Wednesday, December 31, 2014

【Sheldan Nidle】 2014年12月30日訊息

Sheldan Nidle - December 30, 2014

Sheldan Nidle - 2014年12月30日訊息

12 Cauac, 17 Mol, 11Ik

Dratzo! We come on this date with more to discuss with you. The various coalitions created by the Light are in the process of finishing their operations to remove the dark cabal from power. These groups are slightly ahead of our jointly agreed upon schedules. We are most pleased with these results. The new Gregorian year promises much as it prepares its final countdown for manifestation before you. This year is finally to make it possible to finish off the cabal and its numerous henchmen. This coming victory is to give you the freedom and prosperity we have long promised you. This time comes with a growing set of responsibilities as well. Gaia expects that you are to honor her. Over the past 500 years, western civilization has spread across your globe like a cancer. It strongly believes that it is the master, and not Gaia. This upside-down view needs to be expunged by you and replaced by one that realizes the importance of creating a society which sees itself as a part of the natural processes of your world. You need to visualize how you are truly partners with this world essence in preserving and sustaining all life on Gaia.


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

【本傑明·富爾福德】 2014年12月30日訊息

Cabal suffers huge defeats in 2014 so the 2015 year of the sheep can also be the year of the sheeple
Benjamin Fulford, December 30, 2014

本傑明·富爾福德 2014年12月30日訊息

The year 2014 was a nasty one for the Nazionist cabal controlled G7 nations and their shrinking coterie of slave states. Now, the Pentagon is preparing to take the restored Republic of the United States of America into the 188 nation BRICS alliance, a move that would effectively and permanently end cabal rule, according to CIA sources. If cabal rule ends, then a jubilee (a one-time write off of all debts public and private), asset redistribution and a massive push to save the planet will make 2015, the year of the sheep in the Chinese Zodiac, the year of the sheeple.


The latest offensive against cabal rule has resulted in 30 arrests of senior officials in Israel


Friday, December 26, 2014

【Sheldan Nidle】 2014年12月23日訊息

Sheldan Nidle - December 23, 2014

Sheldan Nidle - 2014年12月23日訊息

5 Eb, 10 Mol, 11 Ik

Selamat Balik! We come on this day with good news! Your blessings continue to move forward. Those who long delayed the distributing of funds are either arrested or under the threat of arrest. A unique system of distribution has been tested and found to be successful. Before the end of this Gregorian year many of you are to receive these blessings. We wish to thank our Earth allies for fully cooperating with us. It is essential that at least proof of something positive needs to be done. The present time is as good as any to do this. We have discovered over the past year just how devious those in power truly are. In accordance with this fact, a number of things are to be done. We have instructed our earthly allies to implement a series of programs to free your blessings from these scalawags. A series of important meetings by our ambassadors with these de facto governments have created an atmosphere in which our allies can move to arrest, and change the policies of certain major banks. These new policies are in the process of being implemented even as we tell you this. We fully expect major arrests and even the implantation of NESARA to follow shortly.


Thursday, December 25, 2014

【柯博拉】 2014年12月23日訊息

I S : I S Portal Activation Part II Report
Tuesday, December 23, 2014

I S : I S 第二階段門戶開啟報告
柯博拉 Cobra 2014年12月23日訊息

Although the critical mass among the surface population was not reached, the activation was a significant success. Besides our strong, dedicated core group many tens of thousands Lightworkers and Lightwarriors across the globe were participating.


During this activation, something significant has happened that has never occurred in the last 25,000 years. A critical mass of 144,000 people from the Resistance Movement and the  Agartha Network have emerged from their underground realms briefly and did this activation on the surface exactly in the same way as we have been instructed. This has created a certain special resonance field which has channeled the energy pulse from the Shapley Attractor and stabilized the planetary etheric Light grid to the point that it will be able to handle and absorb the energetic shockwave at the time of the Event.


This is how you can contribute in your own way to keeping the etheric energy Light grid stable in the near future, leading towards the Event:


【本傑明·富爾福德】 2014年12月24日訊息

US regime under unprecedented attack, black swan event imminent
Benjamin Fulford, December 24, 2014

本傑明·富爾福德 2014年12月24日訊息

The Nazi cabal that illegally seized power in the West by staging the 911 mass murder event is now close to collapse. This can be seen by the growing calls for the arrest of the top figures of the last Bush regime not only from world leaders but now even from establishment lapdogs like the New York Times.


The fact the New York Times is running such an editorial means the traditional Jewish lobby has finally figured out that Neo-con was just a euphemism for Neo-Nazi.


Thursday, December 18, 2014

【Sheldan Nidle】 2014年12月16日訊息

Sheldan Nidle - December 16, 2014

Sheldan Nidle - 2014年12月16日訊息

11 Chicchan, 4 Mol, 11 Ik

Dratzo! We come with more news for you. At present, the mechanism for giving you your blessings has been activated. Our liaisons report that the first aspects of this process are underway and no hitches have been encountered. Our Earth allies are confidently using a delivery system, which has been well tested over the years. It is our desire to have a number of important elements in place well before the arrival of Christmas. In this regard, we have contacted those who are in charge of these various projects and been told that a number of special circumstances are being employed to ensure the success of these various deliveries. We know as that these deliveries are under the jurisdiction of those who are completing the adjustments needed to forge a new and much fairer banking system. It is this new system, which is to handle the bulk of the deliveries that are to bring you your blessings. Thus, the first part of these deliveries is to prove conclusively that these many prosperity and humanitarian projects are indeed unstoppable. Our desire is to use these first deliveries to prove to all that the power of the dark is truly over.


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

【本傑明·富爾福德】 2014年12月15日訊息

Torture report paves way for arrest of top Nazionists
Benjamin Fulford, December 15, 2014

本傑明·富爾福德 2014年12月15日訊息

The 500 page report of Bush era torture issued by the US Senate marks a major turning point in US power. While much of what is in the report is old news to most aware humans, the fact that it was issued by the US Senate Intelligence Committee and the fact that it was widely reported on in the corporate propaganda media is very important. For one thing it shows that Nazi faction of the cabal no longer controls the corporate media. It confirms information given to me earlier that the Cohen faction of the cabal had broken ranks with the Bush faction.


Monday, December 15, 2014

【柯博拉】 2014年12月3日訊息

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

讓它發生! IS:IS門戶第二階段開啟冥想
柯博拉 Cobra 2014年12月3日訊息



It is time to take action again! It is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands! Therefore we will meet in groups large and small, as individuals and couples, at the time of the Uranus Pluto square on December 15th, 2014. Many of us will gather and anchor the energies of the Goddess Vortex and will be thus creating a clear and harmonious channel of manifestation for the final liberation of the planet.

大家是時候再度展開行動了! 這一次我們將拿回地球命運的主導權!今年12月15日,請大家集結成大大小小的冥想團體。不論大家是一個人還是一群人,我們將一起在天冥四分相出現之日錨定女神漩渦的神聖能量,為地球的終極自由和勝利開辟一條祥和而且暢通無阻的康莊大道。

Our visualization will support the plan for planetary liberation, so that it manifests as soon as possible, as non-violently and smoothly as possible. We can do it! It needs to go viral! We need to reach many people, so that the critical mass of people actually doing it is attained. Please post it on your websites and blogs. If you know an alternative media outlet, you can send it to them. You can create a Facebook group for your local group of people dong this in your part of the world. You can create a video about this and post it on Youtube.

我們的集體冥想可以支持地球的解放計畫,好讓它在最短的時間內以非暴力,盡可能平順的方式顯化成事實。我們一定能做到! 冥想活動必須廣為周之! 我們要廣召人力讓實際參與冥想的人數達到臨界數量。請將訊息貼在您的網站和部落格﹔如果您知道其他的媒體平台,也請將訊息寄給它們。大家可以為自己所在地的事件團隊創建臉書社團,也可以做一段宣傳短片上傳到Youtube。

Friday, December 12, 2014


Deathbed confessions, photos support claims that George H. Scherf(f), Jr., was the 41st U.S. president

歐洲第一惡漢的臨終自白: 美國第 41 任總統 ( 老布希總統 ) 的真實身分是喬治·H·謝夫 ( George H. Scherf )。

根據奧托 • 斯科爾茲內表示:圖為謝夫家族在 1938 年拍攝的全家福照片。照片左邊握著謝夫女士的年輕人是納粹黨務中心負責人--馬丁 • 鮑曼 ( 別號:希特勒的私人秘書 )。照片最後面的人是約瑟夫 •  門格勒,在他右手邊的就是小時候的奧托 • 斯科爾茲。照片正中央身穿德國海軍軍服的年輕人是喬治·H·小謝夫。他的左手邊就是喬治·H·老謝夫。

Thursday, December 11, 2014

【柯博拉】 2014年12月10日訊息

IS:IS Portal Activation Part 2 Update
Wednesday, December 10, 2014

柯博拉 Cobra 2014年12月10日訊息

There are four days left to the activation and there are tectonic shifts happening behind the scenes with great potential for the future of humanity. Therefore it is important that as many people as possible participate in the activation to achieve the maximum effect on the surface of the planet.


The official facebook group for the activation is here:


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

【Sheldan Nidle】 2014年12月9日訊息

Sheldan Nidle - December 9, 2014

Sheldan Nidle - 2014年12月9日訊息

4 Etznab, 16 Yaxk’in, 11 Ik

Dratzo! We come now to explain what is presently happening around your globe. The dark minions who control your realm are in a vast quandary. The strategies which have always worked to befuddle the Light are no longer working. A special counter-strategy is now leading to the cabal’s defeat. Hence, they are in limbo and unable to move forward with a winning plan. This dilemma has caused panic in their global leadership. The large international financial services groups and their multi-national allies understand that their defeat and arrest is indeed imminent. Several individuals in their vast intertwined banking corporations suggest some radical developments as possible ways out. We have assured the head working groups of this immense octopus-like organization that any attempt to delay this process is doomed to failure. We have proposed a series of moves to our allies that can bring this convoluted chess game to a swift denouement. This involves a series of unilateral moves that permit the global currency reset to happen. This set of moves frees the logjam by swiftly ousting the many key regimes that have stalled this transformation for years.


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

【本傑明·富爾福德】 2014年12月9日訊息

First the evil Pope, then the dumb Secretary of Defense, now Netanyahu, next the Bush clan
Benjamin Fulford, December 9, 2014

本傑明·富爾福德 2014年12月9日訊息

The satanic cabal is suffering a series of catastrophic defeats. Like a snowball gradually turning larger, the removal of a few cabalists is now turning into an avalanche of losses for the cabal. The removal of Pope Maledict and the abdication of a several European royals is now being followed with the removal of key cabal power brokers in the United States. The low IQ, and easy to manipulate, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has been replaced with Ashton Carter, a polymath with a PHD in theoretical physics. Under cabal rule, meritocrats like Carter ran into a glass ceiling. The fact that such a man is now in the top post is a good sign but, Carter will have to show with his actions that he is on the right side. The early omens are good. The US military industrial complex is out to oust mass murdering psychopath Benyamin Netanyahu had have already managed to overthrow his government. The evidence presented in a British court that Netanyahu was one of the key planners of the 311 tsunami and nuclear mass murder attack was a key reason for his loss of support inside the military industrial complex as well as in the Israeli government, Mossad sources say.


Monday, December 8, 2014

【蒙陶克.凱恩】 2014年12月7日訊息

Montague Keen - December 7, 2014

蒙陶克凱恩 2014年12月7訊息

You are getting closer to your goal each day, as the corrupt and their corrupt practices are revealed. You can be in no doubt now about those who have held humankind in slavery. They are doing their utmost to hoodwink you so that you continue to serve them. The power they possess is what they have taken from you.


You are at the crossroads. You have to make a choice: slavery or freedom? They see you as "Useless Eaters" [Henry Kissinger]. They despise you; as to them, you are there only to serve them. Everything they have, they have taken from you, and you allowed them to do so.


Friday, December 5, 2014

柯博拉採訪 2014年11月23日

Cobra Interview 
  with Rob Potter 23 Nov 2014


Rob – 我們現在進行另一個Victory of light電台節目。我想感謝節目中Rique Seraphico那些精彩的音樂,當然還有DaNell Glade在文字記錄方面的勤勞和專注。當然還有Smally7的才華和創造力,他給Cobra做了很多Youtube視頻,並且今天也為我們這個訪問進行制作。希望這個音頻在12月前後能放出來。再次感謝Cobra的到來。世界正在有很多事情發生,我們非常興奮和感謝你的到來。

COBRA - 謝謝你邀請。

Rob – 我們要趕著談談很多話題。我想評論一下你最近的幾篇文章。你談到一些事情的發生,並且說某些事情之後能向我們揭開最近光明取得的勝利。在你的一些代碼帖子裏,一些讀者感到困惑,比如top egg之類的。這些代碼不是寫給我們的,是寫給抵抗運動的地表人員,讓他們獲悉情況的更新。關於你所說的egg,有什麼能跟我們分享的嗎?

COBRA - 當然我無法評論那些egg的代碼,我只能說光明勢力一些行動正在進行,一個階段已經完成並且獲得了成功。這就是我現在能說的。

Rob – 好的。我想支持一下你,提醒人們你將要前往埃及準備機會窗口的到來。現在還有空位,人們可以注冊看一下,是嗎?

Thursday, December 4, 2014

【匿名者組織】 匿名者駭客組織公布銀行家離奇死亡名單

Anonymous Posts List Mysterious Banker Deaths



11月- Shawn Miller, 42歲,倒臥在浴缸中,頸部被割斷。

10月- Edmund Reilly, 47歲,美國 Vertical Group(專攻生技醫藥業的創投公司)交易員, 跳軌自殺

7月 - Julian Knott, 45歲, JP Morgan執行董事,科技部門高級主管,持槍自殺

6月 - Richard Gravino, 49歲, JP Morgan技術支援部主管,不明原因猝死

6月- James McDonald -洛克斐勒公司執行長-持槍自殺

【Sheldan Nidle】 2014年12月2日訊息

Sheldan Nidle - December 2, 2014

Sheldan Nidle - 2014年12月2日訊息

10 Batz, 9 Yaxk'in, 11 Ik

Selamat Balik! We come before you with more to say. Those who are pushing the dark minions from their powerful pulpit of power are now ready to finish this process. We are informed that a series of important moves are under way, to lead to the arrest of key personnel and the transformation of a number of major governments. At present, the US de facto regime is blocking the release of the new Treasury note. This gold-backed note spells the end of the Federal Reserve note and consequently, the fall of this most illicit government. Those dark minions who control this regime are to be arrested and grandly separated from the public. All of this is ready to happen. The individuals who are to be chosen for the interim governance are in a safe place and fully ready to exercise power. A vast number of special recommendations are to be given to the new congress when it is sworn in, after the four months duration of this governance has expired. These recommendations are to turn congress and its other two branches into true servants of the people.

問候!我們來到你們面前,帶著更多的消息要說。那些推動黑暗仆從們離開他們強大權力神壇的人們現在正準備好完成這個過程。我們獲悉,一系列重要的進展正在進行當中,這會通向逮捕關鍵人員並且轉化許多主要政府。目前,美國事實上的政體正阻礙著發布新國庫券(Treasury note)。這個以黃金做支撐的國庫券組成了聯邦儲備兌換券(美元)的終結,也構成了這個最不正當的政府的倒台。那些控制這個領域的黑暗仆從們會被逮捕並且與公眾隔離。所有這一切都準備好發生了。那些被選中參與過渡政府的個體們在一個安全的地方,並且完全準備好行使權力。當過渡政府宣誓就職時,會有許多特殊的推薦將會推薦給國會,之後四個月之後這個過渡政府的管理期到期。這些推薦會將國會極其其他兩個分支變成真正為民服務者。

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

【本傑明·富爾福德】 2014年12月2日訊息

Over 20 national governments to be overthrown as cabal take-down begins, CIA sources say
Benjamin Fulford, December 2, 2014

本傑明·富爾福德 2014年12月2日訊息

The Satanic Nazionist cabal that seized power in the West is about to be taken down and the result will be the toppling of over 20 governments, including those at of the United States, Japan and the UK, CIA, Pentagon and MI6 sources say. Many CIA and Pentagon officers have gone into bunkers in preparation for battle with the cabal mercenary armies, the CIA and Pentagon sources say. The firing of US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel last week was the trigger event, the sources say. The fact the two main cabal candidates to replace him refused the job, indicates something is definitely going on at high levels of the military industrial complex. As one source put it (using more direct language) the fecal matter is about to encounter the ventilator.


Monday, December 1, 2014

【蒙陶克.凱恩】 2014年11月30日訊息

Montague Keen - November 30, 2014

蒙陶克凱恩 2014年11月30訊息

The very fabric of the Vatican is collapsing, and with it, all the CORRUPTION that has held your world captive. You now see through their lies, so you will not fall victim to their displays of humility and caring, especially at this time of the year.


Christmas, as they portray it, NEVER HAPPENED. There was never a Jesus born in a stable. They created that fairy tale at the Council of Nicea. It caught the people's imagination and was used to establish a religion. However, there most certainly was a CHRIST. He was not born of Man: he materialised on Earth and travelled the world, teaching. When the timing was right, he dematerialised and left the Earth.


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