the previous post of 3-31-13]


As energetic cloud layers are cleared, many sense stillness, even what could be expressed as “stagnancy”.


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

【Hilarion】 2013年3月31日 - 4月6日信息

Hilarion March 31 – April 6, 2013

Hilarion 2013年3月31日 - 4月6日信息

Beloved Ones,

As you continue to release old patterns and cycles of thought and behavior, you are finding yourselves feeling more sure and confident in yourselves and your abilities. We see that you are constantly reminding yourselves of the Light that you are and steadfastly holding to it. This is very important as it helps to reinforce the greater field of Light that now surrounds your planet and allows you to tap into it. Those of you who have been receiving a great influx of cosmic energies in the past week are now in the process of fully integrating these energies into your energetic system. This is how the process works in order to safely allow all of Humanity to have the opportunity to absorb as much as possible of the new and higher energies in order that the changes within can take place.



Monday, April 1, 2013

【蒙陶克.凱恩】 2013年3月31日信息

Montague Keen - March 31, 2013

蒙陶克凱恩 2013年3月31日信息

My dear, I was delighted to be able to organise one or two surprises for you this weekend. I wanted to say thank you for your devotion to our work. It is important for you to spend time with family and special friends this holiday weekend. You need to relax and put work aside for a few hours.


Important connections are being made and the right people are being brought forward. Significant information is being shared. You were told an important connection with Canada would be made, and within hours, such a connection was made. All the sacred sites around your world were once connected, but this connection was temporarily destroyed and this left you in darkness. Now, you are hearing of good people across your world who are aware of this and are busily reconnecting these sites. This will create the energy necessary for the light to remove all the evidence of darkness, forever. We in spirit, work with these people. Their sole purpose is to restore the light.


【蓋婭門戶網站】 能量雲層正被移除

Layers of energetic clouds are being removed
31 MAR 2013


Layers of energetic clouds are being removed from the Inner Gaia at this moment. The process is coordinated with the humanity so to allow as many opportunities for Higher Awareness, prior to the end date. “End date” being flexible as required.


Post-layer-removal brings clarity of Higher Thought, Higher Purpose, Higher Awareness. And will feel to the Higher (and 3D) Senses as a clear, bright sky, and cool breeze.


Gaia Ascension Process is in full movement at this time.


We encourage releasing of all prior concepts regarding the nature of Ascension. “Allowing” and “accepting” and “conscious participating” are key.



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