Sunday, September 15, 2013

【Anarchistbanjo】 秋分-大門關閉

Fall Equinox the gate closes
Channeler: Anarchistbanjo
13 September 2013

傳導者:  Anarchistbanjo

I see things in the astral/etheric and then try to translate them the best I can. Things have been very volatile lately with some major things happening as the world decides which path to take, of course, it has chosen the right one!


One week left till the fall equinox . . . for us humans the major events of the coming year have to be placed and locked into the akashic record by the fall equinox if they are going to happen during the coming year as physical events. Technically the full moon is the finishing pressure point on Thursday and the pressure will be letting off the last few days. We will sense the most important events clicking into place prior to the full moon.


So consider a lot of critical events need to take place this coming week! Gaia needs to make some final adjustments, and we see this happening in weather related events around the world. Don’t be surprised to see some last minute twists.


On the human and social level the issue with Syria comes with last minute efforts to avoid all out warfare. Humanity is sooooo tired of war and violence . . . yet some people are still trying to bring about WWIII. The good news is that it appears a diplomatic solution will be successful. Israel and Palestine are talking seriously . . .


It looks as if war has been averted. There is currently no large scale war in the akashic realms scheduled for the coming year. That is a major, major blessing which means victory for the forces of light and love.


I have previously written that the new Unity Grid works with individual energy and not with mass energy. These failed attempts at mass manipulation show that people are not jumping on the first band wagon that comes along. We are also collectively learning that war costs money!


I guess what I’m saying is that as things finally lock into place prior to the fall equinox we can expect some relief from the unrelenting pressure of oppositional forces, forces that have been working against Gaia and resisting her ascension. Post fall equinox, no more opposition from those enemies of life, whoever they may be. They will be busy collecting their karmic dues.


Consider that the fall equinox one year ago Gaia’s ascension was assured and happened in November with the first influx of new energy on the winter solstice. So from the fall equinox of 2012 all karma was frozen and locked into the akashic record for what happened this year. It was a bit messy because those three months of Oct, Nov and Dec still allowed certain people to slip around and circumvent the new rules of physical manifestation; it allowed those few to get away with things that they should not have gotten away with.


It is this loophole that is now closed and there is no escape. All karma will be righted back to the instant in time of one year ago. This major distribution of justice will happen between the fall equinox and the winter solstice of this year prior to the next influx of new energy during Christmas. Expect to help and offer support to many who will simply run out of energy/light/hope and help them get through these next few months.


Most individuals have not worked serious karma, but may still suffer because of wrong thinking as their cherished belief in a second coming of Christ, of WWIII, of a polar shift and miraculous events come face to face with a more staid reality. Make no mistake, miracles have happened and are continuing to happen, but they are happening in such a way that there is as little harm done as possible.


Those that have abused this past year, perpetuating crimes against humanity and such will see their worlds crumble, and crumble quickly as the Unity Grid chews them up like a meat grinder. Violence entraps one in violence, love entraps on in love. Time to choose.


Actually, most of us have already chosen and there will be no surprises; we are protected。


-bright blessings




Nick Chan 翻譯

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