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【本傑明·富爾福德】 2017年1月16日 新聞快訊

Will it be World War or World Government as Trump Presidency Approaches
Benjamin Fulford, 16 January, 2017

世界大戰亦或世界政府 特朗普上台是福是禍?
本傑明·富爾福德 2017年1月16日 新聞快訊

The big geopolitical players are making final moves as the Presidency of Donald Trump and Western revolution loom. The Western military industrial complex made one of its final big moves by positioning a large tank army in Poland. This is ostensibly aimed at Russia but is in fact a move by a Christian alliance including Russia that is aimed at China. Incoming Trump Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, for his part, threatened to attack Chinese bases in the South China Sea.

根據中情局消息說,大地緣政治人物正為特朗普(川普)登基和西方革命作出最後行動。西方軍工體在波蘭定位的一支大型坦克軍隊是最後的大動作之一。表面上是針對俄羅斯,其實是一個基督教聯盟,包括俄羅斯在內針對中國的舉動。還未正式上任的美國新國務卿特雷爾森(Rex Tillerson)就對南海的中國基地作出了嚴厲的語言攻擊。

The background for these provocative remarks, CIA sources in Asia say, is that the Chinese have also sent 10 million people into Indonesia recently as part of a deal to build up the archipelago’s economic infrastructure, something that has raised alarm bells in the Pentagon. The Pentagon wants to build a new military base in the South China Sea to balance this Chinese move, the CIA sources say.


The Chinese responded by reminding the West, via the White Dragon Society, that in 1979, during the Sino-Vietnamese war, when Russia sent a mechanized army into China, Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping had it destroyed with a hydrogen bomb. The remains of this army can be seen on Google Earth and serve as a reminder why starting a war with China is not a good idea, Chinese intelligence officers say.


The sabre rattling is, in any case, just posturing in advance of heavy duty negotiations on how to change the way we run this planet that will resume in earnest once the Trump presidency starts. The result is likely to be some sort of loose, democratic and meritocratic world government being formed because the alternative, nuclear holocaust, is unthinkable, sources involved in the negotiations say.


Make no mistake, the Trump Presidency is a second American revolution and it will deeply affect the operations of the international secret rogue government. Russian intelligence operatives contacted the WDS last week to seek reassurance the Trump presidency will be allowed to go ahead. They were told by the WDS that Trump was not going to be another assassinated leader like Kennedy because, unlike Kennedy, Trump has the backing of the US military. Here is what Pentagon Sources had to say about the matter: 「A CIA plot to whack Trump is unlikely since the military has read them the riot act. There are no Geneva conventions for domestic enemies of the state and military justice is swift and lethal.”


However, Trump is not going to be allowed to do everything he wants, especially when it comes to Israel, the Pentagon sources say. 「The UN Security Council may vote on January 17 to impose 1967 borders on Israel enforced by sanctions,” they say. Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu and Trump 「may be forced out if they oppose the will of the international community, as peace and settlement of all conflicts is needed for a global currency reset,” the sources add.
Russian FSB sources, for their part, were able to confirm that when Donald Trump visited Russia in 2013 he was offered the chance to sleep in the same hotel room that Barack and Michelle Obama had slept in. 「Everything is bugged and recorded in all the hotel rooms around the Red Square in Moscow,” says an FSB source who confirms video was recorded of Trump getting prostitutes to urinate on the bed the Obamas had slept in. 「At the time he did not think he was going to become president so he did not care,” said the source, who operates a security firm for VIPs in Russia and claims to have a copy of the recording. However, the Russians point out he did nothing illegal and has never been blackmailed by them about this incident. Trump, for his part, has already announced his first overseas visit will be to Russia to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin.

五角大樓的消息來源說,然而,特朗普也不會被隨意放任,特別是當談到以色列的時候。「聯合國安理會可能於本月17日投票,將1967年的邊界強加於以以色列實施制裁。以色列總理內塔尼亞胡和特朗普「如果反對國際社會的意願,可能會被拉下台,因為全球貨幣重置需要和平和解決所有衝突。」據俄羅斯FSB(Federal Security Service-聯邦安全局)來源證實說,當特朗普在2013年訪俄時,被提供睡在奧巴馬夫婦曾下榻的同一家酒店的房間。「在莫斯科紅場附近所有的酒店房都被竊聽和記錄,」FSB還有特朗普與妓女在奧巴馬睡過的同一張床上放尿的錄像,「因為他當時不認為自己會成為總統,所以豪不擔心,」據俄羅斯經營的一VIP安全公司聲稱,他們有一份錄音的副本。然而,俄羅斯指出,特朗普並沒有做過任何違法的事,當局也從來沒有被勒索過他。而特朗普已宣佈,他的首次海外訪問將是俄羅斯會見普丁。

In any case, what is happening in the world is not about Donald Trump, he is just one aspect of a historical revolution. This revolution began in earnest with the British vote to exit the EU, took a further step with the election of Trump and is now headed for a Frexit or French EU exit, as French Presidential hopeful Marine Le Pen met with Trump last week in New York.

無論如何,世上發生的事情並不關特朗普的事,他只是歷史革命的一個代表方。這次革命的開始為英國脫歐,進一步再到特朗普勝出,而現在輪到法國也要脫歐。據悉,呼聲高的法國總統參選人勒龐(Marine Le Pen)於上週在紐約和特朗普會過面了。

Even if Trump is killed, the revolution will continue because there has been a fundamental shift in the power structure of the West that has become unstoppable. The unelected, corrupt, Khazarian mafia owned EU is going to be replaced by a democratic European Union that includes the largest country in Europe, which is Russia, according to the gnostic Illuminati. This grouping will be allied with North America and will negotiate a 50/50 win-win new relationship with Asia when the dust finally settles, they say.


The change in world power can be seen by the diminished influence of the plutocrats gathered last week in Davos, Switzerland. The only major leader to attend this year was Chinese President Xi Jinping and this may not have been a good move on his part, Pentagon sources say. 「As Xi attends Davos, cabal operatives [German Prime Minister Angela] Merkel and bibi [Netanyahu] bow out as Trump refuses to attend to avoid meeting Xi who may also be purged and replaced with a clone,” the Pentagon sources say. NSA and gnostic illuminati sources both claim Xi reports to Evelyn de Rothschild and is not a genuine, independent Chinese leader. Since the Rothschilds are losing power, their proxies around the world are being replaced, the sources say.This has already happened with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, CIA sources in Asia note. Asian Secret Society sources, for their part, insist Xi is independent and reports to nobody but his colleagues in the Chinese government.


In any case, the real mess that needs cleaning up in not in China but in the US where a major purge is continuing to unfold. The pedophile and related blackmail network in the US power structure continues to be dismantled in the so-called Pizza gate scandal. Also, the artificial drought and attempted grab of California farmland by Khazarian mobsters has been ended with geo-engineered storms. There are also over 150 FBI agents in five cities, working in tandem with the New York Police Department, probing the Clinton foundation for money laundering and financing so-called Islamic terror organizations, Pentagon sources note. The Clintons, in response, have been singing like canaries about their former patrons the Bush family and their Saudi and German allies.


The Saudis, the Israeli and CIA factions behind the ISIS mercenary army, for their part, are making threats against Trump, trying to provoke war by attacking Syria and using nuclear blackmail in order to keep control of their share of Middle Eastern oil money. This is not going to work because the entire planet has become disgusted with their criminal antics and nobody is being fooled any more by their primitive propaganda.


In Japan, meanwhile, the slave government of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is acting like a deer frozen in the headlights as reality crashes towards them. The fraudulently elected Liberal Democratic Party government is still hoping that their bosses, Rothschild agent Michael Greenberg and Bush agent Richard Armitage, will somehow stay in power and protect them. They also thought Japan was going to be ruled by China as a part of deal made by the Bushes and Clintons with China, Asian secret society sources say. This is not going to happen since Japan will be allying itself with Korea and Russia in order to maintain a stable regional balance of power, Japanese right wing sources say.

與此同時,在日本,安倍晉三的奴隸政府在雞年似乎更像呆若木雞,因為他們的世界崩潰了。欺詐選舉的自民黨政府仍希望他們的老闆,羅氏家族代理邁克爾·格林伯格(Michael Greenberg)和布什代理人理查德·阿米蒂奇(Richard Armitage),將以某種方式保持權勢和保護他們。亞洲秘密社團消息說,他們還認為,日本將被中國統治,來作為布什和克林頓與中國交易的一部份。而日本右翼說,但這不會發生,因為日本將與韓國和俄羅斯合作,以保持穩定的地區權力平衡。

Furthermore, bribed stooges like Shinjiro Koizumi, the son of arch-traitor Junichiro Koizumi, have disgusted the Japanese underworld by saying, as Koizumi Jr. recently did, that they are resigned to Japanese population shrinking to half of its current number. You can be sure a purge of these traitors will take place in Japan once the clean-up of their bosses in Europe and the US is completed.


A purge is already in progress in South Korea, the other Khazarian slave state in Asia, with the impeachment of the President and a bribery probe into the family that controls Samsung, their biggest conglomerate.


Message to Crown Prince Naruhito: save your country before it is too late and control of Japan is handed over to the Kim Jong Un proxy. Contact the White Dragon representatives in Japan if you do not know what to do and they will help. Time is running out.


In any case, the current logjam in world events will break big time once the Trump presidency starts on January 20th. Those who cling to the old structure will be flushed down the toilet of history along with it. 「It is visibly falling apart and even the people in the old corporate media are starting to report this,” one Illuminati source noted. Those who embrace the coming revolution and wish to save the planet will get a chance to help in the job of starting a new golden age.



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