Wednesday, August 7, 2013

【蓋婭門戶網站】 蓋婭振動的猛增使得彩虹新人類個體能量模式穩定

Soaring of gaia vibrationals leads to stabilization of individual hue-being energetic patterns
6 Aug 2013


“Soaring” of Gaia vibrationals leads to stabilization of individual Hue-Being energetic patterns. All current updates are enabling the process of Ascension with Gaia, for Gaia, and all Gaia Hue-Being inhabitants.


Galactic Presence within each now activates Higher Sense of Gaia partnership and Gaia responsibility, and connectivity to all Creation as Unity and Law of One components.


What some would term “massive” energy changes are simply comprehensive DNA transformations for each Hue-Being, on all dimensional levels required for Gaia-collective Ascension.


We of Éireport group recommend, at this time, patience with the Self, kindness for the Self, and acceptance (and embracing with Joy) of the Higher Energetics incoming to all. All of “Hue-manity”, as well as “humanity”, are receiving and sensing these energies, at this moment.



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