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【Keshe】 福島核污染清除說明


We are asked about how you as ordinary people and scientists can help with the 2014 agenda of the Keshe Foundation for its first month of this year with Fukushima, and what we are going to do to change the situation?

有人詢問到 ~~做為一般民眾的你們, 如何能夠協助Kesh基金會2014年第一個月的日本福島核污染清除工作, 以及我們要如何做來改變目前的狀況?

In this case, we simply are trying to live-up to the ethos of the world peace treaty of the Keshe Foundation, then all the works of all of us will lead to one point, and that is to serve the humanity at this moment of need.

在這案例中, 我們純粹只是試著去完成 “Kesh基金會” 所訂立的 “世界和平合約”中提議的社會思潮, 而且我們所有的工作都朝向一個目標 ~~~而那就是在這個需要的時刻來為人類服務.

We have made Fukushima our prime work, not just to look as we are doing something, but because if we do not intervene now and help, then the humanity as a whole will come to total despair very soon.

我們早已經將日本福島核污染清除工作列為我們主要的工作 ~~不只是要讓我們看起來---好像我們有在做一些事情而已, ----而且這是因為 ~~假如我們現在不來干預並協助的話 ~~那人類集體將很快的到達絕望的邊緣.

The situation with this accident can mean and is the end of the world and of this civilization of the men as we know it on this planet, of course for those whom understand and understood the gravity of what has happened.

這個事件的狀況可以代表是, 而且事實上就是 ---這世界的結束, ---目前已知的在這行星之上的這個人類文明的結束.--- 當然, 這只是對某些了解狀況的人, 以及之前就了解這嚴重性的人~~他們知道發生了什麼事.

Dinosaurs were wiped-out through a small fallout from the space, the humanity will go through a change of the same magnitude with this disaster and the fallout of the Fukushima and what is pending with it's mishandling.

恐龍 ---由於太空中掉了一個小東西下來 ---從此恐龍就滅絕了, 而人類也會經歷同樣相同規模的改變--- 由於這個災難, 以及Fukushima核電廠的輻射性微塵, 以及目前還在懸而未決的錯誤的處理方案.

I will explain this in detail in the interview planed for this week.


Not only most of people have not understood the gravity of the situation, even the governments, which understood what is about to happen are walking with their head in their hands that what are they going to do with the human fallouts of this disaster.

不只是大部份民眾都沒有理解這狀況的嚴重性, 就連政府們, ---他們是早就知道接下來會發生什麼事的人 ---他們也把頭埋在手心裡走路(注: 憂心忡忡)--- 關於他們要如何去處理這災難的輻射性微塵對人類的影響?

Due to massive contaminated materials released, is getting released, and finally will be released; which these are thousands of tones of radioactive materials and contaminated-water, the human race and its society will come this year or the next to a junction of making decisions of; who and how many millions of our fellow men we need to help; and secondly where we have to accommodate so many millions of people from Japan, China and North America.

由於大量的被污染物質被釋放了出來, 而且還在被釋出當中, 而且最後將被釋放的 ----是幾千噸的放射性物質和被污染的水,--- 這會造成人類和人類社會將在今年或是明年會走到一個決定性關卡 ---我們必須要救幾百萬的我們的同胞們, 要救誰? 要如何救? ---其次, 我們要把這幾百萬的日本人, 中國人, 以及北美洲難民擺到那裡去?

The refuge crises created in the Second World War and all the wars since then will be like a speck of dust with what is to come with movement of humans from these areas in the coming years, if the situation is not solved rapidly.

在未來幾年之內將會發生的難民危機---來自這些區域的難民潮問題 --- 會讓第二次世界大戰以及所有曾有過的戰爭難民危機看起來像一粒灰塵一樣--- 假如這狀況現在沒有快速的解決掉的話.

If one understands the maneuvers, which getting announce daily in the news, by different governments, to position themselves, to be able to do something to save their nations from the eventual border crossings and human fallouts of this disaster, then one understands the real pending disaster which is to follow the mankind.

假如一個人了解 ---目前日日在新聞裡播報的許多不同政府的動作\演習 ---在說明定位他們自己的立場, 以及如何去做些事情來挽救他們的國家 --- 從這災難事件最終會發生的 ‘核污染跨越邊界進來問題’, 以及 ‘人類受到核污染輻射性微塵的影響的問題’ ---那你才能了解目前真正急迫待解決的“災難” ---就是--- “繼續跟著人類(盲目的)走下去.

My message to the world leaders of the major economical countries is simple, you have taken your eyes off the ball with greed to create wealth for your companies through initiating wars in different countries, by creating different false crises in the past ten years, and now the tsunami of Fukushima disaster is catching up with your nations and you need to change your ways to use the tools of wars to tools of peace to guaranty your position as world leaders.

我對全世界主要經濟國家領導人們的訊息很簡單 ---你們曾經把視線從狀況上撤走, 故意視而不見, ---由於你們太貪婪著要為你們的公司創造財富 ---透過在不同國家發動戰爭, 透過創造各種虛假的危機 ---在最近十年左右的時間裡, 而現在,福島核污染災難的海嘯已經快要到達你們的國家了, 而你們需要去改變你們的路線來使用 ‘和平的工具’, 而不再是 ‘戰爭的工具’ ---來保証你們世界領導人的地位.

With this disaster, not only there will be nothing and no where to hide from soon, but also the life of you and your offspring’s as world leaders is in the same disaster condition as the rest of the world population now.

這個災難 ---不只很快 ---會讓你完全沒有地方, 沒有東西可以躲藏, 而且你的生活, 和你子女的生活 ---即使身為世界領導人們 ---還是會與其他的世界人口一樣 ---在現在這同一個災難的狀況之中.

I challenge the world leaders to a meeting in Tokyo this month. They usually organize urgent meetings for their financial interest crises in all places of disaster around the world, and now Fukushima is the biggest financial crises, which needs your time and attention.

我挑戰全世界領導人們在這個月到東京來開會. 他們經常性的會為了他們的金融利益危機舉辦緊急會議 --- 在全世界各地有災難的地方, 而現在, Fukushima就是最大的金融危機 --- 它需要你們付出時間與心力.

If world leaders thing that Fukushima is safe then let us all meet in Tokyo in the coming month with all our families.

假如世界領導人們認為Fukushima是安全的--- 那就讓我們全都在東京在接下來的這個月見面 --- 帶著我們全部的家人們.

I promise all that; Non-will attend such a meeting, as they all know the gravity of the danger for them and their family’s health.

我對全部人保証~~他們全都不會來! ---因為他們全都知道這危險的嚴重性, 以及對他們家人們健康的嚴重性!

Humanity today is facing crises that they have no tools for and which evolution would solve this mess over millions of years with this accident.

今天的人類是正面對著許多危機 ---而且他們沒有工具可以應付--- 而且這災難所造成的亂象與問題 ---如果任其自然發展的話 ---要幾百萬年才能解決.

We offer our full support to the people and the government of Japan, and we open all our resources, which we have scientifically in our possession to them to use these new technologies at this moment to help them with this current situation with Fukushima.

我們提供我們完全的支持 ~~給日本人民和政府, ~~~我們公開我們全部的資源 ~~我們所擁有的科學資產 ~~提供給他們去使用這些新的科技~~在此時 ~~來協助目前的福島核污染災難.

The knowledge of creation at the Keshe Foundation is beyond the understanding of the man at the present, but when the need be, we will release it to curtail the man's suffering.

Keshe基金會目前所擁有的‘創造知識’是超越人類此時的理解能力的, 但是只要需要的話 ~~我們將會釋放出去來縮短人類的受苦.

With the agenda we have set for 2014, we see that the man will use this opportunity of this disaster to learn once more that there is more to life than fighting and the human race becomes united to save a nation and then through its success he learns how to save their own race without the need for making tools of war.

依照我們在2014定下來的行事歷, 我們看到人類會使用這個災難的機會來再次學習到 ~~人生有更多的選擇, 超越過爭鬥, ~~然後人類會團結起來 ~~來挽救一個國家 ~~然後透過它的成功(挽救) ~~人類會學習到~~如何去拯救他們自己的人類種族~~而不需要制造戰爭的工具.

If our plan of action is not followed we see then; that our spaceship program will become the boat which Noah built, and the same story shall repeat itself, but in space and not on this planet, and not for world leaders, but for the ordinary men, whom can bring the peace with them as they have learned from all the wars on this planet that there is no more room in space for the life of greed.

假如我們的行動計劃沒有被遵循完成 ~~那我們看到的 ~~我們的宇宙飛船計劃將會變成諾亞建的方舟, 然後同樣的故事會歷史重演一遍, 可是是在太空中, 而不是在這行星之上, 而且不會是給 ‘世界領導人’, 而是會給 ‘普通人’ ~~那些能夠帶來和平的人, 因為他們已經從所有在這行星之上的戰爭中學會了, 而且在他們的人生中再也沒有空間讓 ‘貪婪’存在了.

This is not a joke, but the reality of what is pending, if we collectively as people, scientists and governments do not work and bring our resources together, irrespective of our nationality and race, to stop the damage caused and to be caused with this accident.

這不是一件開玩笑的事情, 而是事實上 ~~目前迄待解決的事情.~~ 假如我們人民們做為一個集體, 和科學家們, 政府們, 不一起努力, 匯集我們的資源在一起 ~~不分國籍和種族 ~~來阻擋這已經造成的傷害, 以及即將因為這意外事件所會造成的傷害的話…

Our advise to governments, which are busy building and promoting factories to make the latest tools of killing machine under the cover of the defence and as their leaders make special trips to sell arms to guaranty jobs for these factories and for their owners profit under the banner of shareholders; is for these leaders to start planning to change the use of these factories to produce homes and shelter and facilities to move millions of people in the eventuality of needing to evacuate over 250 million people in Korean peninsula, Japan, China and North America.

我們對政府們的建議是 ~~這些政府們, 忙著建造東西, 提倡建工廠來制造最新的工具做為殺人機器 ---而且都以 ‘國防安全’做幌子, ---而且這些政府領導人們都特別旅行到其他國家去推銷武器 ---以保障他們的工廠有工作做 --- 以保障他們投資人的利益 ---在這為 ‘股東’賺錢的旗幟之下--- 我對你們這些政府們的建議是 ~~開始做計劃去改變這些武器工廠的使用方法 ~~來制造房屋以及庇護所 ~~以及最終會需要移動幾百萬人的設備~~因為最終會需要撤離超過250萬人~~從韓國半島, 中國以及北美洲的難民.

We have been asking the world leaders to sign in to the world peace treaty, but as the car factories were changed to make arms for fighting in the Second World War and other wars, now the humanity will be forced to change the use of arm manufacturing factories to factories for building tools and systems to help with this magnitude of moving and looking after so many Fukushima fallout’s refuges.

我們一直要求 ‘世界領導人們’ 來簽 ‘世界和平協議’, 但是, 就像在第二次世界大戰時以及其他戰爭中時一樣,~~汽車工廠被改來制造作戰用的武器,--- 而現在人類將被迫 ~~來改變 ‘武器制造工廠’成為 ~~可以制造工具和系統來協助這麼大范圍的人口移動的東西, ~~可以來照顧這麼多福島核污染輻射性微塵的難民的東西.

You might thing this is not going to happen, but governments are already planning for massive movement of hundreds of thousands and you hear about it everyday in the news bulletins, but do not understand the reason behind a number of these activities and announcements, which are getting on the airways one after another in the North and East Asia.

你們可能會想 ~~這件事不會發生, 但是政府們已經在計劃 ‘大規模人口撤離’方案給幾千幾百人了,而且你們每天在新聞中都有聽到這事, 只是不了解這些動作與宣佈背後的理由 --- 而這些動作與宣佈已經在空中不斷的廣播在東北亞了.

With our technology, we can build a temporary bridge to assist, but the total help needs the work of all the governments around the world.

透過我們的科技~~我們可以建一座暫時的橋梁來協助, 但是完全的幫助 ~~需要全世界所有政府們共同的努力.

This accident will unify the man as one, but unfortunately, it will be too late to change the course of the situation with the Fukushima plant and the nation of Japan.

這災難將會團結所有人類成為一個合一的團體, 可是不幸的是 ~~到時候會太晚而無法改變福島廠污染狀況, 以及日本國了.

The same as we needed to establish a new nation to accommodate some tribes after the last war, now we have to plan to build a new state of Japan outside the East Asia.

就像上次世界大戰之後, 我們需要建立一個新的國家來安置一些種族人群一樣, 現在, 我們必需來計劃建造一個新的日本國~~在東亞洲的外面!

The situation is too bad to explain, and the officials in Japan and US and China are fully aware of what needs to be done.

這狀況糟糕到無法去解釋, 日本政府, 美國政府, 以及中國政府都完全了解需要做些什麼事!!!

We needed to bring the spaceship program forward to be able to help with the final evacuation of a nation in a rapid way, we need the military factories to be able to build the systems needed for such a eventuality and this by itself puts an end to the war making machine systems which the man has been use to.

我們需要提早帶入宇宙飛船計劃~~才能夠協助最後一整個國家的 ‘快速’ 撤離工作~~ 我們需要軍事工廠才能夠建造所需要的系統~~當這最終時刻來臨的時候~~而這同時也會 ‘結束掉’這人類習慣已久的 ‘戰爭機器系統’!!!

I called this change of the use of factories and the more profitable business for these nations in my recent talk and called it the Fukushima dividend, as we had peace dividend with collapse of the Eastern block in late eighties.

在我最近的談話中 ~~我稱呼這些工廠的使用的改變 ~~是對這些國家更有利益的生意 ~~我稱之為 ‘福島紅利’ ~~因為我們在80年代有所謂 ‘蘇聯\中歐東方共產集團’倒台之後的 ‘和平紅利’.

Now one should understand, why we have taken such an approach to 2014 and laid out our plans of action as everything will happen in the sequence as we have stated and we have setout our program that our systems to be ready for their use as the time for each action is needed.

現在, 一個人應該要了解 ~~我們為何提出這樣的方案來進入2014,而且列出了我們的行動計劃 ~~因為每一件事將會依照順序發生~~一如我們所陳述的 ~~我們已經開始我們的計劃了 ~~而我們的系統也會就緒可以使用~~因為每個行動都需要時間才能做到.


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