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【本傑明·富爾福德】 2018年2月5日 新聞快訊

Nazis align with White Dragon as isolated Satanists continue their death throes
Benjamin Fulford, 5 February, 2018

南極納粹與白龍會世紀結盟 垂死掙扎撒旦主義瓦解土崩
本傑明·富爾福德 2018年2月5日 新聞快訊

A major peace deal was reached last week in negotiations that took place literally under the light of the blue-blood super moon in a certain Asian country last week, according to sources who were present.  As are result of this, the Nazi faction of the world military-industrial complex has agreed to align itself with the light side of the force.  Thus in the near future, Nazi technology, notably anti-gravity and hypersonic (Mach 20+) air travel, will be made available to the 「surface population,」 of the planet, the sources say.  One of the participants in the negotiations was a close relative of Admiral Richard Byrd, of Antarctic exploration fame, who has frequently visited Nazi Antarctic bases, so this is the real deal, folks.  We will have more details toward the end of this report.

據消息人士透露,上週,在「超級月亮」的輝光照耀下,位於某個亞洲國家的談判中,達成了一項重大的和平協議。消息來源說,由於這一點,破天荒的,世界軍工複合體的納粹集團同意與光明戰士結盟。因此,在不久的將來,納粹的秘密科技,特別是反重力和高超聲速(20馬赫)的空中旅行,將提供給全人類(地表上的)。談判的參與者之一是著名南極探險家理查德·伯德(Richard Byrd)上將的近親,他是南極納粹基地的常客,所以這是真正的協議,各位,後面有更多的細節。

In addition, a deal was reached between hitherto opposing parties in Asia that will allow for the development and use by the white hats of large gold deposits in Bougaineville, Indonesia and elsewhere, the sources say.  In the case of Bougaineville, it means both King David Pei II and his opponents are now on board.  The gold will be used to back a soon-to-be-announced cryptocurrency that will be used to finance a Western development project similar in scale or larger than China’s ongoing trillion-dollar One Belt One Road project, they say.

此外,據消息透露,迄今為止,在談判中,雙方更達成了一項協議,允許白帽子在布干維爾(Bougaineville)、印尼和其他地方開發和使用大型金礦。這意味着布干維爾國王大衛貝二世(King David Pei II),和他的對手現在都上船了。他們說,這些黃金將被用來支持即將宣佈的一種加密貨幣,這種加密貨幣將被用於資助一個類似西方發展的項目,其規模或超過中國正在進行的萬億美元一帶一路。

Meanwhile, back in the U.S., the purge of Khazarian Satanists from all levels of government is accelerating.  According to Pentagon sources, 「Trump’s State of the Union speech gave the green light for the purge of deep state from the U.S. government with the activation code:  ‘I call on the Congress to empower every Cabinet secretary with the authority to reward good workers and to remove federal employees who undermine the public trust or fail the American people.’」


The huge media fuss in the U.S. about the release of a FISA memo about the FBI carrying out a politically motivated surveillance operation on Donald Trump’s 2016 election campaign was hysterical, because the 「official」 release makes it possible to actually start arresting people in the deep state.  The article in the link below, even though it is from the satirical site, The Onion, is actually pretty much true.

美國媒體對特朗普公佈的FISA備忘錄,一項FBI針對特朗普於2016年競選活動的政治動機進行監控,而引起了軒然大波,並且歇斯底裏。因為此項「官方」的發佈,使人們有可能真正開始在「陰森國度」進行大逮捕。下面鏈接的文章可供參考,即使是來自諷刺網站The Onion,實際上也相當真實。


The fuss over the memo has distracted attention from the much more important ongoing disclosures about the mass-murdering medical/pharmaceutical complex.  Here Dr. Robert Gallo, one of the so-called co-discoverers of the HIV virus, has now come out and admitted he was forced to create it in order to 「wipe out the African race,」 according to CIA and other sources.

這份備忘錄引起人們的關注,分散了人們對大規模謀殺醫學/醫藥綜合信息的關注。據中情局和其他消息來源表示,羅伯特·加洛博士(Robert Gallo)是愛滋病病毒的共同發現者之一,他現在出來承認,當初是被迫製造這種病毒,目的是「消滅非洲人種」。



In reaction, U.S. military and agency white hats have destroyed cabal bio-labs and shot down cabal satellites last week in the ongoing undeclared U.S. civil war, Pentagon sources confirm.


One Pentagon source who was involved in a raid on a cabal underground base, says they discovered 「people in cages, all sorts of human/animal genetic hybrids, people deliberately contaminated with pathogens, and many other horrors.」 The base entrance has been shut to prevent cabal leadership from fleeing, the source said.


More and more credible reports of mass sterilizations using vaccines are also now coming out, with the latest about 500,000 women in Kenya being forcibly sterilized by what they were told was a 「tetanus vaccine.」




The cancer industry is also under attack for its deliberate spreading of carcinogenic substances into daily-use products to cause cancer, and then using radiation poisoning and toxic chemicals to murder its victims.


A member of the White Dragon Society (WDS) was stabbed with a poison needle and given a cancer-causing virus recently.  When he went to consult with doctors, was told he would have to start chemotherapy and radiation immediately by Canadian doctors who were probably unwitting stooges. Instead, he used nutritional therapy and Rife machines to completely eliminate the cancer, much to the surprise of the doctors who thought they would be 「buying time」 for him with radiation and chemicals.


Raids on the American Medical Association and the Rockefeller family archives are recommended before they have a chance to destroy evidence of this mass murder by cancer.


In any case, mass arrests of these murderers are now under way.  The memo at the link below shows that the U.S. military is looking for contractors to build facilities for 13,000 prisoners and 5,000 guards in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.



The U.S. military has also convened a 12-member military tribunal, under Marine guard, that is working behind the scenes to 「send many to the gallows for sedition and treason,」 Pentagon sources say.  That is why Trump put out the unredacted FISA memo and signed an executive order keeping Guantanamo Bay open, the sources say.


「More memos will be released unredacted, along with a Department of Justice Inspector General Report that will crush the deep state,」 the sources continue.  「Congress has one million documents, and Trump may declassify and release all of them unredacted to nuke the Democrats and the deep state,」 they add.


Attempts to kill Congressmen involved in the document release with an engineered train derailment caused no deaths, thanks to what Pentagon sources admit 「appears to be divine intervention.」


In any case, the fight against the cabal is not yet over.  Notice how they responded to the release of the FISA memo with yet another 666-point drop in the Dow Jones Average.  They are going to use their control of banking-system computers to try to shut down the financial system over the coming months, CIA sources say.  This means contingency plans need to be made to keep the America people supplied with food, fuel, and basic necessities in the event the financial computers and ATMs are shut down.  Puerto Rico was just a foretaste.


Also, there is going to be yet another concerted attempt to start World War 3, say Russian FSB sources.  The Mossad-linked site DEBKA and multiple Middle Eastern news outlets say there is a very real possibility of war involving Israel breaking out over the coming days.  This is expected to start in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip, the sources say.  However, WDS sources confirm that any attempts to trigger nuclear weapons will be neutralized.


Also, according to documents and articles sent by Nina Sidorova of the Southern California Tenants Association, the Rothschilds have already made a decision to shut down their 「Project Israel.」 Instead, they have been moving key personnel, money, and weapons to the Ukraine, where they hope to establish a 「New Khazaria.」

此外,根據南加州租戶協會的妮娜.茜多羅娃(Nina Sidorova)發來的文件和文章顯示,羅氏已經決定關閉「以色列項目」。相反,他們將目標轉向烏克蘭,運送關鍵人員、資金和武器,希望在那裏建立一個「新可薩國度」。

At this point the WDS would like to assure all of the citizens of Israel that their safety will be guaranteed no matter what happens over the coming days, weeks, and months.


In any case, now that the Nazis have agreed to come out of hiding and rejoin the human family, there is simply no military power left that will support any more Khazarian genocidal projects.  The Nazis are now run by a generation that is in their 30’s and who have no experience with or involvement in the horrors of World War II.  For that reason, they have no reason to hide.


In any case, according to the source mentioned above, the Nazis have not really been hiding at all.  In the real world, most Nazi leaders who were not arrested at the end of World War 2 did not go to Antarctica or even South America.  Instead, they went to Spain, which was still run by a Fascist government after the war ended.  Many stayed in Spain, but others moved on to Cuba and Nevada, among other places.  The infamous Area 51 and other bases in Nevada are mainly bases for testing advanced Nazi aerospace technology, according to this source.  This technology will now be shared with the general population, the source says.


The Nazi bases in Antarctica, this source says, are far smaller and less significant than many believe.  He says disinformation about giant Nazi bases in Antarctica was deliberately put out by the Nazis in order to keep Nazi hunters off their trail.  The reality is that they did find warm hollows under the ice created by volcanic hot springs, but that that the water was undrinkable.


This source, who is senior CIA in Asia, also confirms Chinese government allegations that North Korea is a secret U.S. colony.  「The North Korean leadership speaks better English than most Americans,」 he says.  North Korea was used as a justification to sell arms in East Asia and as a plausible excuse to start a war, he says.  Unification of the Korean Peninsula is now possible, he adds, confirming what Japanese Three Legged Crow secret society sources say.


Various sources confirm there will be no single announcement that a new age has started, but rather a flood of events, as we see unfolding before our eyes, that will result in a totally different, and much healthier and happier planet.  This process has undeniably begun.



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