Wednesday, September 25, 2013

【蓋婭門戶網站】 回歸到蓋婭水晶般的狀態預示著大規模和綜合性的改變

Return of gaia crystallines portends massive and comprehensive alterations
25 Sep 2013


Spiral forms incorporate into consciousness of each Gaia-centered Hue-Being at this moment. Energetics at Higher Levels are including spiral forms as coordination of Inner Growth paradigms are changed.

此刻螺旋形式(spiral forms)合並進入每一個以蓋婭為中心的彩虹新人類的意識中。隨著內在成長范式的協作被改變,在更高層次上的能量正在包含螺旋形式進來。

Return of Gaia Crystallines portends massive and comprehensive alterations in DNA patterns of all Gaia Beings, on all dimensional levels.


Aging thought patterns are no longer tolerated in this Higher Spiral Crystalline environ. Such thought patterns burst at the old paradigm grid points.


Followers and practitioners of the Higher Spiral way find fulfillment, as Gaia is at One with such.



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