Sunday, April 24, 2016

【柯博拉】 2016年4月23日訊息

Ascension Conference Report
Saturday, April 23, 2016


The location of our Ascension conference in Switzerland was strategically chosen on an important Pleiadian leyline that runs through central Switzerland.


The conference was a brilliant success. We had a very strong and unified group of participants from 22 countries. Balance between female and male energies was much more profound than ever and this signifies that Goddess is very much present on the surface of the planet and much healing is already done. A lot of new intel was released, and the energy work we did has further stabilized the Ascension timeline for the planet. We have also initiated the process of establishing future Contact Zones across the world.


This conference has opened a doorway for further Ascension conferences.


Although it appears nothing is happening, there is much activity behind the scenes. This activity will become more pronounced and visible in May.


Arrangements have been made for joint Cobra / Corey interview by Rob Potter. If you have any questions for either me or Corey, please send them to

Rob Potter已經安排要主持柯博拉/科里的聯合訪談節目。大家可以把想問我或科里的問題寄到

Victory of the Light!



翻譯:Patrick Shih


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